Best Gift Ideas for Six Month Old Baby Boys and Girls for 2020

Top Toy Gifts for Six Month Old Babies to Laugh and Learn By

Best Toy Learning Gift for Six Month Old: Laugh & Learn Puppy

These budget-wise toy gift ideas for 6-month-old girls and boys promise to engage baby's interest while learning important, fundamental skills.

Finding toys your 6-month-old baby can count on for fun, while mastering those never-ending milestones can seem downright overwhelming. Not to worry, though; I've selected fun toy gift ideas that proved beneficial in my boys' learning those important skill sets as defined by the CDC.
Scroll down to see several ideas for 2019's best toy gifts your 6-month-old baby boy or girl can learn and laugh by. I've paired each toy with a given milestone as I go along, making easier work of finding the best gift candidate for your baby.
Finding fun should be fun!

The Gift of Music: Best-Rated Musical Toy Gifts for 6-Month-Old Babies

It's always best to include a few gift ideas for the best in top-rated musical toys in your little one's inventory; they'll be one toy that doesn't frequent the toy box.

It makes good sense to provide daily exposure to music, as even simple beats can teach patterns and slightly more complex tunes help with memory and predictions - all attributes they'll need for math and cognitive thinking.


Under $20 Floor Piano and Musical Play Mats





Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Smart Stages Puppy

The Laugh & Learn Smart Stages Puppy introduces your Lil' Mr. or Miss Busy to a variety of learning basics from numbers, colors and the alphabet, to hand and feet body parts. The fun is set to motion by touch and begins with a light-up heart and music. And let's not forget the soft and cuddly puppy (also available in pink)! This fun toy will last beyond your six-month-old's first year. NOTE: Be sure to remove the plastic tab in back of the toy or you will only hear clips of songs in demo mode; it's a simple task and requires no tools. A fabulous, lasting first-learning toy gift that top-rate for well under $15!


Mom & Dad, a 6-Month Old's Favorite Playmates: Toy Gift Ideas to Introduce the Science of Play

Toy Gift Idea for 6-Month Old Baby Boys & Girls: Learning Workbench

That Magical Push Button

At six-months old, little learners most often prefer their parents when playing. There's no better time than now to take advantage of your super-star powers where you can show baby how things work. 

Don't expect a lot at this stage in development, as at six months babies are just figuring out how to sit independently and crawl. But it's still fun to be the prime focus of your Baby Bubbles' attention when playing.



     Fisher-Price Busy Learning Tool Bench

I enjoyed taking my six-month-olds' hands and showing them how to push the button while I reacted positively when lights and music sounded in response [enter your own maniacal visual here]. 
I would clap, dance and sing letting my boys know what a great job they'd done. Yes, I took full advantage of the fact my little guys had no clue that I lacked talent. Those days are short-lived, so you'll want to indulge fully like I did. Go ahead, they won't tell!
Toys like these mommy-daddy-baby styles are ideal for their long life. Your little one will learn to play with each feature making the toy all the more exciting as she masters each button, knob or lever. There's no better reward than seeing your baby master a skill and quality toys designed for learning are a Win-Win! 

My #1 Pick for Best Learning Toy for Six-Month-Old Baby Boys & Girls

Best Learning Toy Gift Idea for Six-Month Old Boys & Girls

While I love this Laugh & Learn Puppy & Friends Learning Table, any of the sit-to-stand activity center tables I've included are amazing toy gifts for six-month-olds. For the price (often under $40), you'll really get your money's worth. 
These activity tables have removable legs for creepers, and babies that can sit on their own and play. And come walking time, simply put the legs on for on-the-run-stop-and-play fun. 
All the activity tables have push-buttons, music, alphabet and/or numbers and a host of other enticing features that put these toys at the top of the list among best-rated gift ideas. Activity tables last for some time beyond the age of six months old. Here's several more ideas for activity tables--all under $40:

6-Month-Old Gift for Baby Boys & Girls: Activity Table by VTech

VTech Magic Star Activity Table: Great Gift for 6-Month-Old Baby Boys and Girls for Under $40

Activity Tables:Best Gift Idea for Six-Month-Old Baby Boy or Girl

Baby Einstein Discovering Music Activity Table

Going Social: Introducing Your 6-Month Old to Others - Top-Rated Toy for Sharing & Socializing

Best Gift Idea for 6-Moth-Old Baby to Learn Social Skills

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              Little Tikes Activity Garden Indoor Play Set for Babies & Toddlers

