Best Gift Ideas for Three-Year-Old Girls: A Gift Guide

Gift Ideas for Three-Year-Old Girls: Fisher-Price Doll House

The Busy Three-Year-Old Girl: Top Gift Ideas (with the best ratings)

These budget-friendly gift ideas for three-year-old girls will keep your favorite little girl busy while developing social skills, coordination and helping her reach those all-important milestones. No matter your budget, you'll find the best birthday present ever for your favorite 3-year-old girl.

Princess Castle Play Tent (Pink) - $22.99
Oh, that busy, busy three-year-old girl; moves from one toy to the next and back again. She may share--or not. One thing's for sure with little girls: they love toys, her toys and your toys.

No longer a baby, three-year-olds need a whole new world of everything. I've been there with my own three year olds. It's as though your baby went through a virtual revolving door and was deposited outside as a complicated being with a personality and vocabulary that was nonexistent just last month. 

Melissa & Doug Fold & Go Mini Dollhouse $39.29

And finding the best gift for birthday and Christmas for these little, yet complex 3-year-old girls is a conundrum; get it wrong and you've got a temper tantrum on your hands (think arched back and protest in high-pitched bravado), get it right and it's pure bliss--well . . . long enough to get in some good video and enjoy the afternoon into evening. Until bedtime.
I studied up on the milestones for three-year-old girls before I dared venture into toyland in creating this birthday present gift guide, and together with my own prior experience with toddlers I've come close to the best gift guide ever. I'm feeling rather confident, obviously. But I'm hoping you'll agree.
Scroll down to peruse several top-rated gift ideas for three-year-old girls you'll both love.

Best Gift Ideas for Pretend & Role Play

Princess Castle Tent Playhouse with Bonus LED Star Light $36.99

Three-year-old girls are really fun to buy toys and gifts for. At this age, they're beyond the hand-to-mouth, oral stage, so dolls with fun accessories are the best picks. Toddler girls have a good idea what most things are used for (like the blow dryer and scissors, here) and these extras are appreciated.

  • VTech Leapfrog Scoop & Learn Ice Cream Cart $29.82

Three-Year-Old Girls Have More Dexterity and Imagination to Go with It

I'm a big fan of playing-doctor dolls, as you can teach them the most basic of first aid. You'd be surprised how much a little three-year old girl can pick up from one play session; they're like little sponges!
Each of these dolls has a different feature, making it easier to choose what's best for your girl. If you're not big on battery-operated baby dolls, opt for the baby dolls here.


  • Corolle Mon Premier Bebe Bath Girl Doll $35.79

Fun Gift Idea for Your Little Girl's Answer to Bathtime Boredom

I'm loving this signature vanilla-scented water-loving BeBe baby doll by Corolle. It's perfect for the bathtub; just let her drip dry (the doll, not your three-year-old) after bath time.
This babydoll is the basic one, but there is another with swim gear, your little girl can take on and off.

Not Feelin' the Love of the Bath Time Baby Doll Gift?

Soft Body African American Realistic Girl Doll 22 Inch $64.98

This sweetly dressed babydoll is perfect for your three-year-old girl to cuddle, dress, then undress and over again.
Dolls by BeBe are designed and styled in France, and have lots of styles, skin tones and accessories.
Another total fab feature is the price; you'll have a quality, top-rated gift for a three-year-old girl (or boy  for the matter) to identify with and love!

Best-Rated Playset Gift Ideas for 3-Year-Old Girls

Imaginative Indoor Play

Little Tikes Super Chef Kitchen

It's only natural your 3-year-old wants to be just like mommy or daddy when they're playing. At this stage in development, little girls love to tell stories rich in imagination and they're forever asking questions.
I remember cooking and 'explaining' everything I did along the way from peeling potatoes to stirring the pot. My twins loved 'cooking' along side of me. It was a great way to keep them busy while I cooked and it was one of those 'together' moments I cherished.
Playsets allow little ones to learn by imitation, a valuable asset to have for their first real job as teens flipping or serving burgers. It's hard to imagine that far into the future now but trust me, the time does fly.
With the array of playsets available, you can get as elaborate as you'd like or space allows. Here's a few of the best rated gift ideas based on parental reviews

