Turquoise Blue and Lime Green Bedding Sets

Using these budget-wise lime green and turquoise bedding sets in your bedroom betrays an air of pure majesty--of the sea and spring, where you'll indulge in your bedding's splendor again and again.

Purple, Turquoise and Lime Green Bedding Set: 3-Pce. Twin, Full, Queen & King

Majesty of Sea & Spring: Turquoise and Lime Green Comforters, Duvets & Bedding Sets

Lime Green and Turquoise Bedding Set: 3-pc.Twin Queen King

Lime green evokes the feeling of 'fresh and new' while turquoise mirrors the majestic jewel-like sea, so there's no better melding of nature's two most striking hues for your bedroom's palette. Turquoise and lime comforters and other bed sets will certainly breathe life into the most tired of spaces with very little effort--in just making your bed.
Scroll down for ideas on how to make your decor plans work in your bedroom along with some of my fabulous turquoise and lime green bedding faves.
Let's get started!

Getting Started with Your Lime Green and Turquoise Palette

Turquoise and Lime Green Bedding Set: 3-Pce. Lime & Comforter Twin Queen

Turquoise and lime green are brilliant hues that make quite the captivating asset to any decor scheme; so it makes sense that using such a highly visual bedding set like one of these as part of your focal point.
I chose these sets in particular for their linear print that promises to grab the eye, present the room's theme, warm the space and welcome in guests. Any of these sets will do all of that successfully, as a focal point should.
Any decor palette should begin with a well-appointed focal point and all other pieces you add should support this striking beginning--for a fabulous result you'll love.

Vibrant and Fun: Lime Green, Turquoise and . . . Brown?

Lime and Turquoise Bedding Set: Twin Lime and Turquoise Quilt

I'm familiar with the Bacati bedding line and I'm partial to the name for its vibrant hues and quality weave. Like the model room here, chocolate brown is a great complementary color to turquoise blue and lime green.

If you're shy about painting an accent wall in such a rich hue, break up its depth with lighter-color wall art, much like the wall decals, here.

No Design Does Not Make for Boring: Turquoise Blue and Lime Green Versatile Bedding:

Lime and Turquoise Bedding: Twin, Queen King Reversible Comforter

Much like the lighter-hued bedding set above isn't blahzay, this turquoise and lime green reversible comforter is solid on both sides, which you can use to your benefit. Pair this quilted comforter up with a nice patterned drum lamp shade or your fanciest accent pillows.
Where bedding is devoid of busy patterns and design work, take full advantage with the other pieces in your bedroom, and add high-energy designs throughout the space.

Don't Discount Your Lighter Lime Greens and Turquoise Bedding Sets

Lime Green and Turquoise/Aqua Blue Bedding Set: 3-4 Pc Comforter Twin Queen & King

With lighter tones of turquoise and lime green bedding, you'll need white walls for spaces where natural light is a challenge.Conversely, you might want to bathe walls in a darker turquoise or brighter lime green than in your bed set.
Focal pieces (your bedding in bedrooms) are all about contrasting with its surrounds. Ideally, your bedding should stand out from the rest of the space. Don't discount light-colored bedding; just work with other areas to make it stand out.

The Power of 'Plain Ol' Turquoise and Lime Bed Sets

Aqua/Turquoise and Lime Green Reversible Comforter Set Twin queen
I know you may be thinking that using a 'plain 'ol' turquoise and lime comforter will fall flat in your bedroom but really, solid color pieces allow you the most freedom in choosing wall art, lighting and accessories like accent pillows.
Too, if you've a gotta-have work of art or maybe a sentimental piece you aim to use in your bedroom's new decor, opting for solid bedding like these reversible turquoise blue and lime green comforters may just be your best bet.

Sheet Sets: the Ideal Turquoise and Lime 'Helpers'

Teal/Turquoise Blue and Lime Green Comforter Bedding Set

Another boon aside from the versatility of reversible bedding like those turquoise and lime green comforters is saving on your decorating budget.Use highly visual sheets sets in bright turquoise and/or lime and expose its color and patterns for a layered effect.
Folding your comforter down as in this model room is a great way to expose both hues while adding a welcoming touch to your space. I recommend using sheets to get the lime and/or turquoise out of bedding that may be a lil' lacking in the color department. 