Little Tikes Activity Garden Playset for 6-Month-Old Baby Boy & Girls' Gift
Six-month-olds begin to recognize faces. At this stage, they'll know if you or their playmates are happy or sad. Setting play dates - especially if your little angel doesn't attend daycare - is a good idea for honing social skills.
Playsets like this one from Little Tikes has plenty for little ones from creeper to walker to do and learn by. Activities lower to the floor amuse 6-month-olds from a seated position or while on their bellies and with each later stage of development babies will find a new angle and activity to learn from; it's as though they've a new toy every few months.
I really appreciated 'two-for-one' toys that lasted a while, as babies seem to grow and learn with rapid-fire certainty. If you're like me and not too amused by toys that quickly lose favor a play set like this one will serve your little one well.

Little Miss or Mr. Can-Do: Sitting Today, Standing Tomorrow: Top Toys for the Active Six-Month Old

Top-Rated Sit-to-Stand Walker Toy 6-Month-Old Gift Idea
At six month's old, your baby may begin his or her first attempts at crawling with a back and forth motion and may even crawl backwards, first. Too, your little one might sit up without your lap for support. 
Don't worry if your baby is lacking a bit with some skills; all babies are different. My twins were varied on their abilities and it seemed what one had mastery in the other was lagging behind. Do take any concerns to your pediatrician if you're really worried.

VTech Sit-to-Stand Learning Walker: 6-Month Old Girls & Boys Can Six and Play

Best Under $20 Toy Gift for Six-Month-Old Baby Boy or Girl

Like the indoor playset I talked  about earlier, these sit-to-stand toys will last well beyond baby's first year. There's two modes of play with both toys shown here, from the lower portion on up to standing mode.

Under $20 Fisher-Price Musical Lion Walker

Top-Rated Jumper for Six-Month-Old Baby Gift by Little Einstein

Six-Months Old and Reaching for the Stars

Toys to Promote Hand/Eye Coordination

At six months old babies begin to wonder about everything and want to reach out for whatever has their attention.
This is an ideal time to offer your baby fun things to aim for in helping develop hand/eye coordination. Toys that hang from above are an ideal challenge, as they tend to swing a bit making more a game of grabbing hold.
I was always a fan of toys that could busy my boys while I was taking care of chores. Those baby walkers scared me, as I felt that at six and seven months old babies aren't old enough to navigate about the house safely; what a scary thought!
The best bouncers - like this Baby Einsteins jumper - have several activity 'centers' including a little piano-like toy that receives high marks. Music is always a plus with toys in early learning experiences and this jumper seems to have it all.

The Wee Reader: Books for Language Articulation - Setting Your 6-Month Old's Schedule

Best-Rated First Book for Six Month Old: VTech Rhyme & Discover

Books are always important in raising good students and you can never start too soon reading to your lil' angel. By the time babies turn 6 months old, they're beginning sound recognition and try their hand at articulation (making sounds distinct) especially "m," "b" and "ah, eh, and oh."
I remember making sounds while holding my babies' palm to my lips while I exaggerated common sounds and simple words like mama and papa. 
Now, I'm not sure how well my efforts paid off but I've a sneaking suspicion my boys' never-ending chatter had something to do with my methodology.


Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Storybook Rhymes Book

6-Month-Old Baby Gift: Laugh & Learn Storybook Rhymes

Books with sound are a great way to get babies' attention and serve as the best 'clock' ever.I used books as schedule markers with great success.
 I started very early with this technique where I would say, "After this book we take a bath. After this book, we go to bed." 
The boys looked forward to our reading engagements and appreciated knowing what was next. It's important for a parent's sanity to keep little ones on schedule. 
When kids know what to expect they're more accepting of the schedule. These books excite babies with words, animal noises and a host of other subjects' sounds you'll both enjoy.

Learning On a Budget - Best-Rated Toys for Six-Month Olds Under $20 (at time of this writing)

Counting Animals Book: Best Learning Gift for Six Month Old

While the best toy gifts can get quite pricey, it's easy to overspend come birthday and Christmas I was happy to find top-rated, quality toys that cost very little but have the learning features built in. Six-month-olds love to change hands while they're establishing comfort with their dominant hand.

Smaller toys like the phone allow a quick switcheroo while learning from its sounds and built-in lessons. Plush toys are a must-have for babies and toddlers. The cute dog has many custom features like downloading their name! For more active play the price-friendly, rolling toy will prompt baby into action every bit as much as the pricier toys, so you'll both appreciate either one.

Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Counting Animals Book

Fisher-Price Click 'n Learn Remote: Best-Rated Toy Gift Idea

Fisher-Price Click 'n Learn Remote

  • Engaging, push-button responses help baby understand cause and effect
  • Like a real remote control babies have fun with early role play
  • Baby become familiar numbers, opposites, colors, greetings and first words
  • Promote development of fine motor skills

Go Baby Go! Musical Ball for Six-Month-Old Boy or Girl Gift
Go Baby, Go! Musical Ball by Fisher-Price: a lesson in cause and effect

  • A cute monkey balances atop a colorful ball.
  • Baby bats at monkey as ball rolls along; monkey moves to balance
  • Baby is rewarded with one of 2 fun tunes and 3 fun sound effects, encouraging more active play

VTech Move and Crawl Baby Ball, Orange $14.99  

  • Musical toy comes with 40+ sing along songs, sound effects and fun phrases
  • 3 animal buttons teach babies animal's name and sounds; helps with baby music learning and recognition

The Hand-to-Mouth Munchkin: Top-Rated Toy Gift for Now--and Later

Fisher-Price Shapes & Sharing Picnic Basket Toy Gift

Toy Gift for Now and Beyond Six-Month-Old

You're all to familiar with the hand to mouth action your six-month-old can't resist amusing herself with. Toys that are safe for your baby to 'munch' on are important, as this is one habit that's going to be around awhile. Your baby should be able to put objects inside a container after watching you, although they may want see what it tastes like first.
While this cute picnic basket is the predictable girly pink and purple, it's okay for little boys, too. At their age, gender-specific toys don't mean much; boys will be just as happy to pick up the food items and place them in the basket as their girl peers.
Six-month-olds might do little else with this toy, they'll advance their play to include using the utensils properly, packing the lunch, and setting out a picnic spread. I loved toys that 'grew' with my boys and it's fun to see how elevated their play becomes with the same toy. You may have just as much fun with this one!


Sitting, Rolling & Crawling: Best Gift Idea to Promote Six-Month-Olds' Strength

Baby Einstein Roll & Explore Symphony Ball:6-Month-Old Toy Gift

Baby Einstein Roll & Explore Symphony Ball

With all the diversity six-month-olds can have when mastering those milestones, it's good to encourage play that includes coordination, cognitive skills and physical development while they're at it. Try to refrain from pushing your lil' mover too much, though.

I had three boys with vastly different skill levels at six months old. I wouldn't put too much weight on what friends' babies are doing; I've had my share of 'play-by-plays' from proud moms and dads. While all that boasting may seem discouraging if your baby hasn't mastered a skill, those brags are best left on the playground bench. Barring illness, your little one will 'perform' when he or she is ready.

Balls that babies can chase either on their bellies or crawl toward are best at helping get those muscles stronger for all that rough and tumble activity they'll be doing. This top-rated learning toy has tons of activities to keep you both amused!

The Gift of Music: Best-Rated Musical Toy Gifts for 6-Month-Old Babies

Best Musical Gift Idea for 6-Month Old Baby Einstein Discover & Play Piano

It's always best to include a few gift ideas for the best in top-rated musical toys in your little one's inventory; they'll be one toy that doesn't frequent the toy box.
I'm always lauding the praises of music's impact on the six-month-olds' earliest learning experience.

It makes good sense to provide daily exposure to music, as even simple beats can teach patterns and more complex tunes help with memory and predictions - all attributes they'll need for math and cognitive thinking.

Top-Rated Musical Gift: Baby Einstein Discover & Play Piano


In lieu of Pot & Pans 6-Month-Old Baby Boys & Girls' Box of Instruments Make the Best Gifts Ever

Shake, Rattle and Roll Music Discovery Set Best Musical Toy for 6-Month-Old

Boy, all those attributes are a lot to expect from a toy but music has been proven to be effective in teaching kids.
Here's a few toy ideas that provide music, learning and fun. With this selection of toys, your six-month-old will be the happy little professor he or she is!

Top-Rated Musical Gift: Shake, Rattle & Roll Music Discovery Set for Babies

I hope you found the best toy gift for your favorite six-month-old. I suggest buying toys that are safe for your baby boy or girl to grow into and not out of any time soon, and you'll realize a big 'return' on your investment. Best wishes!

I've included the top-rated six months toy and musical baby gifts for 2015, 


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