Alive & Breezy-Cool: Mint Colored Bedding and Comforter Sets

4-Pc. Solid Mint Green Comforter Set Twin, Queen - King

Mint Green Colored Bedding Brings Your Bedroom to Life

Mint colored bedding and comforter sets like this large selection are ideal for bedrooms--where you appreciate the clean and oh-so-cool impression that fresh mint brings to your favorite space.

Your bedding most often makes the biggest impression in your bedroom, so it makes sense to opt for a mint green comforter or like this solid color pinch pleat bed set like this one.

With the right bedding, you'll introduce your bedroom's mint color pallette upon first sight of your space.

Mint Green Solid Colored Bedding: 7-Pc. Queen Mint Duvet Set

What's with Duvet Bedding Sets?

Under $20 Solid Color Mint Green Duvet Set in Queen 

Here's a lovely duvet set. The light color, solid  mint green duvet is a fabulous option for darker bedroom spaces.

Because we in the States are more inclined to dress or beds in comforters, duvets are often overlooked, as they're 'just' covers for filler bedding. Duvets are great if you tend to run hot or cold while sleeping, as you can fill the cover with a lightweight filler. Conversely, in winter, you have the option to use heavy fillers. 

Mint Green Solid Colored Bedding: 3-Pc. Mint Ruffle Comforter Set

Solid Mint Comforter Set: Starting at Under $30

This plush solid color mint green comforter set is a wonderful budget-friendly bedding option for a feminine bedroom space.

The frilly detail is quite girly without being over-thee-top. For its low price you can really accessorize.

Mint Colored Bedding: 7-Pc. Mint Green Comforter Set

Fresh Air & Design: Mint with a Hint of . . .

I love the 'movement' the pattern in this mint green comforter set. Patterns are surely suggestive, and I can see this mix of wave and linear strokes in several bedroom decor genres from beach to Hollywood Regency's total glam.

Indoor palm trees or silver settees; drum shade table lamps to chandeliers: this mint bedding set is fabulous either way.

Mint Green Bedding: 7-Pc Floral Mint Colored Comforter Set

Accessorizing Your Mint Green Palette

The subtle mint green shade of this comforter set paired with the floral--really tree branches, leaves--in a hint of silver-white is just enough if you want to accessorize in flora and fauna: with birds, white flowers and natural weave baskets and side chairs.

This mint Colored bedding set comes with ample decorative pillows; I just love the bird accent on the white piece!

If you have hardwood or bamboo flooring, your decor will work fabulously, as will any neutral hues you love.

Mint Green Colored Bedding: ZigZag Chevron Comforter & Sheet Set

Mint Green & Chevron: a Modern Marvel in Bedding

Few people think 'modern' and 'mint' within the same realm . . . er . . . room, but this mint green chevron print, aka zigzag, is spot on.

This comforter set is a plus-plus, as it's a bed-in-a-bag bedding set, as it includes a bed sheet set, pillow shams and a bed skirt. You'll have a fully-made bed in sizes from twin, queen to kings at a very reasonable price.

Brighten Up Dark Bedrooms with Lighter Color Hues

Modern Mint Green Colored Bedding Set: Full/Queen & King Sizes

Here's a great model bedroom that's both modern and light and bright--fabulous for bring in light to dark spaces.

If your bedroom lacks in natural light with small windows, opt for a mint green bedding set like this one and pair it with white sheer window panels for brilliance. 

Sheer panels are an inexpensive fix to dismal spaces.

Taking Your Cues from Model Room Decor

Mint Colored Bedding: 4-Pc. solid Mint Comforter Set w/ Brown Trim

I just love this model bedroom! The designers did a fabulous job creating a mid-century modern ambiance with this versatile mint green comforter set, really playing up the  block design.

While you might share my love for the space but don't have a wall with wood blocking, you can create the illusion with paint and tape or use leftover flooring.

Add a wood-colored paint over top of brown paint, or if you don't have kids or pets to worry about, simply use painted tape for the 'spaces' between the 'wood' blocks. Go with the color scheme, or copy the look of another model bedroom for a professional look made easy.

Mint Green & White: Two Hues that Marry Well

Mint Green Bedding: King Mint Color Comforter Set

If you've white walls and a dreary space, mint colored bedding like this comforter set marry fabulously with them to brighten and enliven your otherwise dreary bedroom space.

Don't stop with white wall, either. The model room here shows how well white nightstands and window panels will look.

Add pops of color as you like with your lighting and accessories. Don't forget the rug!

Mint & Green-Color Bedding

Mint Colored Medallion Bedding: 8-Pc. Mint & Green Comforter Set

Not all your greens need be mint colored. You can pair up a host of greens and other color gems with your bedding or as you go along.

This medallion design illustrates how well mint and other shades of green go together. You can still use white to keep you space alive.

Less IS More!

Mint Colored Bedding: Palm Leaf Mint Green Comforter Set

There's nothing worse than a cluttered space. Well, yes, there is: a cluttered bedroom

Note how well this model room looks and there's not much in the space after the bed, nightstand and wall art.

It's nice to have accessories and furniture but too much of anything in your bedroom only collects dust and creates stress. A stressful environment is made worse when clutter absorbs all that stress. 

It's true!

Keep the less is more mantra in mind when decorating.

Luxury Solid Color Mint Bedding for Less

Mint Colored Bedding: 3-Pc Solid Color Mint Green Comforter Set

Ruched bedding is the best-kept secret for bedroom decor: it looks absolutely stunning and every bit the luxury mint green solid colored comforter set you may be looking for.

Ruched fabric is a technique used for gathered pieces like this one. This 3-piece comforter set looks like it costs much more than the budget-friendly bedding it is.

It's luxury hotel stunning. Don't you think so?

What mint bedding set is your fave?

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