Top Toy Gift Ideas to Develop Three-Year-Old Girls' Imaginations

Best Rated Toy Kitchen Gift Idea for Three-Year-Old Girls

  • Stainless Steel, Granite, and Wood-like Design
  • 5 electronic features: microwave, over stovetop phone & light
  • 7 cupboards & drawers
  • Play Oven, refrigerator, and microwave 
  • 37 piece accessory set includes: dishes, phone, and basket

The Importance of Role Play:Three-Year-Old Girls Love Dollhouses for Pretend Play

Best Dollhouse Gift Idea for Three-Year-Old Girls: Loving Family

Three-year--old girls love to imitate everything they see; they're virtual tell-alls with repeating what they hear. I recall having no secrets with my twins.
Role playing is important enough for developing an imagination and 3-year-olds need to learn about those around them, too. There's no better way to teach toddlers empathy than to play out others' life situations. Three years old is a good age to play with your little girl, showing her how to pretend to be someone outside her home.
Here's some of the top-rated toys parents really appreciate their little girl having. I recommend them for their reasonable price, quality and value as a fun learning toy. You may want to play the first 'round' to prompt your three-year-old into a role. We had so many laughs playing 'pretend.'

Healthy Role Playing Figures Like Doc McStuffins: Give Your Three-Year-Old Girl Role Model Toys for Learning

Best Role Play Gift for Three-Year-Old Girl: Doc McStuffins

It's a good thing times have changed for little girls, especially where gender roles have broadened the scope enough so that toys like this Doc McStuffins Doctor's Bag are geared toward professional careers, influencing our three-year-old girls by planting, 'Yes, i can!' ideals.
Three-year-old girls love to play with one-on-one adults. Toys like this doctor kit are a great way to spend quality time with your little girl and you can both learn the instruments, their names, use and the mechanics of each.
What a far cry from toys of yesteryear!

Best Role Play Gift Idea for 3-Year-Old Girl: Doc McStuffins

Teach Your 3-Year-Old She Can Be Whomever She Aspires to Be!

Dress-Up Costumes Make Great Gifts for Three-Year-Old Girls

21-Piece Disney Princess Dress Up Costumes are Fabulous Gifts for 3-Year-Old Girls

While the Doc McStuffins toys are important for breaking away from more domestic, gender roles, it's a good idea to pretend and dream--just play. These Disney Princess dress up costumes can be the starter kit per se where you can build upon the basics.
If ever there was an excuse to dust off your cameras, it's now. Throw in your old jewelry, hats, funky socks and anything else that's a bit stale in your closet and pass them along to your little girl. Who know's; you may have the makings of a star.

Dora Explorer 4-Wheeler Ride-On Gift Idea for 3-Year-Old Girl

Teaching Three Year Old Girls Cause & Effect

I can say with confidence that ride-on are tops at keeping kids fully engaged.
Three-year-old girls love to push buttons to 'see what happens.' Ride-on toys are among the best gifts for their value in teaching the cause and effect, direction, safety and hand/eye coordination and most popularly: they're a lot of fun.
And they make good under-the-tree gifts at Christmas.
A good way to add to your three-year-old's fun while she learns the mechanics, is creating your own driving course using small traffic cones mostly used for skateboarding and the like. Have your girl weave along the course; she'll beam with pride over her accomplishments, learning while having fun.

Three-Year-Old Girls Love to Play with Others

Best Birthday Gift Idea for Three-Year-Old Girls: Disney Songs Castle

3-Year-Old Girls Love Musical Creative Play

Fisher-Price Little People Disney Princess Songs Palace

Three-year-old girls love musical toys at this stage of development. While this castle by Fisher-Price has limited musical functionality, it does teach cultural awareness in its engaging 'grand entrance' and dance floor music. Little girls learn without realizing, that music has meaning and purpose.
The Disney dolls are one piece and a good size that's resistant to a three-year-old's occasional rough-and-tumble action (think throwing). And they're programmed for the dance floor's music that's specific to the doll. The whistling tea kettle in the kitchen is really cute as is the 'elevator' and arched windows. Adorable, durable and reasonably priced, I'd say this fun toy makes a nice gift for a three-year-old girl.
With little girls developing in leaps and bounds, playsets like this one are perfect for learning to share and pretend with their peers. Listen in on a play session and you'll be so surprised what your little girl comes up with.

