Rainbow Leopard and Zebra Print Comforter & Bedding Sets

This large collection of budget-wise, rainbow colored leopard, cheetah and zebra print comforter, sheets and related animal print bedding sets like these are fabulous for expressing our wild side and love for every color of the rainbow.

Leopard, Zebra & Cheetah                                                                   Rainbow Animal Print Bedding

Leopard Print Rainbow Bedding: 4-Pc. Street Revival Comforter Set
Cheetah and leopard print bedding and decorating ideas like these well-appointed rainbow pieces can transform your girl to teen's bedroom from flat to fab without much fuss--and funds.
Decorating doesn't have to be a conundrum of hit or miss. With a few key pieces and some decorating basics, you can actually enjoy the time you and your girl spend in appointing her bedroom in cool, rainbow colored cheetah, zebra or leopard animal prints she'll love.
 And I'll show you how to get there as dirt-cheap as possible!
From Under $40: 4-Piece Rainbow Leopard/Cheetah Print Comforter Set in Twin to King Size includes comforter, bedskirt, and two pillow shams.

Matching Rainbow Colored Leopard/Cheetah Print Sheet Set & Budget-Friendly Matching Curtain Panels

Street Revival Rainbow Color Leopard/Cheetah Sheet Set

From Under $20 Rainbow Leopard/Cheetah Print Sheet Set. Includes Full and Flat Sheets and One or Two Pillowcases. Sizes: Twin, Full & Queen

Rainbow Leopard Switch Cover

Note: I'll be doing something different by grouping matching comforters, sheet sets, window panels and other pieces as I go along. Not feeling the rainbow cheetah/leopard print here? Just keep scrolling; you'll find your fave! The rainbow Zebra Print Bedding follows the leopard/cheetah pieces.

Setting the Stage and Creating a Focal Point: Girly-Girl Rainbow Cheetah Print Bedding with Pink Accents

Rainbow Leopard/Cheetah Bedding: Comforter & Matching Sheet Set in Pink
Most often, beds are the largest piece in your girl's bedroom. And they make great focal points, sopping up all the attention from admirers with the first glance.
Rainbow is a great color palette for decorating. And pink is one of the few colors where one can layer different shades and still keep the color scheme in check. Varying shades of pink, on up to hot pinks won''t be overwhelming unlike other rainbow colors. 
Reversible Leopard/Cheetah Rainbow Comforter Set with Pink Sheet Set from Under $40 for BOTH! Twin, Full & Queen Sizes

The Layering Process: - Adding Interest in a Rainbow of Colors

Window Panel Set of 2 for Under $10
I know what you're thinking: These window panels aren't cheetah, zebra or leopard print--nor are they rainbow colored.
No, they're not. Decorating in a theme doesn't mean everything need be related with telltale spots or stripes. Expanding on what I mentioned earlier, it's best to balance your bedroom's decor for best results.
Layering means building upon your main piece ~ which would be the bed set in most bedrooms.
These low~priced (most--like these--are under $10 for the set) colorful, sheer window panels come in a ton of fun hues and will support the rainbow print cheetah/leopard or zebra bedding without overshadowing it. I suggest mixing several colors pulled from the rainbow bedding above. Hang several panels side~by~side in the same order as they are on the comforter. The eye will move away from the comforter, the room's focal point, on to the window without being overwhelming.
Remember, you want to be dazzled, not dizzy.

Same Rainbow Zebra Print Bedding for Far Less:

Rainbow Revival Zebra Print Bed-in-a-Bag Comforter & Sheet Set

Nothing gets my blood running like a good bargain. Often, your 'bargain' can be a small disaster in sacrifice if you're not careful.
So, I was happy to find this fabulous, top-rainbow zebra print bedding set. Be careful and look at the price, as I've seen this same brand bed set priced a lot higher than this one at left.
Be sure to take your natural light into consideration when deciding on just how dark you can go. You don't want a cave-like setting, so go lighter with your color in darker spaces.
If your bedroom is a bit dark, I suggest you go for the sheer window panels above. They let in plenty of light during the day.

Now, About Those Zebra Stripes & Leopard Spots: Dazzling, Not Dizzying

Rainbow Color Zebra Print Bedding: Comforter and Sheet Set
Themed bedrooms for kids and teens are fun and make easy work of decorating if you feel challenged in that department.
But it can also turn your bedroom into a cluttered, messy situation if you go overboard with cheetah and leopard spots and dots or zebra stripes. Not what you want for a peaceful retreat.
My advice is that you stick to a few key pieces when decorating. I much prefer using large elements in the rainbow leopard or zebra theme you love versus lots of spotted trinkets everywhere one looks. Lots of themed knick~knacks dilute the impact of the more expensive, quality pieces.
I recommend using the bed's comforter as your focal piece, aptly appointed in rainbow cheetah or leopard print. Bathe your walls in a color pulled from the comforter set (as shown in the model room on the left here). You'll have a strong base to begin the rest of your palette.
Less is more when decorating in animal prints and patterns.

Rainbow Zebra Print Bedding: Pink, Turquoise,Yellow Comforter Set

Find Your Main Color from the Host of Rainbow Hues

Turquoise Bed Sheet Set
Turquoise Area Rug Under $35
 Rainbow zebra and leopard print bedding sets hold an unending possibility where color and decor are concerned. Here's a turquoise palette that will look fabulous with either zebra or leopard/cheetah bed sets above. Go for hot pink, yellow, purple, teal--the sky's the limit!


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