Black and Ivory Comforter & Bedding Sets

Black and Ivory Bedding: Rose Tree Floral Scroll Comforter Set

Black and Ivory Bedding: Classic Meets Modern

Black and ivory comforter and bedding sets like these, have the style and sophistication you're looking for in creating a posh bedroom space--and few color duos compare. 

Classic design is like a concert grand piano, each key lending to the beauty of another, creating amazing, dulcet tones in harmonious succession.
Black and ivory are two hues that play off each's strengths, lifting your bedroom space into new realms of comfort and beauty. Indeed, your black and ivory color palette starts with the ideal bedding, building and transforming the banal to beautiful.
Scroll down to see the best options for your new black and ivory comforter or other bed set along with several suggestions to bring your bedroom to showroom heights. Yes, you can have the bedroom you've been pining for seemingly forever. And the time is now, so let's get started!

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Demure and Debonair: Getting Started with Ivory and Black Comforters 


Black and Ivory Bedding: 7-Pc. East Asia Design Comforter Set
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          Your bedding is ideally your bedroom's feature attraction, where your black and ivory comforter or duvet introduces your theme, warms the space and plays as the bedroom's welcome mat of sorts.
Since your focal point is your space's first impression, you want to play it up as 'big' as practical for your area, style and budget. It's here where bedding can set the stage and enhance your space, betraying a host of personalities.

Black and Ivory Bedding On a Budget:

The Beauty You're After For Less

Black and Ivory Bedding: 3-Pce. Quilt Set in Ivory/Off White & Black

Budget-Wise 3-Piece Ivory and Black Quilt Set

Black and Ivory Bedding: 7-Pc. Comforter Set Ivory/Black

7-Piece Black and Ivory Comforter Set with Matching Pillows from under $50

I love this ivory and black bedding set, and I'm loving the low price even more. The matching, decorative pillows are a plus-plus and support your color palette.

The comforter is quite the focal piece, isn't it?

Comforter Set with Matching Curtains: Two Sets of Panels

Black and Ivory White Bed Set: 20-pc. Dorm Room Comforter & Curtains

Choosing Your Ivory and Black Style:

While you've probably arrived at your color choice--black and ivory--quite readily, you may not be too sure about your new comforter set's style: how much black? Will an ivory background suit your space best? Any accent colors? Fancy-floral or a modern maze of lines and geometrics?
Hopefully, my suggestions can help you arrive at the answer. I've included a look at several classic design comforter sets, all highly-visual and sporting the black and ivory hues you're after but with distinct differences. I'm loving the bed set here. This 20-piece, black and ivory comforter set sports the grey accent hue, and includes matching window treatments; it's fabulous for college dorms; everything is 'here,' already!

Your Budget: Decorating on the Cheap - Black and Ivory Bedding Sets

Under $25 Black and Ivory Bedding: 3-Pc Duvet Set Ivory and Black English Design

Traditional English Wedgewood Style Bedding in Ivory and Black

Working within a budget may take the fun out of decorating but if you're like me, you'll think of those pesky numbers as a welcome challenge.

Often, you'll find the 'to-die-for' decor and bedding only to see an outrageous price tag tethered to it. But don't despair. Since I've been decorating, I've become quite adept at using the internet to find a luxury piece's look-alike.

A note about duvets: I remember being really 'put off' by an ideal bed set having a duvet versus a comforter. if you share those sentiments, you may miss out on a fabulous set like this one (above). You may love duvets if you tend to run hot or cold while you try to sleep. It's here where you can fill the duvet with a light or heavier duvet filler. If you don't want to spend the money on a filler, consider using the freshly-washed comforter you are replacing or an old hand-me-down comforter. A win-win! 

Ivory and Black Bedding: 7-Pc. Queen/King Comforter in Black and Ivory

Finding Budget-Friendly Ivory and Black Bed Sets: It's a Process

Finding ivory and black bedding isn't difficult; all you need do is determine what features you're most attracted to. Is is a unique color, shape or size? Answering these simple questions and determining what you're willing to forgo will bring you that much closer to your fru-fru bedding's match.

I found these uber-cheap bedding sets with your ivory and black color scheme and great design--all for well under anything you've thought possible. Aren't these from-under-$50 black and ivory bed sets great options for saving while looking FAB?

Fancying-Florals & Window Panels Ivory and Black Bedding Sets

Black and Ivory Bedding: 7-Pc Comforter & Pillows in Ivory and Black

Should Your Comforter Have Matching Window Panels?

It's always nice to have your bedroom decor look cohesive, serene. I've seen my share of matchy-match bedding and window panel and valances. My motto in response, "Don't do it."
You may think it's only natural to complete your bedding ensemble with matching window treatments of the same pattern but you may result in 'system overload' where you're dizzy--downright nauseous-- with all the swirls and lines. And I'd venture to say you the ensuing drama is quite unsettling and not at all the peaceful retreat you set out for.

