Baby High Chair that Attaches to Table: A Neat Idea

3-in-1 Baby High Chair Attaches to Table, Chair and Booster

Baby chairs that attach to the table, like this large selection, are a cheap, portable and safe alternative to those clunky old high chairs from seemingly the Stone Age. Bring baby to the table--literally--and for far less than the outmoded, ginormous high chairs.

3-in-1 Baby High Chair Attaches to Table, Chair and Acts as a Booster Seat Later

See the baby's high chair attached to a table further down.

Portable Baby High Chair that Attaches to Table with Tray

A Look at the Best-Rated Baby Chairs that Attach to the Table  

It's time for celebrating! Not your lil' bundle; rather, I'm talking about these 'non-high chairs' that  are quite the portable gotta-have baby seat: they're amazing space-savers that attach to just about any table and you can take these chairs when visiting guests.

This portable, 360 Hook On portable 'high chair,' by Chicco swivels completely around (hence the chair's name) locks in 6 positions and it's very secure. Here's the blue high chair but other colors are available. The tray is removable and you can just throw it in the dishwasher. PLUS: you can fold it and toss the chair in its carry bag (included with the baby seat) and take this chair anywhere!

Baby portable folding high chair attaches to most tables

Chicco Hook~On Portable Baby High Chair

MY FAVE: Portable, Folds Flat, Sturdy, Cheap (in price only); Hook-On Portable High Chair

I love this baby high chair. There's so much I appreciate with this lightweight version of the one above, but this Chicco ultra-portable high chair will hook on most the tables at the malls and restaurants.

PLUS: It's uber-budget-friendly!

Here's the specs from Amazon (I noticed free shipping--a plus~plus) and two more pics (can you sense I love this hook-on high chair?)

Chicco Cady Hook-On/Table High Chair

Fold-Up Portable Easy-to-Carry Hook on Chair

  • Folds flat for storage & travel
  • Easily wipes clean nylon seat (my fave)
  • Weighs only 7 pounds (my other fave!)
  • Rubberized grips won't mark up the table or pinch fingers
  • Easily negotiates table skirting/overhang up to 5.5 inches
  • Weighs only 7 lbs (my other, other fave!)
  • Fabulous for the shopping mall food courts or restaurants 

This Cady baby high chair by Chicco is a fabulous chair for taking wherever you go. You can easily take it from kitchen table to car on a snap--how's that for being portable! I'm not one to use anything available to the public; I'm just afraid of the visions I get for hand-to-hand or babies' hand-to-mouth contamination [enter your own scary visual here].


Notice how flat the high chair seat is when folded. For small spaces and Grandma and Grandpa, Auntie, etc., you can store this portable jewel between the fridge and wall; then simply wipe the nylon seat down with a clean cloth. This baby high chair seat is among the best-rated with a 4.5  star review and for under $40 with  free shipping (just check the correct box t the link) I love this one!

Best Option for Long Term & Portable Home-and-Go Baby to Kid High Chair: Attaches to table and hooks to just about any secured surface

Baby to Kid Folding Portable High Chair Attaches to Table

I know I just mentioned the above baby high chair as being the best, but this highchair has three options:

  1. Baby Chair shown as baby seat/high chair that attaches to a table (this image has the high chair secured on the side of the bar counter)

Summer SecureSeat Chair & Hook-on Booster Baby High  Chair

Baby High Chair Attaches to Dining/Kitchen Chair

2. Here's the Baby High Chair attached to a smaller dining room or kitchen chair--isn't that great?! I'm thinking of all those Thanksgivings where we can easily sit baby down beside us and keep an eye on him . . .  or at a busy shopping mall where we'll have a clean tray, clean chair, and comfy, safe seat instead of a too-big seat with who-knows-what germs!

Baby High Chair as Kids' Booster Seat

3. Here's the baby high chair attached to a chair, but serving as a booster seat--neat, huh?!

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