Pink and Grey Damask Crib Bedding Sets: A Boutique Nursery

This large selection of pink and grey damask crib bedding sets will transform baby's nursery from boring to boutique chic in an instant, and without draining your family's budget.

9-Piece Pink and Grey Damask Crib Bedding Nursery Set

Getting Started in Your Baby's Damask-Themed Nursery

Pink and gray are such amazing, complementary hues, that have the 'power' to create a soothing, rich nursery room that betrays a sophisticated vibe in your baby girl's first room--ever.

This large damask crib set has all the bedding all you need in your damask theme, and make a fabulous first-impression focal point.

Don't you love the pleated crib skirt?

Included with this nursery set:  (1) Damask Crib Comforter, (1) Bumper, (1) Fitted Crib Sheet, (1 )Skirt,
(2)Matching window Valances, (1) Diaper Stacker, (1) Toy Bag & (1)Throw Pillow

Pink and Gray Damask Crib Mobile: Baby's First Toy

Now, About That Damask Focal Point: Don't overdo the Damask Pattern

I mentioned how well pink and grey works together; add damask into the mix, and your baby girl's nursery takes on a sophisticated, boutique ambiance.

But as the model nursery above indicates, too much of this sameness is . . . well . . . too much. All the damask pieces dilute each other and not any one piece looks remarkable. It's like eating a giant bowl of lettuce and calling it 'salad.'

I suggest stopping at the 9-piece bedding set and perhaps, just adding this crib mobile for your matching pieces. 

Pink and Grey/Gray Damask Nursery Crib Bedding Set

Going Pink and Gray Damask Posh in Your Baby Girl's Nursery Space

I love the pink sandwiched between the larger damask pattern in the crib bedding, don't you?

You baby's crib will look fabulous and really steal admirers' eyes upon first sight of it.

It's nursery bedding like this luxury bedding set that can stand on its own amidst other supporting pieces to build upon you damask theme.

Pink and Grey Damask Crib Bedding/Nursery Crib Set

Adding Fabulous Accent Hues to Your Pink and Grey Damask Bedding

Adding accent color to your nursery's grey and pink palette is a fun way to add additional pieces like throw pillows for a rocker/glider or side chair, wall art and window panels. 

Paint picture frames in turquoise to go nicely with thus crib skirt. Add window panels in your accent color and top them with the damask valances included with this crib bedding set.

9-Piece Pink and Gray Damask Crib Bedding Set by Sweet JoJo designs includes:  (1)Crib Blanket, (1)Bumper, (1)Fitted Sheet, (1)Skirt, (2)Window Valances, (1)Diaper Stacker, (1)Toy Bag and (1)Throw Pill

Grey/Gray and White Damask Crib Sheet

Grey and White Damask Crib Sheet

If your crib bedding set doesn't have the color order you want for your overall look, consider adding a sheet like thus one, where you'll have the damask theme in the grey and white you want. 

Pink and Gray/Grey Damask Crib Bedding: Pink Ruffle

No, You're Not Seeing Double: Grey and Pink Crib Bedding with Pink Ruffle

Here's a similar version of the damask nursery bedding set I talked about earlier but thus crib set has a solid pink ruffle instead of the polka dot accent above.

The pink and grey damask crib set by Sofia is available in a host of different accents and color combinations so you can find just the right look for your baby girl's nursery.

Grey and Pink Crib Bedding: Add Damask Nursery Bedding

Getting the Designer Look for Less: Plain Pink and Grey Bedding with a Decorative or Damask Crib Sheet

Along with adding or mixing and matching plain or damask design bedding, you might want to follow the look of these designer nursery rooms.

This one has a nice chandelier over the crib [shudder] but while it looks fabulously posh, creating a designer space with the real-deal decor is quite pricey.

I've included an easier--and safer--solution to the chandelier o'er the crib below.

Pink and Gray/Grey Damask Crib Bedding: Chandelier Wall Decal

Life-Size Chandelier Wall Decal for Baby's Nursery

Don't confuse wall decals with your grandmother's wall paper! Wall decals are easy to apply, removable, reusable and come in a wide range of colors, shapes, sizes and themes.

And did I mention they're cheaper than cheap?

Pair this wall decal over (really behind) your crib on the focal wall. 

You can pick your own color and styles for an amazing grey and pink damask-themed nursery.

Designer Pink and Grey Damask Crib/Nursery Bedding by Stella

Piecing Pricey, Posh Pink and Grey Damask Crib Bedding 

As I've mentioned, you can recreate quite an impressionable nursery by piecing designer damask bedding with plain or budget-friendly crib bedding pieces.

This pink and grey damask pattern pleated nursery skirt and grey and white polka dot crib sheet will give your crib the smashing base it needs to support other, cheaper-priced bedding.

Light Pink and Grey/Gray Damask Crib Bedding Set

3-Piece Light Pink and Grey/Gray Damask Crib Bedding Set

Includes: Grey Damask and Pink Trim Pleated Crib Skirt, Pink Crib Sheet and Damask Pattern Crib Comforter

What's your favorite pink and grey damask crib set? Isn't that chandelier wall decal a fabulous idea; I love it!

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