Black and Ivory Bedding: 6-Pc. Comforter Bed Set Queen & King

A Key to Add Light to Darker Bedrooms (especially this black and ivory bedding)

Black is definitely a dramatic hue and it's easy to see here with these striking bedding sets.
But for every glimmer of drama you'll need lots of natural or ambient light at every level, lest you wind up with a bedroom more akin to a bat cave than a 'nest' where you can relax with a book.
Dark rooms with foreboding and looming shadows are hard to brighten if you've too much black.
One great way to keep your space on the light side is with white or ivory sheer panels, a nice sheet set of a lighter hue than your comforter and maybe a nice ivory rug in fluffy flokati (my fave).

Modern Geometric Ivory and Black Bedding: 7-Pc. Comforter Set

Modern Ivory and Black Comforter Set

Flocking: What is It?

Here's a great example in black and ivory with flocking; it's a great way to add dimension and texture.
But what exactly is flocking?
Flocking is a result of adding a 'fuzzy' textured accent to otherwise, smooth fabric. The result raises the--in this instance--black pattern up and away from the rest of the material. When running the hand over the flocked areas, you'll feel the fuzzy texture.
Texture is important to a space's design, as it adds depth to your bedroom's overall ambience. I love the sophisticated appeal of this model bedroom. It's created with super-budget-friendly lamps, end tables and with the bed set, it's ama-ZING!

Ivory and Black Bed Sheets Set: 4-Pc Microfiber Black on Ivory

Ivory and Black Sheet Set:

Bring Dimension, Interest & Nature to Your Bedroom Space

Isn't this ivory sheet set with black tree branches a fresh option to pair up with your new bedding?
This set is ideal to use with the darker bed sets above. You can fold the comforter down to reveal the fresh, crisp of the ivory background. I like the idea of pairing this set up with the other floral bedding comforters, borrowing from nature and adding real branches into the mix.
You may also want to paint the real tree branches black and ivory for a sophisticated, finished look. Place the branches in a clear floor vase or perhaps a white bedside vase in milk glass for a tuxedo look.

'Real' Bed-in-a-Bag Comforter Sets

This ivory and black contemporary comforter set is the real deal among 'bed-in-a-bags.'

I've seen too many bedding sets defined as bed-in-a-bags but really, such sets should include a full, 4-piece, matching sheet set, like this comforter set here.

Bed-in-a-bags are a great value as well as time-saver. All you need do is find fun accessories. Since this bed set is highly visual, I would opt for ivory colored window sheers so as not to overwhelm your bedroom's decor.

Sophisticated Modern Bedding: But is it Ivory? - Ivory and Black Comforter Sets

Defining the Hue: Ivory in Its Truest Form

Black and Ivory Bedding: 8-Pc Modern Comforter Set Black and ivory

Ivory is such a tricky color. Too often I see the hue described as 'off white' 'tan' or worse yet, 'beige.'
Not all of us have an eagle eye to differentiate between the subtle tones but here's a more defining method of recognizing ivory than resorting to a box of Crayolas. I'll elaborate below.
Ivory is white with a hint of the earth--just a hint. If you're still not sure (and it really matters), think of a white piece of paper. Does the color differ a wee bit? Chance are you hit upon true-blue ivory.
With these few modern-design ivory and black comforter sets, you'll notice there are subtle differences of each.
You can always sway the too-bright or too-dark bedding with ivory pillows and window panels giving the bedding the illusion of ivory and tricking the eye into seeing and believing there's more ivory than not.
Next to its polar opposite, black, white can be easily 'influenced' with the addition ivory pieces to get your bedroom where you want it.

Red Accent w/ Ivory and Black Bedding: 12-Pc Bed-in-a-Bag with Sheet Set

Adding a Bit 'O Color for Bigger Results in Your Black and Ivory Palette

This bed-in-a-bag comforter set has a bold accent of red--added color while keeping the focus on the ivory and black. With any bed set here on this page, you can liven the focal point with the addition of an accessory, one that’s sure to be remembered.

Keep color on the low down if you’re looking to keep to a conservative palette; one pillow will do and maybe a small contribution on each side of the room–one per wall is best. If your bedding is lacking that certain ‘something’ try color, first.

Using Contrast to Your Advantage

I had an ugly table that I'd been battling with for some time. I know what you're thinking. 'Why don't you just get rid of it?'
It wasn't that easy; the table was a gift, one of those heirloom pieces I didn't have the heart to dispose of. Where would I put it? Who would take it?
I came up with a great idea; I disguised it with contrasting pieces like in this visual, here. Notice how the 'table thing' isn't the piece that's remembered. It's the color that captures the eye, holding it long enough admirers don't see it.
With radiators and other big eyesores, this method works well.

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