Pale Pink Comforter & Bedding Sets: a Soft Place to Fall

Pale pink comforters, and bedding sets like these, promise to create a serene bedroom from a space needing a 'soft place to fall' into after a hectic day.

Soft Pink Bedding: 4-Pce. Ruched Light Pink Comforter Set

Oh, for the Love of Pink: Soft, Pale or Light Pink--what's your bedding shade?

As you may have noticed in my other bedding posts, pink is a fabulously-easy color to decorate with, as pink on pink on pink can be layered in monochrome fashion without looking insanely over-developed.

Plus, pink bedding of many shades from palest of pinks to darker tones work well as focal pieces in creating harmony and depth in your bedroom.

So, have at with the pinks!

Your New Pale Pink Bedding Set & Finding Wall Art on the Cheap (without looking it)

Light Pink Bedding: 4-Pce. Pink Soft Polka Dot Comforter Set

Soft Pink Polka Dot Bedding

I love this model bedroom. It's a great example of balance, tranquility and feminine soft pink melded with white polka dots for added fun.

If you're not decorating savvy, consider taking your cues from model spaces.

This light pink bedding will be easy to recreate with budget-friendly decor. Not artistic? Find cute cards with large graphics and cut out the design, then use frames painted in pale pink or other soft pink shade using craft paint--often on sale at craft stores.

Soft Pink Bedding: 4-Pc. Light Pink Bedspread with Ruffles

Extra Girly: soft pinks with ruffles bedding

For beds without a footboard, bedspreads like this soft pink quilted set are a great option for bedding. Add ruffles and a host of flowers, and you've an uber-feminine bedroom.

I love how the white end tables and accessories pair well with this soft pink bedding, don't you?

Pale Pink Bedding & White Walls: a godsend for dark bedrooms

Soft Pink Bedding: 4-Pce. Ruffled in Pale Pink Bedding Set

Pale Pink and White Bedding: add 'light' to dark bedroom spaces

Not all bedrooms are created equal when it comes to natural light, and it can be a real challenge keeping your space from being one with looming shadows and creepy corners.

White and pale pink bedding with ruffles and polka dots, like this total-feminine bed set has the power to 'add' light and banish creepy-dom in your bedroom.

White reflects what light is afforded in your bedroom. Like this model room, using white furniture boosts the brightness of an otherwise dark space with little or low light.

Getting Your Soft Pink Walls Looking Like the Pros

Soft Pink Bedding: White & Soft Pink Floral Comforter Set

Among the pale and soft pink bedding, this floral comforter set with ruched detail and ruffled hems is my  fave.

Note the unique wall paint design is enhanced with simple wood moulding. You can recreate the look in the same way or go budget-friendly using painters' tape to outline the stripes.

There's no limit to having a professional-looking focal wall. Find a pattern you love and use painting tape to 'draw' your pattern; fill in the middle of the tape with any hue of pink paint.

Soft Pink Bedding: 4-Pce. Comforter Set with Pale Pink Valance

Pale Pink Bedding with Matching Window Valance

I'm pretty leery of using matching curtains or similar window treatments as part of a bedding set, but this pale pink toile comforter set and its included valance is an exception.

Toile (pronounced 'twall') is a European design featuring characters--usually people--toiling about in fields or feasting.
For a boutique look in your soft pink palette, this bed set is an ideal choice.

Soft Pink Bed Sheet Set: soft hue; cozy soft

Pale Pink Bedding: 4-Pc. Soft Pink Sheet Set

It's not often I see Egyptian cotton sheet sets for the budget conscious, but this soft pink set has fabulous ratings, so I'm a believer. You can fold down your pale pink outer bedding to expose the sheet, building texture and dimension for a oh-so-cozy looking bed to retire at day's end.

Pale Pink Bedding: 2-Pc. Soft pink Floral Comforter Set

Budget-Friendly Pale Pink and White Floral Comforter from Under $25

This model bedroom is a great example of how well pale pink and a medium shade of pink work well to keep the space light and bright while offsetting the bedding from the wall area.

There are more than four shades of pink in this space but you would hardly notice, as they work well with each other.

Don't you think so?

What's your favorite soft pink bedding or comforter set?

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