Navy Blue and White Comforter and Bedding Sets

Navy blue and white bedding sets like these cast so many impressions upon a space--from simple to sophisticated. So, it stands to reason you'll create a  bedroom that's truly unique, truly your own.

Fresh & Crisp: Navy Blue                                                                                 and White Bedding Sets

Navy Blue and White Bedding: 8-Pc Navy & White Comforter Set
Navy blue and white is such a versatile bedroom color scheme it's no surprise that bedding sets like these will renew your space--tenfold-- giving it that fresh and crisp appeal you've long been pining for.
Navy blue and white is one color duo you can work easily into whatever decor you aim for, be it classical or the more bold, modern palette befitting an upscale, urban loft vibe. How's that for being descriptive? It's this versatility that might leave you overwhelmed with its many options, styles and designs when it comes down to the wire with your final decision.
Not to worry, I'll show you several options and genres of navy blue and white comforters and other bedding sets along with ideas for each to create that fabulous retreat you'll love coming home to.
Let's get started!

Introducing Your Navy and White Theme: The Focal Point

Navy Blue and White Bedding: 5-Pc Embroidered Navy and White Quilt Set

Bold Navy Backing with White Accents: Great Focal Piece
Ideally, getting started with your bedroom's new navy blue and white decor scheme is best begun with highly-visual bedding sets like this comforter set, here. You want your bedding to stand out from the wall, introduce your color palette and be the welcoming asset it's meant to be.
Since your bed is most often a bedroom's biggest contributor, it makes sense to go as big and bold as your budget allows. Mind you, bigger and bolder doesn't mean you'll need to spend a small fortune for luxury bedding but it does pay to go full-on with comforters and other bedding ensembles for that stand-out look you'll love.
The bedding I talk about throughout this page, boast the navy blue and white you've been pining for with their 'look at me!' charisma. They'll fulfill all the requirements as your space's successful focal piece while remaining budget-conscious. There's a bed set for every budget but I tend to stay reasonable when I decorate.

Your Style: Navy and White Takes On Many Facades

Warm and Fuzzy or Fresh and Crisp?

Navy Blue & Your Spaces Lighting

Navy Blue and White Bedding: 3-Pc Lattice Navy and White Bed Se

Navy blue and white can take on a host of personalities. We can create a space that's baseball themed, nautical, SoHo and on and on.
Along with budget and style, your bedroom's lighting will greatly influence your space's overall ambiance. Bedding that's predominantly navy blue will need plenty of natural daylight with lamps and task lighting come nightfall for a soothing ambiance.
A bedroom that's dark with ominous-looking shadows isn't the warm and fuzzy vibe your space needs. Consider your preference for a space's voice. This navy and white comforter set can be fresh and bright when paired with white sheer panels and maybe a white shag rug.
Conversely, for a warm bedroom, keep to more blue than white with accessories but be careful to not go overboard, lest you have a creepy dungeon affect. Not at all cozy.

White and Navy Blue Bedding: Navy and White Stripe by Ralph Lauren

Linear Design: A Versatile Element with Striped Navy and White Bedding

I love how this bedding has layer upon layer of lushness (is that a word?). The whole arrangement appears carefully chosen and well done. It's this mix of navy blue and white pillows of different textures that's very appealing.
To achieve the layered look, consider adding other shapes like round wall art and/or night stands to give the room a cohesive, pulled-together result.
The bedding here (at right) allows for any number of options for accessories--be they navy blue or white. Add a busy print accent pillow or two for added depth and interest or a fun-patterned upholstered side chair paired with a navy blue or white throw pillow for a layered effect. Whatever you decide, these bed sets can support a variety

Navy Blue and White Bedding: 7-Pc Navy and White Stripe Comforter Set

Creating Light in Your Space

Bedding with White Backgrounds to Reflect Light

White and Navy Blue Bedding: 7Pc White and Navy Comforter Set

Low Light and Your Bedding: Remedy for Dark Spaces

Foreboding shadows from little to no natural light can result in a creepy look, one you don't want for a tranquil ambiance.
If your bedroom suffers from 'low-light syndrome' it's best to have bedding sets like these where white is dominant to their navy attributes. White is a great reflector of light and will brighten the drabbest of spaces.
If you want more blue, add several navy accent pillows or perhaps a nice navy blue flokati rug. If you're still not quite 'there' in brightening your space, bathe walls in crisp white and consider adding ample lighting t every level: above, below and eye level.
You can't have too many light sources, as you can use as much as your natural light commands.
Either white and navy blue comforter set shown here is ideal for bringing in a burst of light.

