Olive Green Bedding Sets: Green Serene on a Budget

Getting Started with Your Olive Green Bedding 

Olive green comforters, bedspreads and related bedding sets like these, deliver the natural beauty among Earth's most glorious of hues to your bedroom--without a lot of drama you don't need.

You'll find olive bedding in a host of different tones,  so I've included a good selection of comforters sets and quilts that will work with any amount of natural and added, ambient lighting.

This olive green comforter set is lightened, influenced by the bright, well-lighted space and white accessories. Had the space been darker, this bedding set would look more like the real olive.

Under $10 Olive Green Bedding: Green Stripe Sheet Set

Building Upon Your Green Palette: Olive Sheet Sets--or Not?

Matching bed sheets are always a nice complement to your olive green comforter or quilt set, but I like to go a shade or two lighter or darker depending on the bedding and available light. Using different shades of green adds depth and helps build you bed up from flat to fab!

Going Au naturel  in Your Bedroom with Olive and Brown Comforter Sets

I love natural elements for bedroom design and decor, as they lend an air of cleanliness and health--like good, clean air--to your space. 

Notice how well the even the small plant shown here in the model bedroom looks to contribute to a fresh-clean-living kind of space.

Consider live bamboo plants or poles to add a convincing ambiance that melds well with the olive green and brown bedding. 

My Fave for Quality and Value: Brown & Olive Green Comforter Set

While there's not a lot of olive green going on with this uber-budget-friendly comforter set but for the price, you have quite the detail of higher-priced bedding sets.

Notice the pleats and the button-tufted accent pillow that included with the comforter set. The bedding itself is comfortable, yet stiff enough to look crisp and neat.

I have this comforter set in blue and can vouch for its fabulousness!

Solid Olive and the Power of 'Plain'

We often think of solid colors as boring but really, this solid olive green comforter allows you to create whatever decor genre you want: country, traditional, contemporary, modern--you name it, solid colors can deliver!

Can you easily envision this solid comforter set in a boy's, girl's, tween's, teen's, us adult's . . . ? Seriously, this comforter will add years to your decor focal point (your bed). Simply change out pictures and accessories and your olive comforter is good to go.

Olive Green Bedding: 8-Pce.White & Olive Green Comforter Set

Bring Light to Dark Bedroom Spaces

Not all of us have windows galore in our bedroom. For spaces that have looming, creepy  shadows, you'll need a light 'n bright comforter set like this white and olive green bedding set.

The white walls really turn up the bright spirit of the space as well. Keep your low-light space free of clutter to keep the space clean-looking.

Olive Green Bedding: 8-Pce. White & Olive Comforter Set

Light Bright & Grounded: Olive Green, White and Brown Comforter Set

This white, brown and olive green comforter set has it all: fresh, clean lines, rich, earthy hues and sophisticated, embroidered detailing. 

I love how the window panels flank each side of the headboard, too. Don't have windows in your bedroom? Consider hanging panels on a decorative rod (from the ceiling), anyway! Hang a nice print in the middle, above your bed. Viola! 

Olive Green Bedding: 8-Pce. Brown & Olive Comforter Set

Adding Texture to Your Bedroom Space with Flocked Bedding

Flocking is a process where the fabric is pulled up and away from the comforter for a 'fuzzy' result that works to add texture to otherwise smooth bedding. 

This comforter will add warmth to your bedroom with the ornate design elements and rich brown and olive green hues. Add a velvety pillow to really plump up the warmth in your bedroom's space.

Olive Green Bedding: 7-Pce. Olive and Brown Comforter Set

Mixing & Matching Textures in Your Space: an important process

Using the same textures and finishes in one space will result in a boring space that's flat as the proverbial pancake.

The rich chocolate brown and olive green is enhanced with the button tufted pillow, and the table lampshade sheen. The two shades of brown seen on each lamp adds dimension for a well-balanced result you'll love.

Olive Green Bedding: 7-Pce. Black, Burgundy & Olive Comforter Set

Get the Green Out:Under $40 -Piece Comforter Set

This bedding set is described as black and gold but the gold in the comforter is more olive green than gold; don't you think so? 

You can pull out the olive green by adding olive accessories and/or painted surfaces. 
What's so remarkable about the comforter set is its fabulous design that literally (well maybe not literally) shouts luxury!

Yes, you read the price right: under $40 (at the time of my writing)!

Olive Green Bedding: 7-Pce. Luxury Black & Olive Comforter Set

Luxury Olive Green Bedding without the 'Green'

While not as low-priced as the comforter set above, this black and 'gold' bedding can be conformed to meet the olive green tones you've been pining for. Just add the greens in a rug, lampshade or elsewhere nearby and the gold will do a remarkable transformation to olive.

Olive Green Bedding: 5-Pce. Luxury Comforter Set

A Play on Color: Olive and Gold = Luxurious Bedding

Here's just one more bedding set that's quite luxurious but needs the gold tweaked a bit. You can just about see the olive green in the accent pillow and bed skirt.

Olive Green Bedding: White & Olive Comforter Set

Picking Up the Pieces: Bring Out Your Bedding's Elements

I don;t know what's going on with that flimsy rug in this model room but my guess is the designers just finished up on a bathroom shoot and thought the rug might work--not!

Seriously though, the comforter's embroidered floral can work in other pieces around your bedroom space. Take advantage of your bedding's patterns and any design work and mirror these elements in artwork, other fabric and furniture lines for a cohesive finish. 

Olive Green Bedding: 3-Pce. Olive Striped Quilt Set

Getting the 'Flat' Out ~  or Not

This is a total fab quilt set with its neat texture, neat stripes and neat mix of olive green and sky blue. Did I mention it's neat option for your bedding?

Well, my humor is a bit lacking but you can see and just about feel the quilt's texture upon first sight of the bed set. The headboard shown here adds a natural aspect to your space if you're looking for an aesthetic bedroom that's both comfy, bright and welcoming.

Olive Green Bedding: 8-Pce. Reversible Olive Comforter Set

Turning the Tables on Your Bedroom's Decor: Reversible Bedding

Uber-cheap, this reversible comforter set features wide striping in brown, ivory and olive green on one side and narrow stripes on the other.

For small bedroom spaces, I suggest using the wide striping. Large bedrooms do well with either side. Stripes can make a small room look cluttered if you;re not careful but having options is never a bad thing when decorating--unless you can't make up your mind. Hmmm-ing forever is not good.

Olive Green Bedding: Luxury Style Comforter S

Using Paint to Influence Your Bed Set's Olive Green Hue

Paint sets the whole ambiance of your room; it's the easiest way to get instant gratification and alter your bedding's true colors.

Notice the wall paint in this image. It plays off the gold striping on the bed skirt but retards the olive green stripes. I bet you didn't notice the olive striping until I pointed it out, did you?

Remember your wall color and how easy it is for you to manipulate it with nearby pieces. 

Don't be afraid to experiment with paint and get a space you love coming home to!

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