Graffiti Comforter & Bedding Sets for Boys & Girls: More Than Bedding with Words On It

  $31.95  Graffiti Bedding: Comforter & Pillow Sham Set

Fun & Funky: Graffiti Comforters, Bedding & Related Decor

Decorating with Graffiti Bedding sets and funky decorative pieces like these will transform your teen boy's or girl's blah bedroom to new urban street heights in freedom of expression.

2/3 piece Graffiti Bed Set  from $59.95

During the graffiti boom, where new, more complex styles of this novel art form were being expressed by 'writers' in Philadelphia and Brooklyn, the 'writing' took on a competitive vibe where the scale of the words morphed into 'masterpieces' and exclusive designs were now known as 'tags'.
Fast forward to today, and we know graffiti as an amazing expression of self in urban art; what better way to make a nondescript bedroom space your very own than to appoint graffiti comforters and other bedding that sport such a fascinating written art form?

  $59.99 Graffiti Bedding: Duvet & Pillow Sham Set

Scroll down for a glimpse of uber-urban graffiti bed sets at their very best along with cool ideas to take your room up a notch--or ten. And I've included some great examples of graffiti bedding and related accessories and wall art you're gonna love along with tips on how to use them for a jaw-dropping result.

Under $50 Graffiti Bedding. Black Background Graffiti Bed Set 

Getting Started with Your Graffiti Theme Bedroom: Go for the Bold in Graffiti Bedding

Ideally, you want to begin your decor scheme with the room's focal point (the space's largest decorative element).
Beds make the ultimate show-stopper in bedrooms: they're often the space's largest piece, so your bedding has quite a job of setting the stage, introducing your theme and anchoring all other supporting decorative pieces.


Your Space's Voice: Your Own Graffiti Bedding Style Speaks Out

  $39.95 Graffiti Bedding: & Pillow Sham Set

Decide what ''voice' you want your bedding to betray. Will it be a splash of loud color? Or, will you be going dark and mysterious? Obviously, color brings an uplifting air about it, while the black and white bedding is the serious version of 'cool'.
There's no wrong choice; it's all very personal. Go with your passion in making your space truly yours. Here's a selection of bedding that will support your graffiti theme. Some of the bed sets here are obviously full-on graffiti but don't limit yourself to graffiti-or-bust pieces. I explain more about this below.

Big N' Bold with Graffiti Rugs: A Perfect Base or Wall Art

Graffiti Area Rug

Put a graffiti rug on your bedroom wall... 


....And a graffiti wall tapestry on your bed.

Graffiti Wall Art Decal from Poster Size to Mural

Graffiti-Themed Wall Art from Poster to Mural Size

Color & More Color: a Graffiti Must Have

See how well the color in this wall art complements the otherwise, unrelated bedding above? Even if an admirer wasn't familiar with the 60's relationship between the two, the hues of each seem to grab hold of their color-match making them perfect mates.
Go easy with such striking design work and allow like pieces to stand out without the interruption from other, less-important pieces. Indeed, Less is More!

Black and White Graffiti Style Urban Modern Bed Set 33.00

But Is It Graffiti? 
I've often used pieces in themed rooms that are simply 'suggestive' of the theme, much like this Squiggle duvet set. Not true-blue graffiti, the squiggles do have the lines and style that betray the makings of graffiti, so it will make a great addition to your themed space.
I like the idea that, while the bedding isn't quite 'there' in graffiti, it will do nicely in keeping your theme from going hog wild.
It's also a perfect companion for a colorful wall of graffiti. When visualizing the amazing hues of graffiti, It's easy to visualize with the bedding--a perfect pairing up of contrasts. Don't you think so?
NY City Skyline Graffiti Themed Wall Art

City Streets & Skylines = Convincing Graffiti Bedroom Theme
NYC skylines are another element that works well with your graffiti theme. I prefer a huge wall full of sky scrapers versus a small scaled piece. A great idea that's quite dramatic might be a skyscape lower on the wall and a spray of graffiti above. For very little investment you'll have one amazing focal or accent piece that's sure to get plenty of attention.
Pick your largest wall and go for it!

Wall Art is a Must for Your Graffiti Bedroom Theme

Graffiti Theme Bedroom Wall Art Decal

I like how the Brooklyn graffiti wall decal, here consumes the entire wall space.
Wall art is crucial to any space's decor, it's true, but no more so than in a graffiti themed room. Indeed, you'll need at least on wall full of the tell-tale deliberate scrawl. But your artwork must be the appropriate size for the wall or you'll have lost its impact, its ability to WOW!

Poster to Mural Size Graffiti Theme Wall Art Decal

Keeping Your Graffiti Art Art: The Right-Sized Art for Your Wall

All too often, I've seen art that gets lost in a sea of drywall, where a picture is so small it hardly makes an impression, let alone be called art. Spatially, you need to keep to the 'small wall, small art' and 'big wall, big art' mantra; it's that simple. Graffiti artists figured this scale-thing out quite
You can easily create your own graffiti piece on a giant roll of paper and unfurl it like a mural in your room. I love the idea, so I've included a helpful video below. Like anything, practice makes perfect. If you're not confident, there's a plethora of graffiti wall decals you can easily apply to your walls for a instant WOW! factor.

A Bit About Graffiti's Beginning

Graffiti: An Enduring Art Form

Graffiti was born in the 1960s at a time of free love and expression, so it makes sense to pair up the decade's trademark styles with the likes of tie dye, peace signs and other groovy art. As I mentioned, everything in your room needn't be graffiti. Unique decor depends on melding your favorite interests into one broad spectrum. I know, I've made that idea seem complicated but really, just mix and match to your hearts content but try and keep things related in color, design or other elements you find a great match.
The bed sets here are just the cusp of what's available in 60's theme if that's where you're going. Notice that while these bed sets aren't graffiti, the graffiti wall art I show below go quite well when paired with the hues in these bedding sets. They both (the art and bedding) complement each other without being overdone.

What Graffiti Themed Bedroom Pieces are You Looking For: Girls' or Boys' Bedding & Decor?

Using Rugs in Your Space Rugs can do more than feel great underfoot; they can create the illusion of more floor space, ground the room's other pieces and transform the look of cold, hard floors into a warm ambiance. That's a lot to expect from a single decor element but rugs really earn their keep in any space they occupy if your floor space could use a few more feet here and there, consider placing the rug on the diagonal or semi-sharp angle tucked just under the bed a bit. Stand back and watch your room grow! Well, not really but the illusion is there and I'm a big-time fan of instant results. Bare, hard floors can leave a room looking cold and unfinished. Rugs tie the room's decor while creating a cohesive, finished look you'll love.This graffiti rug will tie in perfectly with your new theme without draining all the attention away from your focal point. Isn't it quite the unique piece?

I recommend using a comforter set like this one or those few below that'll work in your graffiti space quite nicely. This comforter set, while skater related, can lose most of its skateboard spirit when paired with graffiti wall art (I've some fabulous wall art, below) and accessories.Don't go overboard, just include enough of the graffiti theme to overshadow your bedding's original non-graffiti voice.

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