Rose Colored Bedding: Comforters, Sheet Sets & Pillows

Rose-colored bedding like these comforters, bedspreads, pillows and sheet sets, can bring the majesty of the rose, the impression of nature's beauty, and everything 'fresh' to your bedroom space.

Rose-Colored Bedding:                                                               But What's Your Rose Color?

Rose-Colored Bedding: From Under $40 Rose Ruffle Comforter Set
The rose is such a lovely flower and an amazing color that's quite a delicate shade of . . . pink?

Defining the rose color isn't such a delicate procedure when looking the shade up on the color wheel. Rose is such a subjective hue; it's as personal as the love behind the rose bouquet. 

Knowing that, I've included a host of rose-colored bedding in solids, patterns and the floral (rose) print. Most will betray the 'official' rose color: halfway between red and magenta. Let's get started! Comforter & 2 pillow shams.

Rose Colored Bedding: Twin, Full Queen King Quilt & Pillow Sham Set

Rose-Colored Quilt & Pillow Sham Set Under $35

I love the versatility solid colored bedding affords. With this rose-colored quilt and pillow sham set you have the freedom to bathe walls in any rose tint, or go with white walls as seen here in this model room, and allow your bedding to take center stage in your bedroom space.

Queen Size Solid Rose Color Quilt & Two Pillow Shams Bedding Set

Light-Colored Rose Comforter Set from Under $40

This lighter shade of rose is quite the contrast from the deeper shade bedding set above. And while the color is more reminiscent of the rose bouquet I mentioned earlier, this comforter set quite luxurious and feminine with its rusch detailing (the reverse side of the comforter is smooth, though).
4-piece set includes: Rose Comforter,                 Two pillow shams & One solid color                                                                                                throw pillow. Several sizes.

Rose-Colored Bedding: Fr $35 Solid Rose Comforter/Pillow Shams Set

The 'Real' Rose Color Exposed in a Reversible Comforter Set from $35

This bedding set features the artists' and decorators' rose color, but if you're not feeling the solid comforter, I've included more feminine bedding below.

Set includes: Rose-colored solid comforter and two pillow shams.

Rose-Colored Bedding: Tommy Hilfiger Rose Comforter & Pillow Sham Set
Floral Design; Rose Colored Comforter Set by Tommy Hilfiger

The rose floral design in this comforter set can be used in traditional to modern decor; it's all in the accessories and wall art you pair with the bedding.

Here, it's obviously a fun, modern space befitting tween to teen girls.

Set includes: rose/Ivory comforter & 2 pillow shams

Rose-Colored Bedding: 7-Pc. Floral Rose & Ivory Comforter/Pillow Set

Traditional 7-Piece Rose Floral Comforter & Throw Pillows Set

Rose-colored bedding with the flower as design looks quite simple and harkens back to the simpler times of quilts (though quilt making was a task in itself, I imagine). The soft rose-colored tone is less a contrast of the comforter above but the blocking grabs the eye just as well.

Delicate embroidered rose vine detailing is ideal for country and traditional bedroom decor.

Rose-Colored Quilt Bedspread: Quilt & Pillow Shams Rose Bed Set

Feminine Rose Floral Quilted Bedspread & Pillow Shams Set from Under $40

I love this quilted bedspread; it's a bit of both quilt and spread with scalloped rose print pillow shams. 

The addition of lavender florals will lend an accent color for expanding your decorating palette. 

This budget-friendly bed set is quite homey, warm and fresh-air alive, isn't it?

Rose-Colored Bedding by Laura Ashley: Rose Print Quilt & Pillow Shams

Laura Ashley Rose Colored Quilted Bedspread & Pillow Sham Set

Not only does this bedding set by Laura Ashley feature the rose color you're looking for, but you have the rose flower print on this quilt and pillow sham set, too.

Having seen the price of this bedding elsewhere, I did a double-take head turn at the under $100 price tag (I don't sell these myself; I'm the forever window shopper.

Rose Print Quilt & Two Pillow Shams

About Those Rose-Colored Bed Sheets

I hesitate to use the word 'pink' where rose is our chosen color, but since rose is, indeed a pink hue I wanted to touch on how easy the color is to decorate with. Pink is a color you can't overdo; you can layer pink on rose on rose on pink on . . . well . . . you get my idea. I've seen bedrooms done in monochrome pinks. Note how well the two shades of pink . . . er . . . rose look next to each other in the sheet set below.

Budget-wise Rose Colored Sheet Set: Twin, Full Queen & King

Rose-Colored Bed Sheets: 4-Piece Set Solid Rose

16" Round Throw/Toss Rose Colored Pillow: Dusty Rose Accent Pillow

Once Upon a Time: Rosy Pillow Talk

As my title implies, I wanted to talk about accent (aka toss or throw) pillows and how times have changed.

This fabulous rose 'pillow' is, indeed, a pillow where you can expect the fluffy stuff in the middle, also know as filler. All too often I've been ready to order a throw pillow and it prove to be only a pillow cover.

There's nothing wrong with pillow covers but if you're looking for the whole shebang, be sure that gotta-have is the pillow.

16-In. Set of 2 Rose-Colored Throw/Toss Pillow Covers

Set of Two Rose-Colored Pillow Covers Under $15

Had the price been higher on these pillow covers, I may have looked elsewhere, but for a set of two, my interest was sure piqued.

The texture of the taffeta roses helps add dimension to an otherwise flat bed setting, something every bedroom space needs.

This pillow depicts the dusty rose color but there are a few other hues closer to the 'real' rose you may be looking for.

Where's the Rose Color?

Blue Rose Square Bed Throw/Toss Pillow w/ Bird & Rose

You may be wondering what happened to the rose color we've been looking at?

I added this wedgwood English style blue rose pillow as a reminder that incorporating other color into your original palette adds to your space's richness, its allure. 

Create a believable space using the colors you need for warmth and relaxation in a space you can call truly your own.

Which is your fave among these rose-colored bedding sets and pillows?


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