Ceiling Fans with Lights for Little & Teen Girls' Rooms

Girlie Pink Chandelier with Attached Light Kit for Girls' Room

Cute to Funky Ceiling Fans with 

Decorating your girl's or teen's bedroom with these fun ceiling fans with attached light kits are an ideal way to top off your efforts--adding light and transforming your girl's bedroom into the retreat she'll love.

This pink ceiling fan has matching pink shades, and is fabulous for little girls on through her tween years.

The Balancing Act: Going 'Cheap' Without Looking the Part with Tween to Teen Girls' Decor

Girlie Pink Chandelier with Attached Light for Girls' Rooms: 42-Inch
Decorating girls' rooms can be quite an expensive endeavor but there are ways to balance your budget and realize a fabulous bedroom space without going for broke.
I recommend making an early decision on what pieces you're willing to be more generous with; this way you can better focus on what's more important to succeeding with your girl's decor.
A bedroom's biggest contributors are bedding and perhaps one significant piece such as a ceiling fan of chandelier. Adding both pieces area a great focal point while realizing the balance your room needs to make a convincing statement with your theme.
Here's a great money-saving tip for decorating girls' (all kids, really) rooms:
Universal Pink Crystal Chandelier for Girls' Ceiling Fan
Add inexpensive wall art in the form of posters. Stick to the standard 24" X 36" poster size and buy poster frames from the big box craft stores. I've seen the poster frames at significant savings of 50% off at times. Sign up for those stores' mailing lists and they'll send weekly coupons via email and phone apps. I prefer the apps, as I can simply show the associate the coupon on my phone for scanning.
Most posters are available in the standard size and they're easy to change out when your girl decides yesterday's My Little Pony is ready for the pasture. Merely pop out the poster and you're good to replace it with the latest must~have.

Fabulous ceiling fans with crystal chandeliers can cost you plenty, but attaching a universal ceiling fan light kit (to an ordinary fan) like this very girly 42-inch piece with matching pink shades is an easy way to create a designer look in your girl's bedroom for less.

Hello Kitty Ceiling Fan with Light for Little Girls to Teen

Girls' Rooms: Decor & Ceiling Fans That Last

Ideally, you want your girl's decor to last longer than a few years with all the time, effort and money you've invested. But sometimes, when decorating for little girls, there's just some things you can't get around using--even if it is for short term use. I can remember my kids going through all sorts of stages where you'd swear their passion for Elmo, Spongebob or Dora will last until they're drawing Social Security!
Purple Ceiling Fan with Attached Light for Girl's Bedroom
Do recognize your girl's interests with inexpensive, themed accessories being sure you don't overwhelm the room. Even a few too many Dora the Explorers can become quite the crowd. NOT the ambiance you're after when you want a peaceful abode.
Too, all those themed pieces will dilute their value and impact as a decorative element. If possible, furniture is best left age-neutral, as are rugs and window treatments.
Give your girl's room a healthy dose of themed and neutral decor and you're sure to succeed.
Here's a look at several ceiling fans with attached lights kits that convert easily through the ranks from little girl to tween age.
Cool and Funky: Tween to Teen Purple Swirl Ceiling Fan with Attached Light Kit Under $100

Cutie Girlie Ceiling Fan with Light for Little Girls to Teen

Cute Flower and Butterfly Ceiling Fan with Light

This cute ceiling fan with its butterflies and flowers design is ideal for little girls bedrooms and can do nicely to add to older girls' bedroom decor for quite a while--well into tween years. The fan's universal globe light kit is great for lighting up large or low-light bedrooms, although you'll need a lower watt light bulb to soften the glare if it proves too much light for your girl's space.
I'm a big fan (no pun intended) of decor that's not so disposable and can be enjoyed long enough to reap the rewards from the investment of time, energy, and not to mention (but I will, anyway) money.
You can focus on the ceiling fan's cute butterflies, the girlie--flowers or both--with your other supporting decor in your girl's bedroom making this cute ceiling fan all the more appealing.

Girlie Designer Ceiling Fan: Antique Off White 52" Fan

Dress Up Your Girl's Ceiling Fan with Universal Chandelier Light Kits

This 52" white ceiling fan has the ornate metal work you'll need for a girly-girl posh bedroom--even baby's nursery. For babies to little girls' bedroom, this fan works well for a princess theme. Later, the ceiling fan will meld quite nicely for into a teen's shabby chic boutique themed bedroom. 
This off white/antique white ceiling fan has lots of life in it!

Add a fabulous crystal chandelier light kit (like those below) to this ceiling fan for extra 'WoW!'

Universal Girlie Crystal Chandelier Fan Light

Going for Glam in Your Girl's or Teen's Room: Ceiling Fan Light Kit Chandeliers are the Best of Both Fan and Posh Lighting

Universal Ceiling Fan Light Kit: Crystal Chandelier
With its ornate metalwork, candlestick lights and delicate crystals, this chandelier fan fixture is an ideal match for the girls' ceiling fan above.
Like the fan, this stunning chandelier light kit (fan attachment) will grow with your girl and lend to any number of girly genres as her taste matures.

To Theme and Not to Theme? Ceiling Fans with Lights for a Themed Bedroom Space

Ceiling Fan with Light for Little Girl's Room: Disney Princess
If your girl has a strong preference for a theme it makes sense to just go along with her choice of style but keep your investment on the leaner side, lest you or she change her mind all too soon.

Cool & Funky Tween Hot Pink Zebra Teen Girls' Ceiling Fan with Light
I'm showing a few ideas here and below for color and theme-specific ceiling fans that are most popular with little girls to teenage with a modest price tag. They've a great, strong presence and will be noticed right off upon entering the room ~ the makings of a great accent piece as well as adding much-needed light to boot.

I can see each ceiling fan style here contributing to decor of any age girl's room ~ even infants', can't you?
In all, go with what you like and know that a well-planned decor scheme has the most promise for a room you both can appreciate.

Under $100 Hot Pink Zebra Ceiling Fan with Light for Girls, Tween & Teens

Cool & Funky Tie Ceiling Fan with Light for Tween and Teen Girls

Girls Tweens and Teens' Funky Chandeliers with Attached Light Kits: Budget-Friendly But Big on the 'Cool Factor'

Tween and Teen Girls are typically fanatical about funky, hot pink and other cool designs like this tie dye ceiling fan with its attached light. 
Unlike the more banal fans, this 'fan-ciful' model has a longer life with its more mature decor genre.

Hot Pink Funky Camo Ceiling Fan for Tween & Teen Girls

These ceiling fans' universal light kit is included, so there's nothing else to include--nothing like having to fuss further with lamps and fixtures. 
While you will have to install (hard wire) this ceiling fan, it's a one time deal and quite easy to figure out. 
Tie Dye Ceiling Fan with Light Under $120

The Allure of Black: Under $100 Cool & Funky Black Ceiling Fan for Teen Girls' Bedroom

Teen Girls Funky & Funky Ceiling Fan with Light

Teens Girls Ceiling Fan with Lights That Last

It's easy to get caught up in the moment when decorating for our children. Girls grow fast, yes but they mature at a faster rate than boys. What's good this year is woefully 'history' when it comes to girls' tastes. My best decorating advice is to balance indulgence with thriftiness.
Here's a few ceiling fan designs that will pass the test of time in your girl's space.
Black Ceiling Fan with light & Reversible Blades for Under $100

Cool White Ceiling Fan with Light for Girls' Rooms

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