Peacock Themed Bathroom Decor & Accessories

Peacock Themed Bathroom Decor: Peacock Feather Shower Curtain

The Majestic Peacock: Pure Opulence in the Bathroom

These budget-wise, peacock bathroom decor, accessories and peacock-themed shower curtains, and other themed pieces are a great way to create a majestic, relaxing space you'll love indulging in.

Appointing your boudoir with lovely peacock-themed bathroom decor and ideas like these will transfer your bathroom from from boring to BLING! with little fuss and less dent in your decorating budget.
Peacocks have a majestic quality to them. The hues and shimmer of the peacock's feathers leave the door wide open for a rich alluring .alette that promise to make decorating your new bathroom a much easier, enjoyable adventure.
Putting together a bathroom that's worthy of a second look and a few more minutes to sit and contemplate the new day's adventure needn't be a task best left to rocket scientists. With just a few key pieces, you'll be off to a great start ingratiating your bathroom with nature's most opulent bird: the peacock. And I'll show you how!
Scroll down to see all the opulent, peacock themed bathroom decor as well as several basic decorating ideas for a low-cost and perfectly balanced peacock theme in your bathroom!

Beginning Your Peacock Themed Bathroom: Defining a Focal Point

Peacock-Themed Bathroom Decor: Abstract Peacock Shower Curtain

Spa-Like, Artsy or Old World Peacocks:                               What's Your Bathroom Decor Style? 

Other than the obvious peacock theme, your best results are realized when you keep to one 'style of peacock.' I've included several genres of peacock themed shower curtains. The white-based shower curtain, above with its simple peacock feather arrangement will lend to a spa-like bathroom if you want a crisp, clean result.
Conversely, if you want a sophisticated, warm bathroom space, the old world peacock will serve you well in supporting a more-traditional ambiance, while the amazing abstract peacock shower curtains add to your vision of an artistic palette and betray your passion for art.
Much like a fabulous comforter in your bedroom, shower curtains introduce your bathroom's theme and serve you well as your space's first impression.
Start with an amazing focal piece and you're off to a great start.

Peacock Themed Bathroom Decor: DENY Peacock Shower Curtain

Peacock Shower Curtains: A Huge Work of Art

We often think of focal points as only being a part of large spaces but even small areas like bathrooms benefit from a show-stopping element. It's important to grab your guests' attention while ushering them into your space.
A peacock shower curtain definitely defines your bathroom's theme and makes for a striking focal point in your newly appointed space--they're like having an amazing mural. I love the DENY designer series peacock shower curtains shown here. No doubt, your penchant for peacocks will not go unnoticed with the rich hues these curtains boast. If you prefer a 'quieter' entrance, I suggest using a lovely plain, solid color peacock blue, or metallic fabric shower curtain instead of the bold styles here.
Be warned, though: It's easy to overdo a themed room--particularly a bathroom. But if you insist on a dramatic first impression, these shower curtains are perfect; just par down the peacock-themed accessories and be conservative with your paint choice. Use a pearlized paint in pale blue, metallic or white for best results.

Finding Inspiration in the Little Details

Peacock Themed Shower Curtain and Wall Art with Similar Imagery

Peacock Theme Bathroom Decor: Peacock Feather Shower Curtain

Smaller Themed Features Used Together = Big Results

Sometimes the seemingly subtle shapes, color and not-so-obvious design are fodder for creating a big impression. I know that's a mouthful but the images below best illustrate what I mean.
Notice the peacocks' arched necks and the tone in the shower curtain and wall art (below); the angle is a big part of their overall image. This is what I meant when I said ". . . not so obvious." But when you use these pieces side by side, the eye catches the similarity whether you realize it or not and the two little details combined make for a larger expression.
Always look for these small details in any design, picture or pattern and you'll have a more cohesive, pulled-together bathroom--really any space you decorate can benefit from this ideal.

Peacock Bathroom Decor: Peacock Wall Art Prints

Budget-Friendly Peacock Poster

Posters Help Save on Your Peacock Themed Bathroom Decor

I love the peacock prints on stretched canvas but if you refer to go budget-friendly, posters are an uber-cheap way to get the most for your money. You can opt for any style frame. For a crisp, modern look, choose simple-lined poster frames or for a more refined impression, consider an ornate frame for each. I'd recommend coordinating the wood finish of your vanity with the frame you choose (unless your vanity is white, then I'd opt for a natural oak or similar finish).
Remember, you don't always have to go for a straight line when hanging. Have a partner hold them in different arrangements so you can get an idea of the lighting and general look of the pair ~ together or separate. If you've a large wall make sure your artwork doesn't get "lost" in the wall's expanse.
When you settle on an arrangement you'll appreciate these gallery-worthy stunners.

