Upholstered Chaise Lounges for Bedrooms

Upholstered Chaise Lounge for Bedrooms: Tan Chaise with Storage

Cozy Up on Your Bedroom's Upholstered Chaise Lounge

Lovely, upholstered chaise lounges for bedrooms like these--some with storage--don't have to be expensive to make a big impression in your space. And with a few helpful decorating tips, your bedroom space can go from flat to 'fab' in  no time.

There's nothing like cozying up to a fuzzy throw, fluffy pillow and a good book, but a bed might just put you to sleep faster than you can read page two of the latest thriller or romance.
Having a nicely-appointed, upholstered chaise lounge for your bedroom to curl up or stretch out on makes even that ho-hum book seem like a best seller.
Chaise lounges can be a bit tricky to place in your bedroom or they can be the saving grace to a long, quirky living area's decor. Fear not, as these great modern, tufted and traditional upholstered chaise lounges paired with the helpful decorating suggestions below will put your abode one step closer to the cover of House Beautiful (I said one step closer; you'll get there).
If space is at issue, chaise lounges with storage inside, may be just the WOW! factor you've been pining all too long for. A bedroom with an upholstered lounge chair, and you've a cozy retreat you're so deserving of.

Getting Started: finding a chaise lounge style for your bedroom

Upholstered Button Tufted Bedroom Chaise Lounge in Chocolate Brown

Modern, Traditional, Contemporary: What's Your Style Chaise Lounge? 

There's a lot to consider when perusing all the options for your bedroom's chaise lounge: size of the chair, size of the room, color, upholstery, style and then, the not so fun--price.
Don't feel because you've all the same color everywhere in your bedroom that you must keep to it with your chaise lounge. Try envisioning other upholstery fabrics and solids like the chocolate tufted velour chaise lounge here. Another way to go when searching for chaise options is to take note of model rooms' color schemes and related pieces like those shown throughout this page.
Often, when we see a furniture piece, it's really the total picture we're assessing, not just one item.
Determine the grand scheme of your bedroom, and you'll make easier work of finding your perfect chaise lounge.

Furnishing Smaller Bedroom Spaces:                                                                           Chaise Lounges with Storage to the Rescue

Tan Upholstered Chaise Lounger with Storage for Bedroom

For smaller bedrooms, use a chaise lounge with  storage in lieu of a chest. Place a neutral (tan, beige or taupe) area rug on the diagonal, just under the chaise; this will make your space appear larger. Hang a small chandelier as described above to free up valuable floor space. Voila! Your focal point will look amazing with only three key pieces.
If you want to really expand a very small space, hang a large mirror behind the chaise lounge to make your wall "disappear" and the area seem endless.

White Faux Leather Upholstered Chaise Lounge for Bedroom

Futon Chaise Lounge: a Bedroom 3-for-1

Decor, Seating and Extra Sleeping Arrangements
I love this futon chaise lounge! Who knew the backrest folds down for a nice sleeper come bedtime? The white upholstery and chrome legs will work in your contemporary or modern bedroom as a chaise by day and sleeper by night.

Total Fab!

Faux Leather Upholstered Futon Chaise Lounge for Bedrooms & Living Areasin White, Black or Grey 

from under $175 (free shipping)

Upholstered Chaise Lounges for Bedrooms in Many Colors

The Uber-Versatile Neutral Bedroom Chaise Lounge

These microfiber chaise lounges have diversity on their side and are ideal for floral to funky decor; so if you've that uber-loud bedroom set with no visually practical partner, here's your answer to awkwardness.
You may want to see the decorating ideas below for some great ways to incorporate your lounger into your narrowly-defined bedroom. Too, this chaise is available in host of versatile, fun to conservative hues.
Under $300 (& free shipping)

The Fan-tab-u-lous Chaise Lounge: and then, reality sets in . . . 

Leopard Print Upholstered Chaise Lounge for Bedrooms
"No, I do not own a truck."

