London Themed Bedding & Room Decor

London Themed Bedroom Decor: London  3-pce. Bedding Set

I See London . . . Budget-Wise, London Themed Bedding Sets & Room Decor Ideas

London themed bedding, comforter sets and room decor like these bring an air of sophistication, tradition and beauty--known only to Great Britain's largest city--to your bedroom.

Busy streets, folks bustling about and steely skyscrapers amidst the fog, are all that's expected when visiting such a world-class city: London. One can almost smell decades' old kitchen aromas wafting about outside London's teeny cafes and sense the urgency of a thousand phone calls hastily dialed while huddled inside a fire engine red phone booth.
Don't you love the big city? I sure do.

So, it's no surprise that I enjoyed every moment perusing online sites for London-themed bedding sets, and room decor ideas, that together with a few of my decorating basics, can bring you the cohesive London-inspired bedroom space that's intimately your own. Scroll down and let's get started building the city of your dreams ~ literally. London, right here in your home.

Getting Started With Your Focal Point: the Bedding - London Themed Print Comforter & Duvet Sets

Big Ben Photo Booth London Bed in A Bag
Bedding & Your Focal Point: 
a Perfect Start to Your London 
Themed Room

Ideally your focal point includes fabulous bedding that features the London bedroom theme you love in a highly visual fashion, boastfully.
I like the of contrast these duvet and comforter sets have in the model rooms here, where the focal wall's paint color allows the bedding set to seemingly leap from its softer hue. It's this play in contrast that makes a space fabulous.
If you enjoy simplicity, the model room here is a fabulous idea for your London themed bedroom.


What's The Idea Behind Duvet Bedding?

 British UK Flag London Cityscape Twin/XL 3pcs Bedding Set 

If you're 'going' to London with your bedroom or any room, really, you may have to do as Londoners do: the duvet set. 

Don't let a duvet scare you away from your favorite bedding set. A budget-friendly filler is actually all you need and iis a great idea for your comfort if you tend to run hot or cold at night. You can buy lightweight fillers or go with the heavy ones come those harsh winters.

I included a cheap (price-wise) filler at the end of this post to give you an idea of  their weight and price.


Exploring Your Options for London Themed Bedding 

Comforter Sheet Set Love London on UK Flag 2 Pce ALL SIZES

                                                         A London-themed bedroom can be as simple as a stylish comforter and a hint of the city here and there or you might go for a more boastful palette with London cityscape wall art, or even a wall decal mural; the choice is yours.

Too, you can opt for non-descript bedding I'll talk about later.
But reversible bedding like this aptly-appointed London comforter set with its matching window panels, promises yet another spin on options with its dual-color grey or hot pink appeal. You'll have the choice of dramatically changing the face of your London-themed bedroom vibe by simply making up your bed.
That's pretty powerful stuff, indeed! Cool London Themed Bedding & Room Decor


Contrasts: Ideas for Your Biggest Success

London Theme Bedding Set All Sizes
There's no mistaking your intentions for a London-themed bedroom with this amazing duvet bedding set with its contrasting hues of black & white with a shock of red . 
Its bright hues bring in just the right amount energy and the telltale double-decker red bus betrays a total London themed vibe upon first sight of the bedding; that's quite a statement and a great focal piece without having to use much else.
I love the contrasting mix of old and new with the black and white vintage melded with fiery red. What a great balance of design that can best be complemented with like pieces of either black and white, red or both.

Borrowing Color from Your London Themed Bedding 

Choose a color from your bedding--no matter how trivial the little stroke of grey or teal, or whatever color you can muster from the bed set is. It's all in what you want to see and 'feel' from the space's ambiance. In any event, it's best to allow your theme to be introduced by way of a great London-inspired comforter set or other themed bedding.
You'll have the ideal start to an amazing space when beginning with a strong statement. It's all about you.
This London Comforter Set is available with bed sheets or without. I suggest using those uber-cheap window sheer panels--often for under $15 per 

OUCH! An Assault Via the Color Palette:

Color Overload: a Well-Intended Idea for London Theme Gone Wrong

While I love the London comforter set here, it's obvious the hot pink weighs this model room down--waaaAAY down.

If you insist on pink-aplenty go for several shades of pink and allow the bed to be among the very few shocks of hot pink hues in among your bedroom decor.  

Chelsea Reversible Comforter Set (Twin)


London Themed Bedding: Union Jack British Flag

It's true that London themed bedding can give your guests a fabulous first impression but as I mentioned above, a generic cityscape bedding set will do nicely when paired with this area rug sporting the highly visual focal piece.
I recommend you keep other, nearby pieces devoid of a similarly appointed decor piece; one flag is plenty to make such a loud statement and allow it he uninterrupted attention it deserves, including another London-inspired bedding collection.
Just remember: you'll get the WOW! you're after instantly without any help from neighboring pieces.

While not London themed per se, this bedding by Union Jack will work fabulously for a modern London themed room.

Don't you think so?

Resist the temptation to repeat strong designs like this one, as doing so will dilute your efforts and dampen the spirit of your room's London bedding, or other room decor. It's a bit like adding too much water to tea; each added spoonful makes for a weaker beverage.
Notice how the model rooms here, have little else going on and no repeated patterns, so your eye makes a beeline to the bedding. I'd say this is a very effective use of the bedding's value to the space and the London theme.

The British Flag and a Word of Caution

I'm lovin' the 'Look at me!' affect the flag of Great Britain has with these red, white and blue bedding sets betraying the London spirit fresh outta the gate.
For this very reason, it's best to leave these bed sets to bask in their own glory as the room's crowning jewel. It important to balance your highly-visual London pieces with plainer decor.

London Bedroom Room Decor Ideas (or any room you want, really) 

London Room Decor: London Theme Pillow Covers Set of 2

Pillows Add Warmth & Dimension to Your London Themed Room

Pillows are a great way to support your London theme will adding warmth and dimension to your bedroom space; it's a process called layering.
Layering isn't all about bedding, rather any pieces that add to your space's dimension and it's an important part of preventing your bedroom from having a flat, cold appearance. Add pieces you love, even if it takes awhile to put your london themed room together.

London Theme Accent (Throw) Pillow Cover
Accent Pillows are Art, Too
London-themed pieces like accent--or 'throw'--pillows and other bedding extras like London throws are a smart way to approach a London-inspired bedroom theme without investing in bedding sets.
A plain comforter like the one below, will look fabulous with a pillow like this one at right. It has the great, big-city energy vibe you're looking for. That's quite a lot of bang for its small size. Look for 'loud' London pillows to get your theme across.

Making Unrelated Pieces Work in Your London Space

City Skyline Bedding Set: Idea for London Theme Decor

Saving money on decor while achieving a designer look is always a welcome idea. And I'm forever on the prowl for great looking bedding like these city skyline sets. They rival those pricier, themed pieces and they're not so far removed from your theme. Plus, this bedding affords you the London look you're after with the addition of appropriate themed accessories like the accent pillows I've included, above.

Black and white non-descript city skyline bedding, is great, as you'll have many options and color schemes to choose from. Too, you can opt for a different world-class city should you want to 'move away' from London

But for now, by pairing up these cityscape comforter and duvet sets, you'll achieve quite the custom London theme for a lot less.

Who knew?

3 Panels London Themed Wall Art

Duvet Fillers: Bedding that Makes Sense

Duvet Filler for Your London Duvets Twin, Full, Queen, King

Here's a very popular and highly-rated duvet filler for warm weather or, if you're often plagued by 'running hot' while sleeping, the filler won't weigh heavy on you. 

This bedding filler is budget-friendly, too. A win-win!
What's your London decor fave?

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