Burgundy Comforter & Bedding Sets

Burgundy Bedding: Burgundy and Black Comforter Bed Set Queen & King

Pure Opulence in the Bedroom: Burgundy Bedding 

Decorating with these plush burgundy comforters and bedding sets will quickly transform even the most banal of bedroom spaces from so-so to oh-WOW!

Your bedroom offers respite after a full day and having a look you love will add to your nighttime experience ~ there's nothing like climbing between plush sheets topped off with a dreamy comforter.
If you're like me, you love the rich look of burgundy, a sophisticated blend of deep red and a splash of purple and a hint of black; indeed burgundy is that complex, sophisticated hue that's easy to prefer over all else.
Dressing your bed in the burgundy comforters, bedspreads and sheets is a great beginning to a perfect boudoir.. I'll show you how to get started and give you some ideas for converting your bedroom into your dream room.
Scroll down to see lovely burgundy comforters, sheet sets and bedding in styles and patterns you'll love falling asleep to.

Your Bedroom: Getting Started with Burgundy Bedding

Burgundy Bedding: 7-pc. Burgundy and Gold Comforter Set Queen

Set Your Style and Creating Your Bedroom's Focal Point

I'm an advocate for beds being your room's focal point, as they're often the space's largest element. You'll want to go dramatic no matter what your room's theme.
Focal points are useful for introducing your bedroom's purpose ~ it's personality, 'vibe,' or flavor if you will. If you're going for a modern look, going with minimally appointed, but powerful decor pieces is the way to go.Each piece should have strong, clean lines, much like the burgundy comforter I've shown here.

Burgundy Bedding: 10-Pc. Burgundy and Gold Comforter Set

Your Burgundy Bedding & Decorating Around Your Bedroom's White Walls 

While white may come off as your least favorite among wall paint choices, it works quite well with this burgundy and gold bedding set.
Ideally, your bed should monopolize the space's attention and pale walls best support your efforts for a fabulous focal piece starring your burgundy bedding.
Too, sometimes we're not at liberty to paint (or just loathe it, altogether) and having such a strong contrast overshadows the blahzay walls. Notice how the walls look less 'white.'

You Bed: Creating Your Focal Point

Burgundy bedding: 7-Pc. Burgundy and Tan Comforter Set Queen & King

Burgundy Elements That Work

This bed set commands attention with its bold blocking and will easily contrast with lighter-colored walls. It's this unexpected, block design that works at warming your bedroom space while welcoming you and your guests.
Let your bed stand out and be the focal piece it can easily be, making your job successful with minimal effort.

Burgundy Bedding: 7-Pc. Burgundy Embroidered Comforter Set

Burgundy Bedding Yes, But What's Your Style?

If you're like me, decorating is the exciting part of your home's investment, whether you're renting or owning.
Getting started on a decor genre for your bedroom can take on several options. Will you opt for modern? Traditional? Country? These are options you'll need to consider when looking for bedding and accessories.
This selection of burgundy comforter sets are best suited for creating a rich, warm ambiance in your bedroom. Think high beds and fluffy textiles.
Opting for any of these bedding sets will get you the rich, burgundy and gold look you've been pining for.

Want The Designer Bedroom Look For Less?

Burgundy Bedding: 7-Pc. Burgundy and Gold Comforter Set Queen King

What Model Rooms Can Tell You

I've always loved dissecting those model rooms in magazines and now on the internet. If you're not so inclined to succeed with decorating, I recommend studying model rooms you like. Ask yourself what it is about the space that's most appealing. Is it the wall color? Furniture style? Pattern?
Collect a few images of your favorite rooms, circling your most favored pieces. Often times you can find very affordable look-a-likes for the more expensive pieces.
The strong hues of burgundy take over the space in this model bedroom with the lighter-colored walls and cream-colored armchair. Ideally, bathe your walls in a lighter shade when decorating with burgundy. You'll want all the "WOW!" your bedding can proffer.

Burgundy Bedding: Luxury Gold and Burgundy Comforter Set

Window Treatments & Your Burgundy Comforter Set

Often times you'll see matching window treatments being offered with comforter sets. While having all pieces match in your space may seem the way to go, if you've a small space or your bedding's design is really busy, you may want to rethink that strategy, as you may be overwhelming your room with too much 'sameness.'
Ideally, you're better to let your comforter stand out as the room's showstopper and having too many like elements will dilute your space's better pieces. The window dressings in the model rooms here reflect a successful pairing of plain and patterned elements. The comforter sets take precedence in the bedroom quite nicely, as they don't 'compete' for attention.

