Americana, Primitive, Rustic & Country Star Quilts and Bedding Sets ~ for Less

Rustic/Primitive Americana Country Star Square Bedding Set

Primitive & Rustic: Americana, Country Star Quilts and Bedding 

This large selection of budget-wise Americana quilts, along with fabulous country star bedding sets are the perfect start to your primitive or rustic red, white and blue patriotic bedroom theme.

This rustic, navy and khaki country star quilt with its blocked-star design is quite a value, as I've seen this very one for a lot more. It pays (you back) to look around when you find that gotta-have decor!

Star Patch Quilt

There's lots of matching pillows and other Americana pieces in rustic plaid and star blocking design you'll love.

Getting Started with Your Americana or Country Star Themed Bedding:                      

Primitive Plaid Patch Quilt

Your bedding is most likely your bedroom's biggest, decorative asset, so it's important to have 'just the right' Americana or country star themed quilt, comforter or bedspread.

I've included lots of different styles and genres, so hopefully you'll find the color palette you're looking for.

This three-piece quilt-like comforter set is both budget-friendly and can support your primitive or country decor bedroom plans.

Country Star Patch Style Pillow Cover

Primitive Country Star Accent Pillow Cover & Sham: Building Your Budget-Wise Focal Point

Pillows are a fabulous way to add layers to your decor, be it your bed, side chair, window seat or sofa; it's pillows to the rescue in spicing up otherwise flat, boring surfaces. 

Rustic/Primitive Country Star Pillow Sham

Be sure you're getting the right size pillow for whatever it is you want to dress up. I suggest you use an old pillow (or one from another room) as a prop to see if the size or shape fits. Oh, and many times you may find yourself looking at a pillow cover and not a pillow with stuffing inside. 

These primitive country star pillow covers/sham budget wise, as they're  well under what you might expect to pay for filled pillows. The quilt-style sham is one we  expect to empty but the 16-inch square country star pillow can be filled with an old pillow or you can get a filler pillow I include at the end of this selection ~ easy-peasy!

What's Your Rustic, Primitive or Americana Color Palette?

Americana Bedding: Rustic Country Star Quilt Set

Creating a Convincing Primitive or Rustic Theme in Your Country Bedroom Space

Firstly, I did NOT make this bed! Lordy!y     I'll never understand some model room images. Anyway, back to the country star quilt:

Your color palette will set the tone, the mood and is the next to biggest (behind your bed) contributing factor to setting the stage as rustic/primitive, Americana, country or whatever ambiance you're aiming for. The earthy hues in this model room betray a more primitive look and feel but don't be afraid to add a hint of color!

Americana-Themed with Red, White and Blue Bedding

I love this Americana county star quilt set, don't you?

Click Image: Quilt, Pillow Shams & Accent Pillow Covers 
With this country star bedding, you have the red, white and blue color palette (with navy and not a lighter blue), it's the peach hue that brings a country 'flavor' to the whole ensemble, softening the quilt's lines and lending a more rustic Americana spirit 

The white and blue country star accents catch the eye and hold it (especially on the lower part of the quilt) a bit longer--a perfect focal piece!

This rustic quilt bedding set includes: Country Star Americana Quilt, Two Pillow Shams and Two Accent/Throw Pillow Covers


Country Americana Squares 5-Piece Bedding Set

Fabulous Country Bedding Set--or Not?

This bedding set is indeed, fabulous, as you'll get several matching pieces other than the quilt!

But if you're not feeling the love of the bed skirt, you might want to opt for the quilt alone and pair it up with other mix and match bedding as you go along.

This bedding set includes:

  • Quilt 
  • 2 Standard Size Pillow Shams
  • Solid Black Queen Bedskirt
  • 1 16x16" Pillow Cover 


Rustic/Primitive Americana Country Star Patch Quilt Bedding

Country Stars in a Big Way: Keeping Your Patterns in Check

A Bit of Everything: Rustic Americana in Red, White and Blue, Country Star Patch in a Primitive-Themed Quilt

Patterns can be a great element in decor but too much of anything is . . . too much. I love this country star quilt for its early-Americana design and this bedding can can alone without the 'help' of more country stars--at least on the same wall as the quilt. Using too many country stars will only dilute the great design work in this quilt. 

Indeed, less is more!

Americana Country Bedding: 16" Pillow Cover

Primitive Country Quilt Rustic Bedding Set

Uber Budget-Friendly Rustic/Primitive Quilt Set

While this primitive style quilt is presented as a Southwestern bedding set, it's the decor around it that defines it. 

The up-close floral design inside the pattern is more reminiscent of the more primitive, rustic era you're after. Can you see the pillows above with this bed set? Envision this bedding among your period pieces and you'll have the space you've been pining for!

Bedding Set Includes: Rustic, Floral Pattern Quilt and Matching Pillow Shams

Going Primitive: Rustic Country Bedding On a Budget

Rustic/Primitive Bedding: Country Quilt and Pillow Sham Set

Over-sized Country Primitive/Rustic Style Floral Quilt Set Fits Like a Bedspread

If you love the warm and fuzzy feeling that country decor evokes, this generous quilt and pillow sham bedding set has the rustic, yet homey appeal you need.

While the size of the quilt is generous, the price tag isn't. A win~win!


True Country Rustic Quilt from Under $30

Rustic Primitive Country Bedding Quilt

                                                                                                                                                          I love the convincing design of this floral quilt coverlet. It's well-regarded among those who've used this bedding in their home decorating projects.

The budget-friendly price tag is super low and there's so much to love. I'm feeling the country air--are you?

Country Patchwork Primitive Design Pillow Sham

Country Rustic Pillow Sham: Mix  Match for a Primitive Statement in Your Bedroom Space


Americana What?

I bet you're wondering why I have this Americana-themed table runner included among all the bedding!

Click Image: Uber-Cheap Americana Place Mats Set of Two
 Well, the cheap-o DIY person I am always looks for ways to save on decor and table linens can work fabulously as pillow covers or appliques.

As it's becoming more the norm for throw 'pillows' to be pillow covers when looking for any style accent pillow, it's a good idea to make one's own pillow or pillow cover. Americana placemats can work as pillow appliques or star squares or whatever you want.

Doing things yourself can save you big time and you'll have a lot of fun doing it!

Who knew?

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