Afforadable Sisal Rugs with Borders

Sisal Rugs with Borders: Natural Seagrass Rug with Tan Border

Natural Sisal Accent and Area Rugs with Borders

like these affordable, natural weave rugs are the perfect 'ground' to your decor palette. Sisal rugs have the clean, finished look your living or bedroom space needs while keeping all the chemicals used in outmoded rugs at the laboratory.

Sisal rugs are woven from natural fibers and are fabulous for all decor genres. These rugs work well to add life and light to your favorite space. The rugs I've included here in this post are woven from natural plant fibers, budget-friendly, beautiful and finished with a sturdy, yet decorative border: a perfect finish to your hard floor underneath.

  • Handcrafted Sisal Rug made by Artisan Rug Maker. 
  • All standard sizes including runner rug size. 
  • Woven from 100% Natural Seagrass
  •  Cotton Border & Safe, Non-slip, Latex Backing
  • Free Shipping (as of this writing)

Sisal Rug with Border: Natural Sisal Area Rug with Brown Border

What's the Difference Between Sisal Rugs and Other Natural Fiber Weaves?

Here's a natural sisal area rug with a brown border. Sisal is a natural plant product derived from a cactus plant, and valued for its durability. 

From a decorating viewpoint, 'sisal rugs' are often referred to as any natural plant weave crafted into a low-lying floor covering, like the sea grass area rug above and the sisal rug here at left. 

It's hard to see the difference between other, natural plant fibers and sisal rugs, isn't it?

  • 100% Natural Sisal Rug Eco/Earth-Friendly
  • Hand Crafted by Artisan Rug Maker, Inported
  • Rug in All Area Rug Sizes; Even Runner Size Rug
  • Brown Border with Non-Slip Latex Backing
  • Free Shipping (as of this writing)

Sisal Rugs with Borders: Adirondack Sisal Area Rug with Black Border

Are Sisal Rugs Soft?

Adirondack Sisal Rug with Black Border

This question gets asked a lot; so you're not alone. Sisal rugs aren't soft in the sense as high-pile, fluffy and shag rugs, but they have a smoothness to them and you can walk barefoot on them. So, not, not soft like fabric but yes, smooth-surfaced. 

This heavyweight sisal area rug, is available in a host of sizes from accent to runner and area rug sizes. 

It is a high-laying, heavy rug compared the the rugs above, so if you've any health concerns (where you might trip), or have toddlers, I would opt for the thinner weaves above. While I haven't seen this sisal rug in person, I imagine it's more the height of a door mat.

  • 100% Natural Sisal Weave
  • 100% cotton bindings
  • Mitered corners
  • Padded borders
  • Latex Non-Skid Backing

Sisal Rugs with Borders: Sisal Area Rug with Natural Border

Do Sisal Rugs Look Good With Carpeting Under It?

We're at a time when wall-to-wall carpeting is on the wane--especially in common living areas. New homes tend to have carpeting reserved to upstairs bedrooms only. Better yet, hardwoods and other natural or hard flooring like bamboo and even concrete are taking place of dusty shag and Berber carpeting.

It's not a good idea to place a sisal rug or any rug over top of carpeting; you just can't expect a good result.

This sisal rug with a natural-colored border will work as well as any carpeting to cushion hard floors and warm your space, as it's available in room sizes. If you want a carpet-y feel underfoot, get a pad for underneath your sisal rug. 

  • 100% Natural Sisal Rug, Earth Friendly
  • Hand Crafted by Artisan Rug Maker. Made in USA.
  • Wide Cotton Canvas Border, Non-Slip Latex Backing
  • Naturally Durable and Great for High Traffic Areas

Closeup Border of Sisal Rug
Here's a closeup of the rug's weave. Not all weaves among sisal rugs will look the same. You can clearly see the difference between weaves with this rug and the heavy, Adirondack sisal rug I showed earlier. Borders help to finish the weaves of each rug, while melding it with other fabrics in your space.

Sisal Rugs with Borders: 4' x 6' Sisal Area Rug with Black Border

Not All Sisal Rugs Are Natural

Like any rug, sisal  rugs can be a host of hues like this brown area rug with its contrasting, black border. 

You don't have to stick to a natural weave color if you prefer a grey sisal rug with a border of any hue if your decor calls for it. This sisal rug is available in several colors and sizes.

Like Sisal: Jute Rug with Woven Border

Not a Sisal Rug: Jute a Strong Weave for a Fabulous Rug

I love this jute rug with natural weave border. Jute is typically dyed and chances are, you've seen a host of designs, colors and borders of jute rugs, as India is the world's largest producer of Jute, and the country's products are colorful.

The jute area rug here has a natural weave border and bold red center but it's available in several high-energy hues to really pop in your favorite room.

For any space not needing formality, this jute area rug will fit the bill without costing you too much in one!

  • Natural
  • Durable
  • Very Affordable
  • Colorful


What's your sisal rug fave? What rug border do you need?


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