Peacock Themed Bathroom Decor: Peacock Wall Hanging

Accessories for Your Themed Bathroom Decor - for Perfect Peacock Pomp

Peacock Theme Blue Bathroom Decor: Toilet Tissue Holder

You'll only need a few themed accessories for a perfectly appointed bathroom in peacock pomp (I made that up but peacocks deserve the added "fluff").

You may want to layer these smaller, embellished towels over top of a nondescript peacock blue or other color towel that shares a color from the smaller towel. It's always a good idea to pull colors from busy prints and pair them with solids for a cohesive look you'll love. 

Be careful and don't mix too many prints; the ensuing result will be very busy ~ almost cluttered ~ and not the serene retreat you're pining for. Aren't these pieces lovely?

Peacock Lamp with Peacock Blue Shade

Peacock Blue and Peacock True Form: a Perfect Peacock Lamp

I was excited to see this beautiful peacock lamp; its size is perfectly appointed for large bathroom vanities without being overwhelming or an alarming, unwelcome beacon.
There's just something about the lovely glow from a lamp versus an overhead fixture for creating ambiance in such an intimate space. If your vanity contains two sinks and you've a long counter top, consider placing the lamp in the middle of both. I've two on my own bathroom vanity, but I'm thinking seriously about this lovely lamp with the peacock blue shade. Isn't it exquisite?
Of course, you'll want to determine how much room you want for necessities or other accessories (remember, less is more). I don't keep my toiletries out on my counter, as I prefer perfume bottles, decorative soap dispensers or fingertip towels; it's the decorator/artist in me. I really don't think about the inconvenience of tucking things like toothpaste away, out of sight. These opulent lamps will make your bathroom shine in pure radiance.

Choosing Frame Color for Your Bathroom - Peacock Framed Wall Art 

Hand Embroidered Framed Peacock Wall Art

I was thrilled to see these framed peacock wall art pieces. Keeping to your budget when decorating can be one consideration we don't want to broach ~ especially when we find that 'gotta-have' piece. But speaking from experience, it's not fun trying to appreciate a nice print knowing you've paid too much for it.
There's almost always a look-alike out there; you'll just have to look a bit harder for it but you'll find that budget-worthy piece that's just right. I'm willing to venture, these exquisite peacock needle-points have it all: custom frame in your preferred finish, sophisticated detailing that will add that air of opulence you're after and ideal tones to lend an extra but of luxury to your bathroom. .
I'd say these lovely pieces will earn their keep.

                                                  Subtle Shower Curtains Empower

Silver Shower Curtains Work Well w/ Peacock Themes
                                                                                        Decide if you'll want your shower curtain to serve as your bathroom's focal point. If not, you may want to opt for the more non-descriptive design like this solid silver shower curtain with no print.
Plainer shower curtains will allow a beautiful vanity with mirror to take center stage without competition. This curtain's low profile allows you the freedom to choose more ornate accessories without going overboard on peacocks ~ we're working toward delicately-appointed peacocks, not dizzying, pesky critters in need of a corral!
Too, you might want to consider a peacock blue shower curtain, as it will entertain that beautiful, majestic color and all subsequent accessories will be somewhat enhanced as they'll pull color from the curtain, contributing to a cohesive, overall look you'll love.
Indeed, 'plain' can be a powerful and liberating choice when decorating.

Pearlized Metallic Blue Wall Paint:

Paint is the most dramatic change you can make to your room. It's certainly an instant gratification application. One wall of paint down, and you can imagine big things (at least that's what paint does for me ~ it inspires).
As I've mentioned, choose a color from your shower curtain or other key piece you love and want to showcase. With the peacock theme, the newer pearlescent paint finishes are amazing and oh~so~appropriate. I'm thinking the Ralph Lauren line that's available in big box hardware stores. You might want to embark on a faux finish for your bathroom, as it's generally one of your smaller rooms and can easily be changed out if it's not to your liking without too much sweat equity involved.
I suggest you hang a piece of cheap poster board that's closest to your existing (old) wall color. Hang the poster board on the bathroom wall using the light you plan to include in your new decor. Then use your paint technique and intended color for practice. This way, you have a good idea of how the paint will look with your new lighting.
Once applied (for real) you'll have had the benefit of practice, Don't be afraid to experiment; have faith and surprise yourself!

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