Coral Colored Comforter and Bedding Sets

Coral-colored bedding like this large selection of comforter sets and related coral decor has the energy of the sun but with a hint of red and a splash of white. It's this perfectly blended hue that makes for the ideal color palette for your new  bedding set.

Coral Colored Bedding: Coral Sea Theme Coral Quilt Twin Queen King

Getting Started with Your Bedroom's Focal Piece: Coral Colored Bedding

Coral isn't just a color; it's a fabulous vision and a true gift from the sea. Obviously, the bedding here on the right features both the coral image and the coral color, melding both for a fresh, clean impression as only ocean-themed design can.

Not feeling the coral-from-the-ocean theme? You can opt for the coral color, taking advantage of the lovely mix of orange, white and red in a solid color   comforter set or fun pattern.

Either way, I've got you 'covered' below.

Coral Colored Bedding: 3-pc. Damask Solid Coral Bed Set

Solid Coral Colored Bedding

Here's a fabulous example of solid coral colored bedding. With its raised damask pattern, you've the benefit of a classic design and the versatility of a solid colored coral bedding set.

The  model room betrays how well the bedding pairs with light--or white--bedroom walls. There's two shades of white going on in this space: pure white and antique white. Neither shade clashes with the coral bed set.

Fresh, alive--and I'm loving it!

Don't Forget the Bed Sheet Sets!

Coral Colored Bedding; 4-Pc Set Solid Coral Bed Sheets

Coral bed sheets just make sense in your new color palette. If you're like me and turn down the top of your comforter or similar bedding, having coral or white sheets to expose the layers of bedding adds warmth and a welcoming touch to your bedroom's focal piece: your bed.

Aren't these budget-wise solid color coral sheets spectacular?

7-Piece Coral and White Comforter Bedding Set

Linear Design & Coral:  but keeping to a solid color

I like how the 'lines' in this coral bedding are featured by simple ruffles, while not taking away from a solid form, if that's what you're after.

Add a patterned coral colored sheet set as shown in this image to bring balance to all the coral.

Solid color coral and print: a bit o' both.

Coral Colored Bedding: Coral & Seafoam Comforter Set Twin Queen King

One-of-a-Kind Coral Bedding: you just gotta have it!

This coral color and seafoam green bedding set is truly a unique find. It's a bit pricey but not over-the-top expensive, and if it didn't have that amazing seafoam bed skirt, I may have overlooked the set.

Some bedding has the presence of everything fresh and new: a sunrise of coral color to start your day, and a 'cleansing wave' in seafoam to whisk away worries.

This bed set is available as comforter and duvet, with the duvet set being much cheaper. You can even buy the duvet filler and still be under the comforter price. Duvets are great if you tend to be hot or cold at night, as the fillers come in different weights.

Twin, Full, Queen, King & Cal. King Sizes

Coral Colored Bedding: 4-Pc. Lime and Coral Comforter Set

Playful Coral and Avocado Hues with a Bohemian and Classic Paisley Design: an exercise in the eclectic

Here's a more budget-friendly version of the coral colored bedding set above but with an accent of avocado-lime.

With just about any decorative design element, you can find a cheaper version, and this comforter set is the perfect example

This coral bed set is available in: twin, full, queen, king & Cal. king sizes

Coral Colored Bedding: 7-Pc Coral and White Comforter & Pillow Set

Coral Bedding with Matching  Accent Pillows

Comforter sets with matching accent/throw pillows like this coral and white, fresh-as-the-morning-air (isn't that a song lyric?) ensemble will save you big, as you'll have the full-on layered look that's so crucial to bedrooms.

It's here where decorative pillows in your chosen coral color really play up your decor palette while adding a warm and cozy appeal to the space.

QUICK NOTE: Remember, if you feel the need to wash the bed skirt before using it, use cold water and do NOT launder the skirt and comforter together. I'm a big fan of lightly spraying my washable bed skirts with a germ-killing aerosol instead of washing the skirt. Read your bedding set's instructions first.

Coral Colored Bedding: Modern White and Coral Comforter Set

Modern Coral Color on White Comforter Set: keeping your busy patterns under control

Here's an example of where using a comforter with matching window treatments (i.e. curtains or drapes) would be an epic fail.

Indeed, this fabulous comforter set is all you need to capture the eye and hold it: what a perfect focal piece!

Adding matching or equally busy patterned pieces may leave you dizzy and downright lightheaded. Not good.

Simple, solid white window panels--preferably sheer panels--is an ideal option. Keep the madness--and nausea--at bay and think, 'less is more.'

Getting Inspiration from Model Space Decor

Coral Colored Bedding: 3-Pc Trina Turk Coral/White Comforter Set

Trina Turk Coral Bedding Set

 First, and a bit off my promised topic, I've seen this identical, coral color trellis pattern comforter set for upwards of $200. Do NOT pay that much unless it's Christmas. And it's the last one. Anywhere. Ever.
While I'm not in the bedding business, I do know this bed set is a more affordable one based on those I've compared.

Notice the fun wall art in this model space. They may seem like intricate, fractal pieces, they're simply circles and arranged whichever way worked for the room. You can create the same artwork using a cheap school/math compass, or merely trace the lid of a large tub of margarine and color the circles with inexpensive craft paint. Easy-peasy!

Coral Color Bedding: 4-Pc Coral and White Comforter/Pillow Set

                                                  Coral-Colored Comforter Set for Girls, Tweens & Teens:

Bedding like this comforter set will last you longer than the few year lifespan of other decorative pieces.

Add new wall art and change out a lampshade or two and you're good to go another round!

Which bedding set is your fave?

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