Hollywood Regency Style Furniture & Decor

Hollywood Regency Style Furniture Buffet/Console Cabinet

Going Old Hollywood Glam: Furniture & Decor 

Hollywood Regency furniture like these living and bedroom pieces have promise, catapulting your favorite room from boring bland to gorgeous glam in no time.

Hollywood Regency is the eccentric genre of decorating and design. It's hot meets cold, bold melded with banal, brazen versus bland and eccentric meets exquisite.
It's all about extremes.
Hollywood Regency is such an exciting palette to work with; it's fearless. The glam decor doesn't speak to one's senses~it shouts. It demands your attention and is the life~blood of your every party. But don't be fooled.
While Hollywood Regency (or Old hollywood Glam) appears to be a barrage of mix and match pieces within a room's arrangement, the style is so much more. The finished product is nothing less than remarkable; its impression leaves the admirer breathless.
But how to achieve "the look" is no accident. Hollywood Regency is a science, a product of successful melding of color, texture, light and shape~all in deliberate contrast. Sound tricky?
Scroll down for a glimpse of the "bones" of Hollywood Regency: glamorous furniture, accessories and other key pieces with ideas on how you, too can achieve this celebrity style from budget~friendly to total glam; it's all here to get you started on your ultimate space.

Creating Your Hollywood Regency Bedroom Space: Getting Ideas & Inspiration for Your Taste and Budget

Hollywood Regency Style Bedroom Furniture: Tufted Regal Bed

When Posh It Is But Price It Is Not

Just about anyone with a passion for Hollywood Regency bedroom furniture will fall for this uber-fabulous, tufted bed. But just as it's the posh piece we love, its price may be a major no-no, as it's quite luxurious.
If budget allows, you'll have a striking piece in your bedroom and an amazing start to any Hollywood Regency bedroom space. I'll present a mix of budget-friendly and luxurious Hollywood Regency style furniture and accessories below, so you can recreate a space like this one.


Getting Started: Focal Furniture Pieces for Hollywood Regency Style Bedrooms

Getting Inspirations from Model Rooms

Taking cues from the amazing Hollywood Regency style model bedroom above, this Bombay chest is a great substitute for the expensive piece above.
With 'copycat' furniture pieces, you'll usually find the shape, size, finish and function of your dream room. Pair this chest up with one of the inexpensive tufted headboards I talk about and link to below and you're off to a good start in a Hollywood Regency style bedroom for less--much less.

Hollywood Regency Style Bedroom Furniture: Tufted Headboard

What is Hollywood Regency? Defining the Style
Usually, you can dig in deep up to your elbows in decorating and interior design books and journals to define any given decor genre, where you'll get not only its definition but see tons of images all betraying the decor style you're passionate about.
Well, with Hollywood Regency--or Old Hollywood Glamour--you can toss out blanket terms like usually,' 'quintessential,' 'hallmark'' and a host of other adjectives that typically pinpoint a decor genre.
Don't attempt to define Hollywood Regency. There isn't one answer.
Perhaps the term, 'eclectic' may be of some use. And toss in 'whatever'and 'outrageous' and you'll be a hair's width closer to defining Hollywood Regency.
Old Hollywood Glamour is the Liberace of the music world and the Zsa Zsa Gabors of the sitcom melded together in pure one-of-a-kind opulence that actually works.
I believe the Hollywood genre works is the passion and eccentricity behind the designer, the decorator and finally, the home owner.
Doesn't that sound sophisticatedly magical?
If so, if your wheels are turning full throttle, you won't rest comfortably another night until your bedroom screams Hollywood Glam.
So, there you have it, Hollywood Regency 101 in a nutshell.

Hollywood Regency Lighting Ideas for Less

Hollywood Regency Style Bedroom Crystal Chandelier

As I mentioned above, you can create quite the designer-look room taking cues from model rooms you love. The two chandeliers below are uber-inexpensive for their styling and utility-- both as your space's 'crowning jewel' and valuable lighting addition.
The crystal chandelier with its tiered candle flame style, best emulates the fixture in the large photo, while the Bel-Aire style chandelier looks like a great substitute for the photo in my introduction.
I love finding pieces that look much like their costlier cousins.
Feeling inspired yet?

