Large Floor/Foot Piano Keyboard Mat for Kids

Budget-wise large and giant floor piano keyboard mats for kids like these help develop children's love of music, learning and activity without having to commit valuable floor space: just roll up the keyboard and store after each music 'session.'

Getting in Touch With Music:                                                                                       Floor Mat & Roll Up Pianos

Electronic Giant Keyboard Floor Piano Mat for Kids

Children need music in their early developmental years, and providing this crucial avenue of learning is made easy with roll-up floor keyboard mats with real piano keys.
No doubt, music is an ideal way to get kids off to the best start in school and life in general. Children who aren't exposed to music in their earliest development miss a crucial opportunity to learn spatial skills.
Provide your child with the tools they'll need--made easy with these floor piano keyboard mats for kids from toddler to teen.
To learn more about how important music is for infants, toddlers and preschoolers, read the articles on kids and music presented at the bottom of this article.

Getting Started Early:                                                                                        Roll Up Floor Foot Pianos for Young Kids

Children's Floor/Foot Piano Keyboard: Mickey Mouse Piano Mat

Starting kids off on the right foot (pun intended) in music is as easy as engaging them in musical toys, like this floor 'foot' piano keyboard mat. I've read where even simple music pieces help children identify patterns and develop memory skills that will serve them well in their educational career. Adding colorful interactive toys to their bedroom's decor will serve to please the eye and ear. Here's a few suggestions I strongly deem as best bets for wee ones.

Toddler to preschool age kids can learn the basic notes of the piano keys while having fun and getting exercise--a Win-Win!
This Mickey Mouse Music Mat has eight pre-programmed tunes and its memory game helps young kids hone their skills. Music has such a positive influence on even the youngest children.
Floor (or foot) pianos like this Mickey Mouse keyboard model are a great way to combine exercise, fun and learning all in one fell swoop.

Floor Piano Mats Like This One are a Great Way to Get Kids to Exercise While Creating Music

Floor Pianos are a Fun Way to                                                                                                             Introduce Music to Young Children

Giant Floor Mat Piano Keyboard for Kids: Foot Piano

Here's a giant, albeit, starter floor piano keyboard mat that's ideal for indoor play and younger kids through tween age. There's few instruments (thus piano has eight instrument sounds) that are truly this portable where even the smallest of bedroom spaces can accommodate.
I'm a fan of any musical endeavor for children that can be shared by siblings and among young peer groups with different-aged kids.
I found this giant floor keyboard foot piano to be a great way to entertain kids of all ages, be it for overnight sleepovers, play dates and parties. All you need do is roll out the keyboard and let kids go composing with their feet. 

  • Extra Large/Giant-Sized Floor Mat                                                                                            Piano for One or More Kids                                                                                                                 Size: Approx. 8'L x 2'W

Giant Foot/Floor Mat Foot Piano/Keyboard for Kids

Floor Piano Keyboards Get Kids Moving

Older kids--especially school age--love to create music with their peers. We all can remember when we've dreamed of starting a band in the garage or basement.

Having electronics on hand in the home is a fabulous way to get kids engaged in something other than video games and computers. This super-long floor mat keyboard piano has multi-instruments so kids can 'band' together and enjoy a social outlet you can appreciate.

  • 8 different instrument keys
  • 10 pre-recorded melodies

The Masterful Giant Floor Piano By FAO Schwarz is an Easy-Read for All Ages

Giant FAO Schwarz Floor Mat Piano Keyboard for Kids & Up
I would have loved having the convenience of a roll up anything (other than that 'fruit' snack), where my kids could have taken to friends' houses when we visited. Compact toys are ideal where you're able to roll them up and go. Couple that with the value of musical instruments and I'd say you've one perfect toy.
I studied the cute videos of very young children and included a few here and you'll agree these floor piano keyboards and more masterful piano toys are uniquely valuable. 
FAO Schwarz has a reputation for quality toys, so you might opt for this multi-instrument floor piano keyboard.

  • FAO Schwarz Big Piano
  • Soft, 24-Key, Dance-on Piano
  • Play 10 Prerecorded Songs or Record and Playback Original Compositions in a Choice of 8 Instrument Sounds
  • 70" Long
  • Ages 3+

FAO Schwarz Foot 24-Key Floor Piano is a classic fave and the easy-to-read numbers help kids identify the 'right' piano keys as they create or play a specific tune. I've included a video further down you won't believe below.

Foot Piano & More Floor Play Mats:   Multi-Instrument Keyboard Mats

Large Foot Piano Keyboard Floor Mat for Children

Smaller versions of foot piano mats have so much more to offer in the way of versatility. Take it and go or use it on a tabletop--even hang the keyboard on the wall for hand play.

I notice this foot Piano mat has eight different instruments, too. By Winfun, there's quite a high parent/child satisfaction rating to boot.

  • 24 giant step-on piano keys
  • 8 different musical instrument sounds
  • Record, Stop, Playback 
  • For kids aged four years & up
  • Includes 3 AA batteries 
  • 6 Ft by 2 Ft

Foot Piano Floor Mats for Little Kids Multi-Instrument & Compact Piano Keyboards

Foam Puzzle Keyboard Piano Floor Mat for Kids

Kids' rooms are their little neck of the woods, so it makes sense to afford them the opportunity of creating music on smaller floor pianos like this one at left.
I'm all about a home's interior decor and having instruments fit their space, where they can fold it away is just plain smart. Small and easily stored--I'll take it.

  • 3 x 3 Foot Square
  • For Kids Ages 3 to 7
  • Foam Puzzle Pieces

Get Little Kids On the Path to Music Appreciation

Large Floor Piano: Roll Foot Keyboard for Children

Well, I was fooled with this foot/floor piano, as it looks very much from the simple fun toy keyboard ilk. But reviews have it that this piano has many features--and kids can even play back their musical masterpiece.

Not so simple after all!

  • Play, record, playback & demo modes
  • Volume control
  • 8 different instrument keys
  • 10 prerecorded melodies

The Dreamer in All of Us: Zippy Mat Music Style Touch-Sensitive Playmat Keyboard

Kids' & Teens' DJ Touch Keyboard Mat

Two of my boys went through the "DJ" rock music stage. I would have loved to present this cool play mat to either or both of them.
Although different from the floor/foot piano keyboards, here, this budget-friendly DJ-style playmat has the advantages of making music and experimenting with sounds and different beats.

  • Play, record, playback & demo modes
  • Volume control
  • 8 different instrument keys
  • 9 built in songs
  • 8 rhythm buttons

Roll-Up Keyboard Mats for Kids to Teens

Roll Up Electronic Keyboard Piano for Older Kids & Teens
Remember the garage band I referred to above? Here's a great solution to having an instant setup for on-the-spot music sessions.
Tweens and teens love impromptu gigs wherever they're with friends. These roll up keyboards have more complex, electronic features and sounds.
They're all slightly different, so you'll need to peruse each one's feature list to find your perfect piano.

  • 61 Thickened Keyboard Keys 
  • 128 Tones & Rhythms 
  • 30 Demo Songs 
  • Single Finger / Finger Chords 
  • 8 Drum Sets 
  • LCD Display 
  • Records your music
  • 12-15 hours on 4 AA Batteries (not included) AC Adapter 

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