Pink Camo/Camouflage Comforters and Bedding for Girls & Teens

Girls' & Teens' Pink Camo Bedding: Buckmark Camo Comforter Set

Pink Camo Comforters, Bedding & Decor Ideas for Us Adventurous Girls

Decorating in pink camo in purely dynamic - it's where princess melds with a sprinkling of nature and going girly looks gridiron tough. Who knew such an adventure could exist in one's bedroom?

Indeed, pink camo has the power to transform a bedroom's energy from "yeah, right" to "All right!"
Pun aside, decorating your space in this trendy girls-only design begins with a bounty of bedding: crisp linens, pink camo comforters and duvets that catch the eye and seal the deal on its reputation for adding splendor, the outdoors and comfort to your every evening.

7 Piece Girls Pink Camo Full Comforter Set, Hunting Themed

By day, pink camo will bring a rosy glow to your bedroom retreat and it's the perfect ending to an action-packed day when properly appointed in a cohesive, well-designed camouflage package. Sound a bit tricky?
Not really.
I'll show you how to get from point A to B-E-D-R-O-O-M without much fuss, frustration and funds.
Capture your pink camo bedroom with bedding and decor added bit-by-bit and create the boudoir of your sweet dreams. Scroll down for everything pink-camo-bedding, along with my decorating tips for success.
Together, we can do this--right.

 In the Beginning: Creating Your Focal Point 

Pink Camo Bedding: 8-Pc Hot Pink Realtree Camo Comforter Set

8-Piece RealTree Pink Camo Comforter Set

I always recommend beginning with your bed as a focal point, as it's often the largest piece in the room and what's noticed upon entering the bedroom.

Ideally, your bedding should stand out from the wall color in contrast. Bathe walls in a lighter shade of pink if you're insistent on the color or go with a hue opposite the color wheel for best results.
Go as big as you can comfortable afford, as your bedding is your room's largest contributor, ushering in guests and identifying your theme.
Here's a great option in pink camo bedding for creating that ideal focal image you're after.
Start with the bed and the rest is easy.

Sizing Up Your Pink Camo Bedding

Pink Camo Bedding: 8-Pc Comforter & Sheet Set in RealTree Pink Camo
RealTree Pink Camouflage Bed-in-a-Bag Comforter & Sheet Complete Bedding Set

Be sure in your girl's zest for pink camo bedding finds that you're attentive to the comforter set's size.
Once, I'd seen so many styles of bedding, I forgot to look at the size and ordered a twin ~ not good. Here's the same comforter bed-in-a-bag set is available in twin the larger queen size.
Queen sized camo comforters and other bedding will often work for double beds, too; I've never had an instance where the queen size comforter or duvet didn't work.
You will run into a problem though, with a bedspread, so be sure and measure to be sure. It's best to go by your old comforter, duvet or bedspread to insure you get the best fit with your new pink camo bedding.

Mixing Elements in Your Girl's Bedroom Space

Add Pink Camo Pillows and Accessories

Pink & Brown Reversible 8-Pc Bed-in-a-Bag Comforter & Bed Sheets

Everything in your girl's pink camo bedroom need not be 'pink camo'.
Indeed, some of the most successful themes are a blend of different elements. This pink and brown bedding for girls is a perfect example of how you can achieve a perfect balance in your space. 
Use accessories like pink camo accent pillows, wall art and lighting to make your camouflage statement. 
I've some ideas about adding and mixing elements in your bedroom for creating a tranquil space you'll love.

About that Pesky Budget: Getting the Pink Camo Look for Less

Budget-Friendly Girls' Pink Camo Bedding Comforter Set
Pink Camo Mini Comforter Sets

Being the penny-pincher I am, I'm often extolling the perks of keeping to a budget. Yup. Really it's my fancy way of saying, "Be as cheap as your budget allows when decorating."
How can you enjoy your room when you've overpaid? I've done just that and obviously, I'm still not over it.

You can find the cheaper look-alike in just about anything home-related.

This pink camo bedding set -- ideal for girls and teens -- sports the same bold design for under $50. Here, you'll enjoy the looks and the extra savings. Trust me; it feels great.

Uber-Cheap Pink Camo Bedding: Mini Camo Comforter Set

Twin Size Pink Camo Realtree Mini Comforter Bedding Set for Girls, Tweens & Teens (and adventurous boys with a penchant for pink).

If you want the look, as I mentioned, a mini comforter set will do to get the pink camo theme on board without much fuss or funds.

A Woodsy Experience: Pink Camo You Can Sense

Woodsy Pink Camo Themed Bedding: Budget Pink Camo Comforter

Uber-Cheap Pink Camo Comforter with Solid Pink on Reverse Side: twin, full, queen, king & cal. king sizes

Great decor is one where you can recognize upon entering the room; it captivates and beckons us inside for more.
Yes, I know my words are a bit . . . er . . . much, but a space that includes everything near and dear to one's heart is quite the retreat. it's like having your own private getaway, a respite for what ails you, courtesy of the day's trials and tribulations.
There I go again.
This deep in the woods pink camo bedding says all that--and the some.
The bottom line is: if you love it, have at it.

Hot Pink Fuchsia Camo Bedding: Full or Queen Camo Comforter Set

Keeping your Pink Camo Pattern in Check

Isn't this girl's hot pink camo bedding set fun and alive? Well, if you're not careful this same bedding set can become quite dreadful. Like a bad romp through creepy woods. Not good.
But it happens. A lot.
The strong elements of the tree bark are what makes this camo design work but you don't want to use the matching window treatment in a small space ~ especially if your window is on the same wall. 
Those tranquil tree branches? Too many and those lovely branches will take on the appearance of annoying yard waste.
It's true.
Be careful on look-alike, busy patterns in smaller spaces like bedrooms. I've a few ideas further own for window treatments.