Navy Blue and White Bedding: 7-Pc Navy and White Bed Set
Balancing Color in your Bedroom Space
Here's a great illustration of a well-balanced focal point where navy blue and white are working with each other. The two hues contrast nicely and are highly visual without being 'loud.'
Despite the navy blue being dominant, the white really brightens the bedding overall. If you've a bedroom lacking in natural light, you can still use this set without dampening the spirit of your space.
Do keep your other decor pieces in check and balanced, being careful with navy pieces. What a fabulous example of light and dark.

Navy Blue and White Bedding: Navy and White w/ Yellow Comforter Set

Adding extra Color to Your Navy Blue and White Bedding
Introducing an 'auxiliary' color like this navy blue, white and yellow comforter set, here opens up more decorating possibilities. Pull from that extra color and paint one or all walls in the extra hue for a dramatic, supporting effect.
Too, you'll realize more options for accessories' color and wall art by going for the extra color in your decor palette. Since layering is a must for creating a warm and welcoming effect, having several colors to decorate with is far less confining.
You can also realize another color by subtly introducing a sheet set, where just a peek of this extra hue need show. Little unexpected bursts of color keeps the space enlivened without having that fully-charged appearance--not good for a relaxing retreat.
Just a little color can produce big results.

Keeping Strong Patterns and Design in Check

White and Navy Blue Bedding: Navy and White Comforter Set

Busy patterns, bold prints and dramatic shades of color are vital to a successful focal point but be careful lest--like weeds-- those busy prints can take over your decor faster than an overzealous kudzu vine.
Stop the insanity and corral those busy prints by keeping to one major player--your bedding.
Keep any supporting pieces at a minimum in the busy print department. With bedrooms, you want a nice retreat come day's end, not a dizzying array of spots, dots and lines.
Since our eyes are trained to absorb a total picture, having lots going on in your space can result in a cluttered and stressful ambiance. Allow your bedding to take center stage and your accessories to serve as the supporting 'actors.'

Either of these navy blue and white comforter sets have that promise to ground your space in a big way without 'help' from like-minded accessories.

Using Accessories in Your Feminine Space: Solutions for Navy Blue and White

If you prefer softer navy and white decor, consider adding frilly throw pillows and a table lamp with feminine shade to get the look you're after.

4-Pc Navy Blue and White Comforter Set

Navy Blue & White: Not Just for Men
We often think of navy blue as being among the epitome of masculine hues but really, there's no limiting color to either gender as these navy and white bedding sets illustrate.
These Navy and white bed sets have feminine influence in their design and promise to be the fresh and crisp element you love.
Keep lighting and accessories on the feminine side. Use lamps with frilly shades or keep to a drum shade in crisp white for a five-star motel result.
If you want a total soft result, go with white furniture and use white picture frames to keep things airy. While I don't care for the brown accent table and headboard shown in a few of these model rooms, it is doable; just keep to things with white finishes where possible.
All in all, your bedroom is truly yours, so don't limit yourself with color--or not.

Going Modern with Navy Blue & White Bedding:Clean Lines and Less is More

Navy Blue and White Rugby Striped Comforter Bed Set

With modern design, you want to keep your decor highly visual but minimal appointed where possible. Simply put, no intricate detailing need apply. It's clean lines and purer hues.
Bedding with lots of layers, realistic subjects and complex design outside of geometrics aren't necessary and might spoil your efforts for modern vibe.
With lighting, opt for lamps with drum shades that are devoid of trim and choose solid colored, low pile rugs. The same goes for accent pillows; avoid tassels and fringe for a crisp, clean look.
While modern decor it's ironically one of the more sophisticated decor genres, it's the most simple in its design.
Think, 'less is more' and you will have succeeded with a fabulous,uncluttered modern space you'll love.

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