Fat Chef Statues: A Bit of Bistro Themed Kitchen Decor Whimsy

Fat Chef Statue: 14" Italian Bistro Themed Fat Chef Figurine

Add An Air of French or Italian 'Flavor' With Fat Chef Kitchen Decor & Accessories

Fat chef statues like these fun figurines of all sizes are a great way to easily add an impressive French or Italian bistro theme to your kitchen.

Fat chef kitchen decor is just plain fun, warm and oh, so inviting. It's no wonder we love this guy!

I've included lots of fat chef statues from small to tall figurines--they really 'spice' things up in your home's busiest space: your kitchen.

The fat chef statue here is very fitting with its 'Welcome to my kitchen' message.' Mustache, poofy, chef hat and the telltale Italian chef neckerchief, this figurine is ideal for any size kitchen and budget. There's a bit of bistro in all of us!

Fat Chef Statue: 11" Italian Fat Chef Figurine with Menu Chalkboard

Fat Chef Statue with Menu Blackboard: fun with purpose

Isn't this bistro theme fat chef statue with the menu chalkboard too cute?

I love the figurine's potential as kitchen decor, but the menu board can be very useful if you need to leave messages to kids or other family members.

With this fat guy, you've a fabulous reason to put him in a prominent spot on your kitchen counter, open-face cabinet or above them. Fun with purpose!

The Fat Chef: simple and cute or splendid sophisticate


Fat Chef Statues: 11" French Fat Chef Figurine with Menu Board

French Theme Fat Chef Statue with Menu Board

French fat chef statues like this one are every bit as fun but have an air of sophistication for your bistro themed kitchen.

Like its cousin above, this fat chef figurine will make a great addition to your kitchen's decor despite your space's size.


When Counter Space Is Limited, Go for Wall Decor: Fat Chef Menu Chalk Board Wall Plaque

Fat Chef Statues: 41.5" Fat Chef Kitchen Decor Menu Blackboard

Half Statue, Half Art, Half Menu Board:

Yes, my 'math' is wrong but I wanted to emphasize on this fat chef menu board's size, usefulness and value as fat chef themed kitchen decor. 

There's lots of room for you to post your daily menu or write your own message of inspiration. I love it.


Fat Chef Statues: Large 20" Fat Chef Figurine with Menu Board

Large Italian Fat Chef Statue with Menu Chalkboard for Big Kitchens

I love the vibrant red hues on this fat chef statue, and with it menu board, it's a plus-plus for your bistro kitchen theme. This figurine is more realistic and I'm loving the folds in the chef's apron and neckerchief. 

Too, the chef''s hat and jacket has its own measure of shadowy folds and creases. With all its dimension, this fat chef takes shape as a fabulous kitchen statue.

My fave by far!


Fat Chef Statues for Wine Lovers

French/Italian Fat Chef Kitchen Art & Accessory: 14.25" High Wine Bottle Holder

A Fat Chef's Job Is Never Done: The Wine Server

I love decor elements with purpose; they're the quintessential 'form meets function' piece of art. This Italian fat chef statue obviously is a wine holder.

At a little over 14" high, this kitchen-to-wine-tasting room figurine is plenty tall enough for your standard-sized wine bottle. I like how this fat chef statue is perfect for pairing with the fat chef statues above.

I would use this statue at one spot in your kitchen and any look-alikes in another, so admirers get the full value of each art piece without each figurine vying for attention--it certainly deserves the compliments it'll garner.

Fat Chef Figurine: Bistro Themed Wine Holder Statue

A Jolly Fat Chef for Tight or More Intimate Spaces

This Italian fat chef statue wine holder is nothing short of jolly while displaying your favorite wine. this figurine is shorter at 8" high and will do well in small kitchens or an intimate wine-tasting space.

Tuck this fun statue on shelves, countertops, and perhaps a corner space with an under-cabinet light overhead. I can see this fat chef statue working in any awkward kitchen area where you've been wondering, What decor works here?


Fat Chefs as Wine holder: Total Fab Gift for Wine Lovers

Fat Chef Statue: 14.25" Bistro Themed Fat Chef Wine Holder

Italian Bistro Fat Chef Wine Holder Statue: fabulously detailed 

This fat chef statue wine holder has convincing details that add to its decor value. The chef's facial features are quite dramatic with its bushy eyebrows and mustache, full-figured face, large ears and nose--even teeth!

Like the other fat chef statues I mentioned as more art piece/statue, you can see plenty of shadows, folds and even a bistro towel. Indeed, this chef is all business.


Wine Lovers Unite: The Fat Chef As Sommelier 

Fat Chef Statue: Wine Lovers' 14.25 Italian Fat Chef Figurine

Bistro Fat Chef Statue: a 'mutual' wine lover

I don't know about you, but with this fat chef statue, I can hear the lilt of the Italian mistral serenading within the walls of a little cafe bistro somewhere (as in your kitchen), and the chef stealing a 'nip' of wine in the back kitchen.

Can't you?

This piece is an ideal figurine for kitchens and wine cellars--even outdoor spaces at night.

French/Italian Bistro Themed Fat Chef Server Statues

I love this style fat chef statue with the tall chef hats, robust . . . er . . . fat bellies and faces, don't you?

There's that 'something' that is different and promises to be the unique kitchen decor art piece with the wine or antipasto platter that's true bistro themed.

Either of these statues are the ideal conversation piece for dinners where you might be entertaining new friends. I'm loving the fat hands!


Everyday Fat Chef Accessories: Paper Towel Holders

Fat Chef Theme Kitchen Accessories: Bistro Paper Towel Holder


Cute Fat Chef Theme Kitchen Accessories: Salt & Pepper Shakers


Which Fat Chef Kitchen Decor is Your Fave?


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