Peach Colored Comforters & Bedding Sets

7-Pce. Peach Colored Comforted and Bedding Set
Breezy & Welcoming Peach Bedding & Comforter Sets

These budget-wise peach colored comforter and bedding sets promise to bring a simple, yet seriously comfortable charm to your bedroom without a lot of drama (well, the bedding at least) while decorating.

I've included a host of peach colored tones and several decor genres I'm sure you're gonna love, along with ways you can make your bedroom space a spectacular work of art.

Getting Started with Your Peach-Colored Palette

Peach Colored Bedding: 3-Pc Solid Peach Ruffle Comforter Set

Defining Your Peach Shade

I love this solid peach colored comforter set with layers of ruffles. It's just the right tone of peach.

But if you search for the color 'peach' you'll likely see four or five shades. I chose this set for its 'true-blue' peach hue: pink with a hint of orange; salmon color, but not so red.

Hmmm . . . peach is a tricky color, indeed but I say, 'if you see and like a bedding set's shade, go for it.

3-Piece Solid Peach Ruffled Comforter & Pillow Sham Set from Under $20

Peach Colored Bedding: 7-Pce. Solid Peach Comforter Set

Peach for a Warm & Welcoming Bedroom Retreat

The comforter set here, with its ruched fabric creates quite a dramatic and dimensional statement. While only a slightly deeper tone, you can see the big difference between this peach color versus the bedding set above.

7-Piece Bedding Set Includes: Solid Peach Colored Comforter, 1 Bed Skirt, 2 Pillow Shams and 2 Accent/Throw Pillows

Peach Colored Bedding: Solid Peach Reversible Comforter
Fifty Shades of . . . er . . . Peach: fuzzy peach-colored comforter

Here's a fuzzy peach colored comforter that illustrates the hues muted, softer side. I can almost see the fuzz and smell the actual fruit. Can you?

Note how well the muted grey wall in this model bedroom, the white nightstands and clear hanging light fixture works for complete harmony, creating a serene space where nothing compete for attention. I love it!

Peach Colored Bedding: 3-Pce. Solid Peach Bedspread Set

Remember the Bedspread?

This textured, solid color peach bedspread may seem like a blast from the past, but this bedding set is ideal for beds without a footboard, whereas comforters won't give you complete coverage and often require a dust ruffle (aka bed skirt).

The embossed pattern make this bedspread a unique contribution to your bedroom's decor. A bit more orange, this set will uplift any darker bedroom space quite nicely.

1 Solid Colored Peach Bedspread and 2 Pillow Shams

Peach and White Bedding: Modern Lattice/Trellis Duvet Set

Going Peachy-Keen with Modern Geometric Bedding

We often think of peach colored bedding as being more on the conservative side, but this 3-piece peach and white duvet set is a great example of going modern with geometrics.

Pair the bedding with peach and/or white pillows or go the way of the model bedroom here and complement the set with themed pieces for added interest, depth and fun.

Peach Colored Bedding: 4 & 5 Pce. Peach Comforter Set

Peach Medley Comforter: a blend of complementary hues

I love this comforter set with its kaleidoscope of colors that go well with peach in a playful way.

Notice the wall art in this model room; both have a modern, geometric design you can easily recreate with simple markers from a discount or everything's one dollar type store. Opt for a wall color pulled from the bedding, and you'll have a designer look you love.

Peach Colorful Bedding Set: One Comforter, Two Pillow Shams and Two Accent/Throw Pillows

Peach Colored Bedding: 4-Pc. Peach & Seafoam Comforter Set

Peach Color and Then Some: Classic Bohemian Style Peach Comforter Set

While this totally opulent comforter set has a host of fresh-and-alive colors, the overall impression can be any hue you choose by way of adding window panels, wall color or accent pillows. Bringing out your preferred color is really that simple!

Bedding Set Includes: Peach & Seafoam Green Comforter, Two Pillow Shams & Bedskirt

Peach Colored Bedding: 10-Pc Comforter & Sheet Set Peach and White

Peach Colored Bed-in-a-Bag: comforter sets . . . and then some

This peach and white comforter set with grey accent trim includes everything you'll need to dress your bed:

Bedding Set: Modern Peach Colored Comforter, Pillow Shams, Two Accent/Throw Pillows and Sheet Set

Peach Bedding: Solid Colored Bed Sheet Set

Tones of Pink: a forgiving and fun color to decorate with

Any shade of pink can work for the harmonious result I mentioned earlier, and these peach colored sheet sets are ideal for all the bedding I've included.

I'm a penny pincher when it comes to sheets but with this budget-wise set, it's easy to have comfort and keep to your budget.

Which is your fave among these peach color bedding sets?

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