Peacock Themed & Peacock Colored Comforter and Bedding Sets

Fabulous Peacock Themed Bedroom Decor Ideas & Lovely Peacock-Print and Blue Colored Bedding

Peacock Themed Bedding: 16" Square Peacock Print Pillows 
Peacock themed comforters (and peacock blue bedding sets), wall art and other decor pieces like these are a great way to add an air of opulence to even the most banal of bedrooms.

Peacocks have an air of elegance all their own. It's no wonder that this majestic bird is a favorite among decorators with the peacock's striking colors in rich hues of emeralds and blue.
Bring the majesty of the peacock to your bedroom with lovely peacock themed bedding, peacock blue comforters, lighting and accessories.
Find out how to decorate with the tips I suggest here and make your peacock themed bedroom the enchanting retreat you've always dreamed of!
Scroll down for all the great selections of peacock themed bedroom finds I  . . . er . . . you'll love.

Peacock Bedding: Defining Your Theme

What's Your Style?

5 Piece Peacock Bed Set Twin Queen King
Using peacock bedding defines the theme of your bedroom quite strikingly. But not all pieces in your bedroom need be in the peacock image or the peacock print. 

Be sure to balance your peacock themed decor with nondescript bedding, (like a peacock blue comforter set) or vice versa.
I've included both bedding genres in this post--I love them both. The plainer, peacock blue bedding sets are very reasonably priced and will support your bedroom's peacock themed pieces without overwhelming the space.

$6.99 & FREE Shipping

$6.99 Peacock Pillow Cover   

$6.99 Peacock Pillow Cover   

Both Elements: Peacock Feathers in Peacock Color Blue

Peacock Feathers Themed/Print Bedding Set: Peacock Blue Colored

I love this bedding for its doubly-majestic peacock blue with a fabulous artistic rendition of the peacock's tail feathers--really the whole bird.
I can see this bed set in a warm, antique-ish bedroom space to shabby chic to a loft space. It's always great to have freedom when decorating in theme which can be so restrictive.
Loving the peacock blue feather pillows!

$7.59 Peacock Pillow Cover   
$12.98 Four Peacock Pillow Cover s  


Adding Light to Your Peacock Themed Bedroom Space

Peacock Theme Bedding: Peacock Color Tail Feathers

The fabulous peacock print design bedding set are prime candidates for creating that WOW! look you're after. Opt for a wall color that's a shade or two lighter of your darker bedding sets, or choose a darker shade for lighter colored bedding.
Adhering to this lighter/darker principle will avoid the mistake of your peacock-colored or print comforter getting "absorbed" by your bedroom walls. The amazing red peacock comforter featured above is a prime example of the walls swallowing up what should be an amazing focal point. Painting the opposite wall red would have been a better choice.

$6.99 Peacock Pillow Cover   

$6.99 Peacock Pillow Cover   


Peacock Theme Bedding: Peacock Tail Feather Bedding Set

Lighten & Brighten Your Peacock Bedroom: this peacock feather bedding set lends an impression of more ambient light in low-light spaces


Peacock Theme Bedding: 6-Pc Peacock Blue Comforter & Pillow Set
Peacock Theme Bedding: 6-Pc Peacock Blue Comforter & Pillow Set


Did I mention these peacock accessories are budget-friendly?


 Peacock Blue & Turquoise: Jewel Tones That Awe

Peacock Blue Colored Bedding Set: 3-Pc Comforter Set

Peacock Bedding for Well-Lighted Bedroom Spaces

As I mentioned above, your available light will dictate which bedding (light or dark) you should ultimately choose.
Here and below are a few great options of the darker peacock themed and peacock blue color bedding ilk that will do fabulously well as a major player in your larger or well lit bedroom. Be careful with dark hues and rooms where floor space is at a premium; you want your decor to 'breathe.'

7-Pc Peacock Feather Themed Blue Comforter/Bedding Set

Your Bedroom's Voice

Obviously, you have a certain subject in mind for your bedroom: the peacock. But as the bedding below illustrates, peacock design can be playful, realistic or artistically abstract.
The style you opt for with your bedding should be kept constant with your bedroom's decor, lest your result be a confusing mish-mash of imbalance--not at all what you intended, I'm sure.

Peacock Bedding for the Darkest of Spaces

Predominantly Bright

Peacock Themed Bedding: Light Colored Peacock Print

There's only two words that best describe this peacock theme bedding with its vibrant, jewel-like hes on a white fabric 'canvas' of sorts: "Oh, Wow"
As I mentioned earlier, you'll want your peacock themed bedding to be the stunning head-turner it's made to be.

The white background helps keep the focus on the one element--the peacock--as it should. True to its form, the peacock design here will certainly earn its keep.