'There's a Gift in Every New Song' ~Wendy Hughes

Top-Rated Karaoke Toy by VTech; Perfect Gift to Improve Speech

Music Gifts are Best for 3-Year-Old Girls: Toy Karaoke Machine

Three-Year-Old Girls & the Gift of Music

Music is a social experience and at 3-years-old, toddler girls are chatty, full of fun and love singing and dancing. Music has been documented to promote so many facets of learning we really aren't aware of: taking turns, repetition, memory, social interaction and patterns to name a few.
This karaoke machine by VTech has number and letter songs and a sound effects voice changer to teach three-year-olds valuable early learning skills.
When my twins were newborns I always had a radio playing classical music and later, we graduated to a karaoke machine compliments of Grandma. I believe it wa the best gift ever for their third year (plus, we adult enjoyed it, too!).

Bath Toys & Books Make the Best Wind-Down Gifts for 3-Year-Old Girls

Best Bath Toy Gift for 3-Year-Old girls

When 3-year-olds know what to expect next, they're more receptive to nighttime agendas. Having twin toddlers, it was important to keep to a schedule. I did the same thing every night at the same time.
Bath toys are a great gift idea to start the evening's 'wind down.' These toys promise the best bath experience possible; your little girl will look forward to the whole process of bath to bed.
This Dora the Explorer and Boots bath toy comes with an inner tube, color-changing life vest and colorful figures with moveable parts. Your little girl will be one step closer to bed.

3-Year-Olds Love Storytime: Book Gifts

Books Make the Best Gifts for Three-Year-Old Girls
Books make great gifts; I still buy all my kids books for Christmas. It's a tradition I hope they pass on to their children one day. This cute set has two storybooks, magnets and play scenes where your girl can make up her own story lines. The case keeps everything together and ready for the road if you're heading out. It's a neat little gift that very reasonably priced.
I'm a firm believer that you can never have too many books. Since I was on strict schedule with my twins, book where part of our nap and bedtimes. I promised a book before each 'sleep-isode.' It helps my twins to realize what was expected of them next.

Encourage Your 3-Year-Old Girl Into Healthy Active Play

12-Inch Bike with Training Wheels and Steering for Parent

Encourage active outdoor play as often as the weather permits. Three-year-olds are oh-so-active and all that energy needs to be expended or you'll have trouble at nap and bedtime.
Don a pair of sneakers and take a nice long walk while your little girl rides her bike like the big girls do and you'll both benefit. Be sure the size bike you choose is the best fit for your toddler for safety's sake.
It's a good idea to keep a schedule for your three-year-old, as they come to know what's next on the agenda and they're more accepting to coming inside for the day and winding down for bed. My kids loved star stickers and we used them for everything they did correctly, including being safe. Who knew a little star had so much power in preventing tantrums and promoting harmony?

Best-Rated Educational Toy Gifts for Three-Year-Old Girls

Leap Frog Count & Draw: Learning Toy Gift for 3-year-Old Girls

At Three, little girls want to learn like the bigger kids do. Start with simpler toys to teach the basics like this LeapFrog Count & Draw where you can plug in your three-year-old's age to get appropriate activities like counting songs and simple number writing.
Little girl's will love the musical features and the availability of more fun, age-appropriate learning games you can download from the LeapFrog website. It's never too early to start with the basics.
As a mom, I can appreciate the attached stylus (pen), especially for travel and car play. There's nothing inviting about crouching in an awkward position as you poke around under car seats [enter your own scary visual, here]. Everything with this LeapFrog Count and Draw is in one tidy package and at-the-ready.

What's your favorite gift idea?

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