Hollywood Regency Style Bel Air Crystal Chandelier

Budget-Friendly Hollywood Regency Style Bedrooms without the 'Hollywood' Price

Hollywood Regency Style Bedroom Furniture: Tufted Bed

Tufted-faux Leather Hollywood Regency Style Bed:
glam yes, pricey, no

I'm all for saving money and taking on the challenge of finding 'close relatives' of the pricier Hollywood Regency pieces.
Typically, those of us with a penchant for the poshness of Hollywood Regency, want to start in our most intimate of spaces: the bedroom. Bedrooms need to reflect who we are, while wrapping us up in things we love most. Color, style, size and utility (as in proper lighting) should all be considerations and be well-satisfied in your bedroom--your own retreat after a stressful or full day of adventure.
I found a few bedroom furniture pieces that will not only get you started with a fabulous Hollywood Regency focal piece but you won't be sacrificing your budget or dipping into your kids' piggy banks (seriously, it happens).

Hollywood Regency Style Bedroom Furniture: Tufted Platform Bed
High Headboards Build Your Hollywood Regency Style Bedroom Easily
You'll save big money opting for a headboard like either of these, I've shown here and further down; plus, you'll have versatility on your side should you choose to redecorate your bedroom or merely change out wall art and/or accessories.
I like the neutral greys and rich cream hues, as they afford you the most freedom in decorating. Too, odds are, you can incorporate favorite pieces you already own without upsetting the bedroom's balance.
Don'tcha just love tufted headboards?

Mirrored Furniture with High-Style Fronts

What's Hollywood without a Mirror?

Hollywood Regency Style Mirrored Furniture Chest/Buffet
Lucky for us who love the Hollywood Glam genre, there are no rules--unless we make them up as we go along. Pieces like this versatile credenza with its mirrored front, adorned by ornate fleur-de-lis overlay is an ideal start to creating a Hollywood Glam focal point.
After all, what's a Hollywood genre of any ilk without a mirror?
Use any patterns and/or design work to repeat elsewhere in your space. Don't get too blindsided by one element. Use other fleur-de-lis pieces sparingly, as your space needs unrelated pieces to pull off the Hollywood Regency glam palette.
Begin your new venture one small area at a time and build outward.

Adopting Shapes from Mixed-Use Hollywood Regency Pieces

Hollywood Regency Mirrored Bedroom Furniture: Mirrored Nightstand

The 'no rules' Old Hollywood Glamour palette brings with it so many options where you're not confined to period pieces and trending here-today-gone-tomorrow color schemes. 
Mirrored chests are a good investment, as you'll always have the freedom to relocate the piece whenever the mood strikes you.

Use Circles and Squares to Your Advantage

Repeating Patterns for Cohesion in Your Hollywood Regency Space

Hollywood Regency Style Mirrored Furniture: 3-drawer Nightstand

Much like the mirrored chest above, this three drawer chest can make itself at home in your Old Hollywood Glamour bedroom or be quite the boon as part of your storage dilemma, containing your table linens, candles or flatware.
Most Hollywood Regency spaces rely heavily upon geometrics like the circular lattice-like wood trim. Pull the circle design onto rugs and/or wall coverings.
I can see this budget-friendly chest serving as a nightstand on either side of your bed; the call is all yours: That's the beauty of Hollywood Regency.

Hollywood Regency is All About Expression But . . .

Keeping Your Hollywood Regency Room in Total Glam

Hollywood Regency Style Mirrored Bedroom Furniture: Jewelry Cabinet
Using Key Patterns Oh So Sparingly

Much like the chest above, this similarly-finished mirrored chest has its own unique design, lending to more options for patterns you may share in rugs, upholstery and window panels. you may even find similarly appointed lamp shades and accessories to support your more important pieces.
Keep your like pieces on the conservative side, lest you wind up with a blinding blur of sameness.
Not good for Hollywood Regency style spaces.

Furniture Pieces for Living Spaces

Hollywood Regency in Your Common Areas

'Yes, Virginia, There is Such a Thing as Silver Sofas'

Hollywood Regency Style Furniture: Silver Tufted Sofa
If you thought silver tufted sofas were a matter for Hollywood, you would only be partially right . No need to blink twice; these silver sofas very real to the genre;they command attention.
And they get it, too.
These leather (and other faux materials) tufted sofas are the standouts you want for Hollywood Regency true-glam decor. You can certainly begin your exciting venture with one gorgeous piece.
It all starts with one substantial piece of furniture like this one; add a rug in red, black and white or any number of hues and piles you can't live without.
The best decorated Hollywood Regency Spaces have developed over time as those perfect pieces were located.