Burgundy Bedding: 7-Pc Burgundy and Black Comforter Bed Set

Decorating On a Budget 

Because we must check prices on each of the comforters I've featured here, it's easy to realize that there's a close relationship with cheaper bedding sets and their more expensive relatives.
As I mentioned, you can always find a cheaper version of expensive decor pieces. Here's a prime example of a cheaper burgundy bed set that will serve you well as your bedroom's main attraction. You'll have all the bang without the bucks.
It's easy to spend too much when decorating, hopefully the comforter sets in this article will keep you spot on and successful!

Burgundy Colored Bedding: 7-Pc. Burgundy and Gold Comforter Set

What is Jacquard Bedding? 

Jacquard bedding has been a traditional fave since its inception in the 1800s. Jacquard (pronounced, jack-ard) refers to a loom weave by a French inventor where it produces an intricate pattern we still love today.
The telltale jacquard design is obvious in this burgundy comforter set; it's ideal for a more formal bedroom decor where you're insisting on beauty, warmth and sophistication.
I think this bed set delivers, don't you?

Under $40 Burgundy with Gold Accent Comforter Set

Keep Walls Politely Quiet for a Restful Space

Burgundy Bedding: 7-Pc Comforter Set in Burgundy & Cream

Walls Do Talk; Keep Them Quiet

Much like I mentioned, earlier, burgundy bedding is a great choice for wan walls. I love this burgundy bedding set; actually, I love the whole space and it better illustrates the plain ol' wall conundrum than the earlier set.
Here, the walls seem to politely 'whisper' a richness all their own while allowing the comforter ensemble to be the keynote speaker.
Yes, your bedding is your space's most important element but your walls must speak the same language, hum the same tune, much like a back up singer (can you tell I'm all about visuals?).
This model room is the best representation of a harmonious, soothing space among others shown here. Just perfect.

Burgundy Bedding: 11-Pc Black and Burgundy Comforter Sheet Set

Your Burgundy Bedroom:  Focal Pieces Should Stay Front & Center

As mentioned in my first few paragraphs above, your focal piece--your bed--should grab your guests' eye quickly and hold it for a scant few seconds longer than its surrounds.
Obviously, with the similarly-hued walls the bedding has quite the competition with all four walls boxing the bed in and seemingly smothering it in a red sea of burgundy-gone-wild.
Follow along below as I discuss better ways of using wall color to enhance your space.

Solid Color Burgundy Pinch Pleat Comforter Bed Set

Adding to what I talked about above, painting your walls in an appropriate shade really isn't difficult.
The successful look in the room earlier was achieved by pulling a color from the comforter set and painting walls a shade or three lighter. Borrowing from subtle shades available in nearby pieces is an easy way to achieve a cohesive look that doesn't look contrived but very much like natural course of business.

3-Piece Burgundy Pinch Pleat Comforter Set Includes: Comforter and Two Pillow Shams

Keeping Wall Color on Course: add complementary hues to your burgundy bedding set

The wall in the model rooms above have a much lighter shade of the bedding but you can see just a bit of burgundy peeking through. The color really does a good job of complementing and not competing with the comforter set.
Burgundy and Black Bedding: 7-Pc Damask Black on Burgundy Comforter

The burgundy -on- burgundy room at the top of this article is nice, but the walls are competing with the bedding, almost looks like they're melting into one another. Keep your space a serene palate as possible, one you'll love retreating to--not from.

Burgundy and Black Reversible Bedding/Comforter Set

Uber-Cheap, Yet Uber-Versatile Burgundy and Black Comforter Set

I love this reversible black and Burgundy quilted comforter set. it's quite the warm and welcoming bedding set with plenty of density--a great start to your layered look.

A jewel in the making; don't you think so?

Under $40, this Black and Burgundy bedding set includes: Twin, Full/Queen or King Size Quilted Comforter and Matching Pillow Shams (one for twin size comforter).

My Fave: Burgundy and Gold Bedding Set with Gold Accent Pillows and Matching Sheet set

Burgundy and Gold Bedding: 11-Pc Comforter & Sheet Set

Incorporating Patterns into Your Space - Burgundy and Gold Comforter Set

This burgundy and gold paisley design comforter set is best accessorized with round elements and the lovely mirror behind it best supports the idea.

Noticing the patterns, shapes and texture in your main pieces will help you build a cohesive space by keeping in kind with all your additions.
Sometimes it's just a matter of being more attentive to these little things for creating the perfect look you'll love coming home to.
This bed set is available in all the standard bed sizes.
Doncha just love the gold pillows with the rich hue of burgundy?

What's your favorite burgundy bedding set?

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