Bouncy, Bouncy, Bounce: Bouncing Balls with Handles for Kids & Adults

Unicorn Hopper Ball for Kids 6-9 Hippity Hop

Hippity Hops and Other Fun Hopping Ball with Handles

These hopping balls with handles make great bouncing toys for kids to adults. Sit and bounce balls promote exercise and release all that pent~up energy spent sitting in front of the TV and playing video games. 

Too, the balls are great for indoor and outdoor play, making Hippity Hops the best bouncing toy for everyday use, regardless of weather.

Today's Hippity Hops and other animal hopper balls (they have handles, too) have extended to other brands and new forms like my fave: Gymnics for adults and the wacky, but cute-as-ever Gymnics' Rody Horse, Mickey Mouse, and Space Balls Hoppers. 
Who knew how much exercise we get by sitting on these crazy bouncing . . . hopping . . . bouncer ball  . . thingys you just sit on and go?
In my new gift guide series, I was surprised how affordable these hoping balls are, and how popular they are among kids of all ages. 

Budget-Friendly Mickey Mouse Hopper Ball with Handle Grip by Hedstrom

The Mickey Mouse Plush Hippity Hop above is a Win-Win with little kids. While not terribly expensive, the hopper ball is a favorite, as you can use either the plush ball or the horses (I'll show below) as creative decorating pieces in your kid's bedrooms when not being played on.
Kids love these hopping balls, and for most, they're under $14 (at the time of this writing),  and make fabulous gifts.

15-inch Hopper Balls are very fitting for smaller kids. I wouldn't expect these cartoon-themed hopping balls to fit many kids over aged 5. I talk more about size below.



Budget-Friendly Minnie Mouse  Hopping  Ball with Handle by Hedstrom

Kids' Minnie Mouse Hopping Ball with Handle: Bouncing Ball

  • Durable vinyl construction
  • Textured bottom helps reduce slipping
  • Recessed inflating valve for safety
  • Inflates easily with hand or foot air pump
  • Grab 'n Grip Handle

NOTE: Despite what the box says, a 15-inch hopper ball would 'fit' a child aged 4 or 5. Parents say they've pumped their bouncing ball up a bit more for talker/slightly older kids. Be sure to put SAFETY first.

Be sure you look at the hoppers' product reviews; they're VERY helpful in getting the size right. It's super-easy: just click the link for each ball and read a few of the comments.

Unicorn Hop Ball with Plush Cover: Aside from Exercise

Plush Unicorn Hopping Ball with Handle: 17" Hopper Ball for Kids

What One Unicorn Hopper & a Dog Food Dish Can Do

Adult-Sized/Large Hippity Hop Style Plush Unicorn Hopping Ball
Ever the decorator and artist, I'm always on the lookout for creative, out~of~the~box ways to display an item.
Since the balls are too big for the toy box, you might find these monsters on their side in the middle of the floor, not what you want for a tidy bedroom.
Here's a simple way to make the more decorative hopping balls a standout in your child's bedroom. Buy a large, plastic dog dish in a coordinating or fun color and simply set the ball on top of the dish. VIOLA!
The bowl or dog dish serves as a stand for your hopper ball, and in an instant, you've a unique corner decoration that's quite sizable for almost nothing!

29" Adult Unicorn Hopper/Hopping Ball

Hopping Balls in a Host of Kid-Fave Themes:

Kids' Doc McStuffins Hippty Hop Style Hopping Ball with Handle

Both boys and girls love Disney, Doc McStuffins Dora the Explorer and her pal, Diego and lots of other kid-friendly themes. This hopping ball is sure to be a popular ~if not favorite ~ active toy. 

Like Mickey and Minnie Mouse hopping balls, kid-size hoppers are both very reasonably priced and make ideal gifts without going overboard; simply stick a nice bow just under the center point of the handle and use the curled ribbon for a nice touch and fabulous presentation. 

Most all are for under $15; it's my kind of a great deal.