Pink Camo Bedding Set: Bed-in-a-Bag Camo Themed Comforter

The Many Shades of Pink Camo: The Light & Dark of It

Expounding on my words above, you can manipulate your space's available light, where lighter pink camo evokes a light and airy outdoor look, like a sunny day, whereas, the darker design like those bedding sets shown here betray a real woodsy look and feel.
Can you 'smell' the earthy, woodsy scent?
Obviously, you can't but the ambiance in your space will sure suggest you can with these darker girls' and teens' pink camo comforters.
Opt for whatever look and 'feel' you most embrace for the retreat that's truly you.

Pink Camo Duck Dynasty Themed girls' Comforter Bedding Set

Pink Bedding: But Is It Camo?

This spin on pink camo twin size bedding--courtesy of Duck Dynasty, betrays the show's duck design woven into its bedding and craftily so; it's almost abstract-art-on-a-mattress.
Who knew?
While not the camo pattern you may be accustomed to, you can certainly pair up the bedding with a classic pink camo design. Don't be afraid to try new things when decorating, as it's half the fun.

Hot Pink Camo Themed Bedding: Bed-in-a-Bag Comforter & Bed Sheets Set

Pink Camo Gone 'Un' Mild: Hot Pink for Older Girls' & Teens' Rooms

Younger girls, tweens and teens love the bolder hues of hot pink. While I'm of the 'older sect' I love the versatility of hot pink.

Mix up funky electric colors like lime and yellow or go with black accessories for a really cool camo look.
For little girls you might opt for the light pink camo design for a soft look that's sweet.
Here's a look at both extremes. Notice how the personality is vastly different. Go with your girl's personality and you'll be successful.

Pink Wall Art Poster for Camo Themed Bedroom 24" x 36"

Wall Art on the Cheap: Standard Size Pink Posters

I say this with my every (well, almost every)  decorating piece I write: when decorating for young people, go with standard sized posters (24" x 36"). You can buy those cheap poster frames of the same size for hardly any money with a weekly coupon from those big-box craft stores.
With these poster frames, you can easily pop in your girl's newest 'craze-phase' poster with not much ado ~ pop, place and hang.
These standard-size posters are sizable and look amazing when hung gallery-style (in a row). Another great way to hang your posters is in a fashion as though they're going around a corner.
Whatever you prefer, the standard size poster is a great way to save while adding a strong visual to your space.
While not a pink camo design, this pink Keep Calm poster will look awesome on your walls without overdoing the pink camo theme.

Girls' Pink Camo Themed Wall Art Hangings

Simple Additions for Big Results in Pink Camo Art
Pink Camo wall art needn't be complicated; ideally, it's best to keep it simple as the theme suggests. You might consider investing in a small cut of pink camo fabric that's less than a yard, cut enough to cover the inside of a poster frame. then place a fun design over the fabric.
You can forgo the frame's glass and glue an object directly on the camo fabric to create a 3D (relief) wall art piece your girl will love having made.
If crafting isn't your thing, go for wall hangings lime these simple pieces from the Sweet JoJo Designs pink camo collection.

Girls' Personalized Pink Camo Wall Decal for Girls' Rooms

Pink Camo Wall Art: Easy-to-Apply Wall Decals

Another great option for wall art is the decal: easy to apply, removable, re-positionable, reusable, washable and downright cheap. How's that for simple?
Wall decals are an ideal wall art option, as there's no shortage of colors, designs and genres. I recommend the larger pieces, where one decal can make a big impact versus several, cluttered-looking pictures of smaller design. Too many pictures on one wall looks cluttered--much too busy for a bedroom.
With art, less is more.

Window Treatment Ideas for Your Girl's Pink Camo Room: To Go Camo--or Not

Girls' Pink Camo Window Valance

Don't Get Lost in a Bevy of Pink Camo

These pink camo/camouflage window valances by Sweet JoJo Designs are a great way to support your camo theme without getting lost (no pun intended).
If your girl's bed is in close proximity to her window, it's a good idea to pair up this pink camo themed valance with sheer panels like shown in the model room, above.
Sheer window panels are super-cheap, too so you'll have the option to invest your savings in another area of your girl's bedroom space. Remember, not everything 'fabric' need be pink camo. Break up your themed pieces to keep your girl's pink camo space in balance.

Pink Window Sheer Panels: set of Two

No Camo? Uber-Cheap Pink Sheer Window Panels

As I mentioned above, sheer panels are a super-cheap way to keep your themes space from going into 'system overload' with pink camo galore.
These pink panels are just the right tone to pair with the camo valance above; this way the arrangement is easy in the eyes as they transition from one display to the next.
Plus, the price for two panels is awesome.

Pink Camo Bedding: Window Panels in Pink Camouflage

Window Panel Ideas for Your Girl's Pink Camo Room

Remember what I mentioned earlier about the lovely tree bark camo going awry? Don't let the pattern get the best of your senses; be as conservative as possible without being chintzy on design.

Window treatments can steal the show-stopping power of your bedding set.
I suggest using a nice pick camo valance with solid pink panels (like those shown here, sans the sash). Or just go plain all the way
If you've a large room or one with a window on the opposite wall, you can get by with going total camo with linens.

Here's a few ideas to dress your window for success ~ not mess.

Remember, start with your bed set and the rest is easy-peasy!

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