It's pieces like this ama-ZING tufted, leopard print upholstered chaise lounge that can spice up any bedroom and leave one professing they've gotta have it or life's just not worth living . . . er . . . that's way over the top--and then some. But I'm just saying, we all have those moments: love at first sight.

And then reality hits.

"No, I do not own a truck," you might mumble. Then, there's the foot-stomping rumble.

Not fun.

Since I'm the decorating diva (I like to think so, anyway), ordering big and heavy furniture pieces can be a real back saver, time saver, money saver,  and friend-with-a-truck saver. The chaise lounges on this page are available with free shipping; just be sure you check the right box. Easy-peasy!

Contemporary/Modern Chaise Lounger for Bedroom Upholstered in Grey

For Narrower and Odd Bedroom Floor Spaces: the chaise lounge without armrests

This modern, sleek and narrow chaise lounge without arms affords a lot of comfort with the attractive and ergonomic design. The generous size (33" H X 61" L X 27" D) promises the stretch-out comfort you want without being imposing in narrower spaces.
This neutral, grey and other, available colors are ideal for most modern and contemporary decor palettes, allowing you to change your bedroom's design without sacrificing all your furniture in the midst of redecorating.
The coordinating accent pillow shown is included for an added bonus. You might want to use the pillow on a nearby furniture piece to tie the pieces together.

Chaise Lounges in Fun Colors for Fun Bedroom Spaces

Purple Upholstered Chaise Lounge for Bedrooms/Living Spaces

No, not that kind bedroom fun; I'm all about decor here. And fun colors like purple are just that--fun!

Breezy-looking chaise lounges are the more relaxed version of their more conservative cousin above. This chaise lounge is wrapped in soothing, velvety microsuede upholstery is stain resistant, while being eco-friendly to boot.
Plus, the wooden legs won't mar floors if you opt out of the area rug ideas I'll talk about below

Modern Contemporary Chaise Lounge for Bedroom Lime Green

A Breath of Fresh . . . clean lines and the color of nature

If you have natural grass furniture pieces in your bedroom, like wicker and rattan, this clean-looking lime-like green chaise lounge is an ideal addition to your efforts for a bright and airy space.

A natural rug underneath will look fabulous in your bedroom, keeping everything looking fresh-air lovely.

Cream Upholstered Tufted Chaise Lounge for All Bedrooms

A Bedroom Chaise Lounge for Every Decor Genre

For a polished, classic or even Hollywood Regency look, this tasteful, chaise lounge has tufted upholstery and can fit nicely in bedroom spaces from traditional to posh; just add the appropriate style of accessories and rugs.
I can see this tufted chaise taking the place of over-sized and those woefully overstuffed chairs in your bedroom or living area.
Chaises naturally command a second look and make ideal focal points, so be sure to place in a prominent corner (where you'll see it upon entering your bedroom).

Budget-Wise, Yes ~ But This Chaise Lounge is Rich with its Berry Upholstery

Upholstered Chaise Lounge for Bedrooms in Rich Berry

As mentioned earlier, area rugs make great stabilizers for chaises. They ground your space and warm things up. You can liken this pairing to completing an outfit, with layering adding to its depth and space while defining your bedroom's decor.
While the model room shown here is traditional, this budget~friendly chaise lounge has the eye~popping appeal for modern contemporary bedroom decor: a lot of bang for so little investment.

Red Contemporary Modern Chaise Lounge for Bedrooms

Lots of Decor Options: Oh-So-Versatile Red Chaise 

Brown Leather Chaise Lounge for Bedrooms with Pillow

My Fave: Budget-Friendly Brown Leather Chaise Lounge

This leather (yes, it's genuine) chaise lounge will work with most any bedroom genre. Its lines are smooth and unencumbering, allowing your wall art and any prized piece their chance in the limelight.

It's an absolute stunner and my favorite chaise for its beauty and did I mention it's quite budget-friendly at under $300?

What's your fave among these bedroom chaises?


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