Bouncing Balls with Handles for Older School~Age Kids

Kids' Bouncing Ball with Handle: Bouncer Set with Air Pump Included
Hippity Hops are ideal for kids aged 4 and up, but there is definitely no one-size-fits-all hopper. The cute 15" hop balls shown in this article are for pre-school aged kids and would be too small for the older crowd. 
At 17" to 22" you can expect the bouncing balls to fit kids aged 5-7 and perhaps slightly older, depending on your child's height and dexterity. 
At 26-inches, Hippity Hops fill the need for school-aged kids with longer legs. Too, shorter adults can indulge, too. No excuses, moms and dads.
This kids' hopping ball set includes the hand air pump and there's a host of sizes, colors and designs for kids of all ages. I bought this set last Christmas for a child I didn't know, and the hopper was a hit!

Teens' (Aged 13+) Hopping Ball Set Includes Air Pump

Super-Cheap Sit On Hopping Ball Set: Teens' 28" Hopper & Pump Set

Cute Trumpette Howdy Bouncer Toy Cow: 15.75' for Toddler to Preschooler

Howdy Trumpette Bouncy Toy Cow Bouncer with Handles 

Oh, to be a kid again! These cute~as~a~button Trumpette Howdy Bouncers will amaze and amuse your Toddler or Preschooler. Plus, I'm thinking how sweet these cows will look in any child's room. Here's some features that are really appreciated from parents whose little one's have experienced these fun moo toys:
  • Ideal for indoor and outdoor use.
  • Available in several bright colors
  • Size: 50cm L x 40cm H inflated

Gymnic Rockin' Rody Hopping Horse

Gymnic Rockin' Rody Hopping Toy

The popular Gymnic Racin' Rody inflatable bouncing toys below have an optional easy~to~use rocking base. Convert the bounce toy to a child's rocker.

 You may want to introduce the Gymnic Racin' Rody to wee ones as a rocker and move up to bouncing fun. This fun toy is two~for~one that'll grow with your child's abilities. Being the mom of twins, I can appreciate anything that's not here today, gone tomorrow. 

It's a win~win in mommy terms!

Gymnic Rockin' Rody Horse Toy with Rocker

Aren't these Gymnic Racin' Rody inflatable hopping toys too cute? Ever the decorator, I'd incorporate these cuties in a prominent corner of my child's bedroom, as they have high visual interest with their vibrant colors. As noted above, the Rody bouncers have an optional easy~to~use rocking base featured below, so you can slowly graduate from the stable rocker to the full bouncing mode.

If It's a Massage You Insist Upon: 

'Time-Saving' Multi-Tasking Hop Ball with Knobby Surface

Big Kids' Adults' Large 36" Massage Sit On Hopping Ball Hopper

Indeed! Don't you just love dual-purpose gadgets like these bouncing hop balls that save time and money?!
Here's how it works to save: You bounce on ball for fun; knobby exterior massages your lower extremities; you get exercise; you save money!
Friendly DISCLAIMER (please read aloud as fast as you possibly can to realize a broadcaster-like announcement) : Value of 'massage' has not been determined. Comfort of 'massage' has not been determined. Saving money is subjective to personal experience and spending habits.
The only part of this hopping ball I can attest to is the fun factor.
But it sure did sound great, didn't it? I have no clue as to the value of all the bumps.
For kids and adults, this is a large size hopping ball. Kids under 11 years and less than 5' tall may have a time with it. The knobs are described as comfy by users.

Mr. Jones Plush Horse Bouncy Hopper Ball with Handle: Large for Adults & Kids' Sizes in Medium and Small 

Medium Kids' Hopper: Plush Horse Cover Hopping Ball

Exercise: Sometimes It Takes Getting Ridiculous 

There's nothing wrong with adding fun to your new-you quest for exercise, and including the whole 'fam' adds to the excitement.
If you have to go the way of ridiculous to get serious about exercise, this Mr. Jones Adult-Size-Crazy-Hopper-Ball-gone-incognito-as-a-horse might just be the ticket to persuading some reluctant family members to join you in your hop-fest.
This hopper ball thing is 29" in diameter and sports a nice handle so you can hold on for your life . . . er . . . the ride. It does include a pump but you're on your own with the ridiculous cowboy outfit.
Oh, and a disclaimer: If your significant other insists on a pair of cowboy boots, make sure they're sans spurs as they can be detrimental to Mr. Jones Horse and directly affect your ride time.