Peacock Theme 3D Design Bedding: 4-Piece Set

Part Art Form Part Function:

Peacock 'Classical Art' Bedding

I've a penchant for modern decor and particularly modern art forms like abstracts and classical art pieces. This amazing peacock duvet set certainly lives up to the motto, 'Proud as a peacock.'
Having such large art forms makes easier work of accessorizing, as you might easily pair this duvet up with a simple white or bamboo floor vase. Since the bed will be you room's largest piece of art, go easier on your other fabric prints.
Isn't this peacock striking?

Balancing Fabulous with NonDescript Peacock Design

Balancing Your Peacock

Bedding & Window Panels

4-Pc Peacock Blue Colored Bedding Set: Peacock Feather Theme

I love the color balance and 'relationship' of the themed peacock bedding with nondescript solid-color window panels. It's always a smart idea to opt for this arrangement, especially if you've a window in close proximity to your bed.
Conversely, you can use a plain comforter and peacock design panels. Any balance is a good thing, just remember, 'less is more.'

Peacock and Plain: A Perfect Match

Peacock Colored Blue Comforter Bedding Set: Solid Peacock Blue

It's a good idea to use a balance of themed and neutral pieces I've mentioned above. This peacock-color blue coverlet set is a great example of the neutral piece. It lends a strong presence to your bedroom while allowing for so many other theme pieces like wall art, accent pillows and other accessories sporting the majestic bird.

I wouldn't recommend too many "birds" in one space, as it , will appear overpopulated by peacocks quite easily. Every themed piece is better balanced with several plain pieces. You don''t want your decor to be overrun where you one day wake up and suddenly the lovely peacock becomes "pesky critter."
Less is more!

Keep Your Peacock Wall Art, Art 

Peacock w/ Large Tail Feathers Wall Canvas Art in Peacock Blue
Large wall expanses are best dressed by big pieces of art. Large-scale paintings like this one on canvas don't require a frame and will make a better visual impression versus several small pieces of art.
You can opt for the latter but be careful as you don''t want a busy look in your bedroom. Too, I've noticed that rooms can appear unkempt much easier with all the goings on between the 'wall clutter' and even a few wayward socks! The floor and wall tend to reflect each other's arrangement, so floor clutter seems to meld into all those smaller frames on your wall.
Not at all the result you want for a peaceful abode.
Keep large wall areas as simple as possible and you'll have a much tidier effect.

Peacock Bedroom Decor: Peacock Wall Art on Canvas

Lovely Peacock Wall Art:keep your peacocks 'corralled' 

These peacock prints are printed-on-canvas art pieces that will fit in nicely with solid comforters and peacock printed throw pillows featured.
For a Successful Display: Remember to use the peacock motif sparingly with one themed piece being paired with two or three nondescript solid-colored decor pieces. Using too many major peacock pieces dilutes the effect of your bedroom's major decor contributions. Don't go overboard with the feathery finds, lest your space will take on a zoo-like atmosphere.
ideally, you want each peacock art form to stand out on its own as a unique piece --not compete for valuable wall space.

Peacock Themed Bedroom Decor: Peacock Wall Art Canvas

helpful decorating tip:

If you've an original peacock painting, favorite print or wall art you absolutely love and want to be the room's focal point rather than the bedding, choose a soothing color from the piece and paint your walls accordingly. Better yet, bring the art piece to any big box DIY hardware store and they'll computer match the color for you.

Layering with Peacock Accent Pillows

3D Peacock Themed Accent Throw Pillow with Tail Feathers
Layering may sound like a technical term designers often refer to in publications and decorating shows but it's really a simple process of adding related accent pieces like rugs, pillows, throws, etc.
Accent pieces like these unique, peacock throw pillows are a great way to add dimension and warmth to your space while supporting your theme. I'm loving these pillows by Marlo Lorenz. They have a three-dimensional artistic sculptural element and will certainly command attention in any room they grace. Truly one-of-a-kind pieces. Don't you agree?

Art at Every Angle: Peacock Glass Vase

Peacock Themed Bedroom Decor: Abstract Peacock Feather Design
Peacock themed accessories will work well with the bedding sets I've featured above. The peacock vases are an ideal match for the plainer bedding sets and the pillows here will pair up well with the canvas wall art of the same tones.
Remember to balance busy, peacock prints with plainer pieces for a cohesive look that's sure to be the restful retreat you've been working toward.

Great Decorating Tip

for the Challenged

Not everyone is a natural decorator but you can easily overcome this challenge. Leaf through catalogs and magazines or peruse websites looking for a room you love. Find similar sizes, shapes and colors of bedding, lighting and accessories ~often for much less~ and merely copy its placement. Success. And on a shoestring budget. Now, that's a Win~Win!

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