French Script Pillows, Comforters Sets & Themed Bedding

French Script Comforter Sets: Quilted Comforter w/ French Script Pillow Shams

Getting Started in Your Space with French Script Comforter Sets and Pillows

This large selection of French Script comforter sets, pillows and French-themed bedding, all featuring ornate, Old World style writing, and promise to bring the most romantic of languages--French--to your bedroom or favorite living space without too much fuss.

And I'll show you how.

It's Oh-La-La without the Oh-La-Ouch!

Twin, Queen & King Size French Script Comforter Set fr. Under $75

What's Your French Script Style?

I've included several styles of French Script comforters, bedding and pillows, all in the French theme genre but a variety of fun to fanciful fru-fru to suit your gotta-have style.

French Script Pillow: Throw Pillow with French Post Script

A Must-Know When Choosing Your French Script Pillow:

Be sure when looking for just the right French script pillow that it is indeed, a pillow. You may be looking at a pillow cover and not a plump pillow, ready to toss on your bed or that cozy chair. 

It's easy to forget about those pesky pillow covers, so I'll make sure those pieces I show on this post are clearly described. 

This pillow is indeed, a French Script Pillow with the stuffing inside: Measures: 18.5" L X 11.5" W X 5" D

Most Under $5 Pillow Insert

Getting Your Script Pillows Uber-Cheap

I'm getting a slow start here, I know. But I want to save you lots of money with your French Script pillows and themed decor and these cheap pillow inserts are a great way to indulge in those designer-look pillow covers. 

You can either get these pillow inserts from under $5 or you can launder an old throw pillow and stuff your new French Script pillow cover. 


What Great Decor Does to Our Senses

French Script Pillow Cover: Square Throw Pillow

Old World French Script Pillow Cover

Great decor puts us 'there.' Fabulous genre pieces like this pillow have the power to place you front-and-center of the action: you can almost smell vintage wine barrels or feel a hand-scripted letter from an old friend between your fingers, like with this French script pillow cover. It's quite budget-friendly and you can use this pillow design in a host of decor genres from Hollywood Regency, to antique to urban-loft modern.

16" Square French Script Pillow Cover from Under $5

Adding a French Script Piece Here and There Allows for a More Custom Result

French Script Comforter: Quilted Bedding in French Script Writing

French Script Comforters

This French script comforter looks a lot like the bedding I showed earlier with its style and tone, but it has a floral-themed design featuring delicate fern fronds and the telltale script writing.

The quilted comforter is quite budget-friendly and you can pair it up with several pillows from the collection.

I love, love, love the birdcage pillow! Don't you?

French Script Comforter Only

Adding Color to Your French Script Bedding and Pillows

French Script Pillow: Colorful French Rooster Pillow

We often think of black and white or off-white when it comes to writing, but this fabulous rooster  pillow cover is a prime example of how well warm hues work with French Script.

If you want a subdued ambiance to lull you into relaxing but want a hint or punch of color to give life to your bedroom or living space, colorful, French script pillows like this one are your answer.

Who knew?

18" Square French Script Rooster Pillow Cover


Expanding Your French Script Decor Genre


French Script Pillow Cover: Bird, Crown & Script/Writing

Adding Figures & Subjects to Your French Script Pillows and Bedding

Isn't this French script pillow cover lovely? While it's true we're after the script, there's no harm adding other subject matter like birds, florals and even crowns indigenous to France and Europe. 

These 'extras' give you more freedom with your decor: color, tone, subject and on and on . . . .
Just go for it and expand your decorating options.

18" Square French Script Pillow Cover

Traditional Design Meets Landmarks of Monumental Proportions

French Script Pillow Cover: Eiffel Tower & French Script

French Script Pillow Cover with Fleur~di~Lis & Eiffel Tower Design 

Paris and the Eiffel Tower will give your bedroom or favorite living area, a sense of belonging--a place beyond your four walls.

This French Script pillow cover brings your space into monumental proportions. Add an Eiffel Tower wire statue here and a fleur-dis-lis wall art piece there for a finished, convincing look you'll love. I sure do!

Under $6 French Script Pillow Cover  (several other designs available, too)


Finding Accessories for Your French Script Pillows & Decor

French Script Decor Eiffel Tower

Great themed pieces make for fabulous decor. Get inspiration from your French Script pillows and comforter sets for best results ever.

Pull even the smallest shape, hue, pattern, design and subject from your linens and you will have succeeded--I promise!

I love this metal Eiffel Tower statue: it has no color to battle against, adds to the European, French script you love and has just the right size to fit in anywhere. A better image is included at the link at right, where the statue is paired with a faux animal skin picture frame. Too bad for me I don't own right to the image but you can see it for yourself by following the link.

Under $5

Metal Eiffel Tower 7.5" Statue: Perfect for your French script pillow or comforter!


A Bit of Both: Pairing the Eiffel Tower with French Script 

French Script Comforter Set: Eiffel Tower Comforter & Sheet Set

4-Piece Eiffel Tower and French Script Down Comforter Set Includes: Comforter, Matching Flat & Fitted Sheets and Pillow Case

French Script Furniture: Hard to Resist

French Script Furniture: Upholstered Storage Chest

French Script Upholstered Storage Chest/Bench

This very budget-friendly upholstered chest features the French script detailing we love while affording extra storage, beauty in decor and providing extra seating.

The stout, wooden legs add to its vintage charm and the French script gives the impression of secret messages and promises of love.

Can you feel it?

Under $150 French Script Writing Storage Chest with free shipping (no truck needed!)

What's your fave among the French script pillows, comforter sets or furniture? 

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