Getting Your Exercise On

Plush Horse Hopper Ball: Adult Size Sit On Hopping Ball

I Know, I Know & A Million Excuses

I think I've run the gamut with uttering and hearing excuses for not wanting to exercise: "I can't; I have to feed the fish." "Oh, I'd love to join you on your walk but I'm de-furballing the cat."
"Gee, I wish I could but I have to study the dictionary."
Unless you forgot the meaning of exercise, I'll help you: Exercise means the difference between leading a full, healthy life and losing your independence to a number of obesity-related illnesses, like:
  • type-II diabetes
  • heart disease
  • high blood pressure
  • high cholesterol
  • osteoporosis
Shall I go on?
I know; it sure is depressing. Oh, and you can add depression into that list if aforementioned maladies. Did you know that exercise is a natural way to help relieve the effects of depression?
While exercise may not help everyone's depression symptoms, it's a sure start to feeling better overall. Do check with your doctor on how exercise might help you avert a host of medical conditions..

Gymnic 55 Exercise Hop Ball for Adults: 5'0" to 5'5"

Gymnic Hop-55 22" Exercise Bouncing Ball: Sit and Bounce

Gymnic hopper balls have a sturdy handle and are made for taller kids and adults. Part of a successful exercise regime should include jumping of some sort, be it jumping rope or having fun on these bouncing balls.
I opt for having fun while exercising, as studies show it's these activities that promise the most disciplined behavior as far as keeping to a routine.
If you're physically able and your doctor has cleared you for regular exercise, consider these, made-for-us-adults sit and hop balls. Hopping promotes balance and coordination in children while providing a fun workout
  • Hop ball features a special patented hand grip safety handle for the safest hopping
  • BPA and Latex-free; no phthalate
  • 22" diameter
  • For persons between 5' 0" and 5' 5" in height

Gymnic Hop 66 & More - Exercise Balls with Handle

If you're looking for a hopper for bigger kids, these tough, quality constructed Gymnic Hop bouncing balls have great easy to grip handles too get your busy kid hopping!
These balls are great for adults, too. Bouncing is an ideal form of exercise; it raises your heart rate, boosting your metabolism and energy level. So, there's no excuse for not engaging in a healthy bounce session. Yes, you can sit while your exercise!
Gymnic / Hop-66 26" Hop Ball, Turquoise Exercise Bouncy Ball

  • For ages 9 years and older between 5' 6" and 6' 0" in height and maximum 200 lbs.

These Ladies Haven't Yet Understood the Concept of the Hopping Ball

Giant 29" Adult Size Hopping Ball with Handle

Here's One Big-Time Job Hopper!

Just because you spent the day 'at the office' doesn't mean the ball cares one hoot whether you're in spandex or suit and tie. Indeed, this is one 'no excuses' job hopping ball.
Just one small disclaimer, here: Wearing cuff links can greatly reduce your hopping pleasure. Should one cuff pierce the ball's head you might feel a little deflated about your experience--and so will the ball.

What's your fave among these hopping balls?

When Hippity Hops came into being, I remember being mesmerized. Who knew a big ball could be a riding toy? It's such a simple concept: a ball with a handle on it, kinda like a pogo stick but much more forgiving. My thoughts on today's kids' toys are that they're not big on promoting active play. For that, one must look to yesterday's fads. The good news is those toys of yesteryear are often very much cheaper than last year's popular video game. My advice to parents who are on the hunt for toys is to focus on fun and exercise and be sparing on those sedate~style, electronic toys. You'll save big on money while encouraging outdoor play. What was your favorite outdoor toy?


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