My #1 Pick Turquoise & Lime Bedding

Kess InHouse Alison Coxon Fractal Turquoise 68" x 88" Duvet ~ Twin, Queen & King Sizes

Turquoise and Lime Bedding in Twin Queen & king Sizes
While we may be thinking about turquoise and lime design where the two colors are separate (like the focal point bedding group I talked about, earlier), this fractal duvet melds the two hues in a stunning fractal design with the colors seemingly blending in a motion-like state. I'd say this duvet is my fave for being both valuable bedding and a stunning piece of artwork.
Isn't this duvet quite the work of art?
Click on the image to see the details.
As for fractal design, I've seen so many really involved definitions of the style with mathematical roots, that there was a time I thought I'd never have a grasp for the concept.
Simply put, fractal designs are built from one 'root shape' say, a Y shape. the big Y shape becomes smaller and smaller as the design becomes larger. I've illustrated this concept further down in hopes the image makes understanding fractals clearer.

Floral Spray Turquoise and Lime Bedding

Lime Green and Turquoise Bedding: 4-Pc Turquoise Lime Comforter Set

As I mentioned earlier, focal points for bedrooms require highly-visual bedding sets, as most often the bed is your room's largest element, so it makes sense to got for captivating designs like you see on these lime green and turquoise comforter sets.
Indeed, you'll have a great beginning to your planned decor.But these bold designs can be disastrous if you attempt to mirror them with like window panels and other pieces. Matching can be a good thing but can fast become that runaway train wreck in your space with 'here the design, there the design, everywhere the design, design. Sound insane to you? I'll bet it does.
Note how, in my intro image, the beautiful turquoise and lime comforter set 'drowns' in its own design amidst the sea of the same turquoise and lime striping--everywhere.
Allow strong design work to stand in its glory without being diluted by pattern overload.
Allow these fabulous comforters to be just that--fabulous

Keep Your Turquoise Blue and Lime Green Patterns in Check

Lime and Turquoise/Teal Bedding: 2-Pc Comforter Set Twin

Keeping Windows Simple: Use Turquoise, Lime or White Panels--or Not?

60" x 84" Turquoise Blue Sheer Window Panels/Curtains

Under $10 a Pair: Turquoise Sheer Panels 

 A great way to keep your bedding the bedroom's crowning jewel is to use basic, low-profile window treatments like these turquoise and lime green panels.
They're uber-cheap at less than $10 a pair. Don't you just love a bargain? I do!
These fun panels will complement any busy turquoise and lime design without stealing the spotlight. If you're after a more substantial drape, consider hanging four panels per window; they'll get the job done while still keeping your budget in check.
Two sizes Lime Green Sheer Window Panels Under $10 pair

Hang a turquoise panel with a lime panel in side-by-side fashion on each side (in lime, turquoise, lime turquoise) flanking your window in an interesting, unexpected result you'll love--for less.

Manipulating Color for More of the Lime or Turquoise Your Bedroom Space Needs

Solid Color Lime Green Bedding Set Twin Queen Size
WOW! All those lime and turquoise bedding sets are too fabulous to leave out of the running for best comforter but may need a little 'tweaking' to get the perfect lime green or turquoise blue you're after.

You'll need to do a bit of manipulating with color if you want a more vibrant turquoise or limey green.
It's easy to sway your color to take on your favored hue, so to trick the eye, use turquoise pillows and a mix of lime and turquoise sheer window panels in the brighter, deeper or darker shade of color. This way, the eye remembers the brighter, more-standout tones. 

Note the bright turquoise accent pillow to the left, here. The lime comforter is devoid of turquoise, so the designer added an accent pillow to complete the look.

The lime bedding above left needs a turquoise element as the zig zags aren't quite 'there' yet. Use accent pillows and maybe a throw in different turquoise blues, graduating from what the comforter betrays to the turquoise shade you want. No one will notice the bedding is a little short on the blue end of the spectrum.
I hope I've simplified things a bit, as this trick can be used anytime you;ve a piece that needs a boost. Remembering to finish with your desired color will give you the result you want.

Using Turquoise Blue and Lime Block Patterns

Lime and Turquoise/Teal Blue Comforter and Sheet Set Under $40

Using bold print comforter and bedding sets in the eye-grabbing designs here, work in much the same way as the solid, reversible comforters I talked about earlier.
With block design, you get the advantage of a bold print while enjoying the freedom with your other decorative pieces.
Too, with block patterns you have the option to go ultra modern or more conservative; few patterns permit such versatility, so if you're not settled on a look, yet, go with one of these style of vibrant quilts or comforters.
I love the unexpected quilting on such fun, alive bedding, don't you?

Now, About That 'Fractal' Thing
my attempt at explaining the concept:
Fractals use one "root" design to expand on a larger image. Note how the small shape is part of every branch of the image.
If you look at the 'inside' of the image it takes on the same root shape.
I'm not too proud to accept a better definition, so long as it's simple to understand. I did make my image on the simple side for easier reference, so I'll accept a contribution of better quality.

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