Hollywood Regency Style Furniture: Silver Tufted Chaise/Chair
Gold + Silver = Hollywood Glam

If you thought silver tufted chaises like this one were a matter for Hollywood Regency living rooms, you would only be partially right; they're fabulous for bedrooms, too. Silver furniture pieces are very real to the genre: they command attention.
And they get it, too.
It all starts with one substantial piece of furniture like this one; add a rug in red, black and white or any number of hues and piles you can't live without.
The best decorated Hollywood Regency Spaces have developed over time as those perfect pieces were located.

White Upholstery: The Anywhere Hue
Budget-Friendly Hollywood regency Style Chair

Hollywood Regency Style Chair: Tufted White

This chic, tufted chair is true glamour. Hollywood Regency popularizes the hour glass shape and clean, tufted upholstery. This suggested chair will fit your decorating palette quite nicely, allowing for red or gold frame mirrors or bold yellow rugs. Plain meets Pop!Go for it.
Decorating in Hollywood Regency can be expensive.
If you've a favorite must~have furniture piece but it's a bit too pricey, you can keep your budget in check by determining what about the piece you're most impressed with: is it color, size, shape, finish or some other strong element?

Hollywood Regency Furniture: Silver Wood Chest

Allow Your Key Hollywood Regency Furniture Pieces to Shine

While silver is indeed unique and unexpected, it's these very traits that are attributes--a necessity--to a Hollywood Regency space. I suggest one or two pieces in this finish if it's your style. Don't dilute its effect by incorporating too many similarly-finished pieces.
Allow these metallics to literally shine by themselves.

Buffets for Elegant Dining

Hollywood Regency Style

Hollywood Regency Dining Room Mirror Furniture Cabinet

These buffets have the lattice pattern you can pull from. The wallpaper featured below is a great option for these Hollywood Regency pieces. 
Rugs with the same pattern make your decor work, but be careful not to have too many like features in one space. 
If you've several decor pieces with the same pattern or color you're best to separate them into opposite ends of the room.

A Hollywood Regency Style Bedroom Worth Emulating

hollywood Regency Style Bedroom Furniture: Metallic Tufted Bed
This pure celebrity~posh Hollywood Regency leather bed has the tufted, metallic hue headboard that harks back to the genre's roots. The suggested lighting and mirror pulls from the graphite hue of the upholstery. Success with the Hollywood Regency style is achieved by choosing a few like elements, then melding high~contrast accessories for that WoW look your after.
Chandeliers are the crowning jewel of your room. These Hollywood Regency style chandeliers are deserving of taking center stage with their striking detail. Determine your room's size and opt for the largest chandelier your space can afford. Think larger than life with Hollywood Regency decor.

Hollywood Regency Extras: Finishing Off Your Space

Rugs: Hollywood Regency's Red Carpet

Uber-Cheap Hollywood Regency Style Silver/Black Area Rug
Look at a rug's pattern, color, sheen, pile and collective style before you give the final nod of approval. The ivory (available in silver, too) rug here has its own unique qualities but looks very fitting for any of the pieces above.

Develop a relationship between otherwise, unrelated pieces by mirroring simple patterns, hues and textures. Rugs can bring another piece's shared element clear across a long, awkward space if need be.

Coincidental 'Friends for Life': A Silver Rug and Likewise, a Dresser

Hollywood Regency Style Bedroom Furniture: Metal Dresser

Note the relationship between the silver area rug above and the unique lattice work on the drawer fronts and shared by the rug.
What a perfect match between 'strangers.'
This example of a metallic dresser epitomizes why amazing Hollywood Glam spaces take time and pursuing. It's the thrill of the hunt, per se!

Hollywood Regency Style Mirrored Bar Chest

Both gold and silver hues promise a great result when paired with the silver tufted sofa and--dare I say-- matching rug.
Don't forget to add several surprise elements like Asian pieces and wild yellows. Hollywood Gla is all about expecting the unexpected.
Fabulous, indeed.

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