Kids' & Teens' Small Desk and Chair Sets for Small Bedroom Spaces

Small Kids' Homework/Student Desk and Chair Set with Hutch

Small Desk and Chair Sets for Kids & Teens Rooms

Adding one of these small student desk and chair sets to your kid's or teen's bedroom can be an asset to their learning, while fitting into a small bedroom space and adding to your overall decor scheme.
Finding a place to put everything into those small spaces can be a bit tricky with all the accouterments our school kids need these days.
And considering kids' unique study habits and skills at clutter control may leave you feeling indifferent when scouting the many options and features exclusive to each desk and chair set.
But, not to worry; I'll show you several styles of student desks and chair sets for kids' rooms - including a few that worked for my kids in their toddler on up to teen stage, where their body and room sizes varied greatly.
Scroll down and we'll get started on finding the ideal small kids' desk and chair set for your child, budget and room size.

Small Desks and Chair Sets with Hutches for Kids': Room Enough for Supplies and Papers

Small Desk and Chair Set with Hutch for Toddlers to Kids Rooms

Kids' Small Desk and Chair Set with Hutch: Go 'Up' for Storage

Having a place that's specific for homework and studying keeps distraction at a minimum.
Creating a small study zone is a great way to get kids and teens into book-cracking mode, while keeping accouterments (fancy word for supplies; I love diction!) at the ready and corralling paper clutter. Too, a small desk and chair set provides a dependable work surface; so there's no need to clear a space at the family dining room table.

Kids' Small Homework Desk and Chair Set with Hutch

Small Student Desk with Hutch & Storage Drawer

All you really need to set up shop is a small corner in your child's room. I've included a visual on down this page to give you an idea of a space-saving-- but very functional-- study zone where I've gone 'upward' to create more storage space in small rooms.
You'd be surprised what you can come 'up' with by being creative.
Here's a few small desk and chair sets for kids with hutches for extra storage, so everything has a space and everything in its place.--well, let's hope so!

Kids' Room: Small Student Desk and Chair Set with Hutch in White

White Wood Desk and Chairs Set with Small Hutch for Kids Rooms

These small size kids' wooden desks and chair sets with drawers and hutches for boy and girl students are available in a host of finishes: natural, black, white and brown.

Must-have desk drawers house all those small homework supplies that would otherwise go missing forever.

Big Color for Small Spaces: Creating a Focal Point & Study Space with Funky Colors

Small Pink Metal Student Desk and Chair Set for Kids' & Teens'

Small, Lightweight Metal Desk and Chair Sets for Kids & Teens' Rooms

Most often in bedrooms it's the bed that's your focal point. Its large presence demands it be the room's main attraction.
But if you've layout with a corner that defaults as your space's main focus, it's a good idea to create a niche that sports several, related decorative pieces laid out in an appealing arrangement. For a tidy pulled-together zone, I included a neat, small study setup below if you're a bit limited in floor space, a common occurrence with kids' bedrooms.

Budget-Friendly Hot Pink Metal Desk Set and Matching Chair with Storage Shelves: Compact for Kids' and Teens' Small Bedroom Spaces

Blue Metal Student Desk and Chair Set for Kids and Teens' Room

Fun Colors: Small-Sized Kids' & Teens' Blue Metal Desk and Chair Set for Small Bedroom Spaces

I was happy to find these small but kid-friendly metal desk and chair sets for boys and girls' rooms that will easily meld with your younger student's or teenager's bedroom decor. Their fun colors betray the energy and zest for fun that many kids and teens pine for in bedroom decor.
You can hang attractive posters above the desk or keep to the arrangement I've outlined in my image below. I used it for all my boys and found the same setup was great for all their needs.
Begin with a small, simple desk and chair set like one of these, and build around it for an eye-catching focal point with a purpose.

Blue Metal Kids' & Teens' Budget-Friendly Small Desk and Matching Blue Chair Set

Metal Desk & Chair Sets for Kids' & Teens' Small Bedroom Spaces: Small in Size Yet Big in Functionality

Purple Metal Kids & Teens' Homework Desk and Chair Set

These small homework and study desks have great use of their more conservative design with book shelves and plenty of desk top space for spreading out all that study material.

For the smallest of kids' and teens' bedroom spaces. Lightweight metal desk, and with a chair included, these colorful sets are well worth the affordable price.

Budget-Wise Purple Metal Frame Desk and Chair Set for Kids' to Teen's Small Bedroom Spaces

Teen-Friendly Desk & Chair Set: all the perks but none of bulk

Teens' Small Desk and Chair Set for Small Bedroom Spaces

Here's a small, basic homework and study desk and chair set for kids' and teens' small spaces that features a storage drawer for your kid's study supplies, phone shelf, cool cup holder and plenty of desktop for books and paper.
If you aren't keen on hanging a calendar above the desk, I suggest one of those super-big desk calendars you pad the desktop with.
Add a small and simple floor lamp beside the desk; one with adjustable lights and/or adjustable arm for much-needed lighting. You really need the few desk/study basics I just mentioned for a fully-equipped homework nook.
And don't forget the waste basket!

Small Black Desk and Chair Set for Kids' and Teen Students with Storage Drawer: Fabulous for Small Bedroom Spaces

Corner Desk for Kids & Teens w/ Hutch for Small Spaces

Budget-Friendly Desk & Chair Separates for Small Kids' & Teems Rooms 

Corner Computer & Homework Desks for Kids' and Teens' are Best for Small Bedroom Spaces

Corner Desk & Hutch Set for Teen & Kids' Small Spaces

Go to Your Corner in Small Bedroom Spaces

It can be tricky to get both a chair and a small desk in one fell swoop. But I wanted to illustrate with these two desk and chair separates, just how easy and budget-friendly it can be to buy the chair apart from the desk and still result in a nice set for under $100. Considering how long you'll keep the desk and chair in regular use, this under $100 is a great investment for any kid's bedroom or small living space.
Obviously, there's no wrong or right in your decision to buy both as a set or go solo with your desk and chair purchase ~ it's all about your kid's needs, habits and wants. Allow your child to have a major say in your final decision for what's best in a chair and desk set and you'll see how much more enthusiastic your boy or girl will be toward their studies; that's what I've found.
Make the study zone a small, quiet, dependable space they can truly call their own and they're apt to be a better student all around!

Teens' Small Student Corner Computer Desk with Hutch Set

Desks That Last: L-Shape Computer Student Desk and Chair Set with Work Station Storage Hutch for Teens

I know this desk is a full-blown computer workstation but you may think like me, here: When my boys turned eight, I began thinking about kids' furniture for the long haul. My boys were past the little kid stage, and while I love decorating, I'm not too keen on total room makeovers every birthday.
Keeping to that ideal, I opted for a bit larger desk and chair sets like this computer workstation with a generous hutch for extra storage that my kids wouldn't soon outgrow and one they could take to college (if you are think that far; I know, it's scary!).
If your kids are getting up in age, I recommend opting for desks and furniture pieces kids won't soon outgrow; they make for the best return on your investment.

Create a Kids' & Teens' Study Zone for Small Bedroom Spaces

As promised, I wanted to share my personal study zone arrangement that worked best for me and my three boys while working within the confines of their small bedrooms:
I used cheap plank shelving; you can buy it at big box hardware stores or, for a neater look, eliminate the shelving track and use floating shelves for about the same, cheap price on Amazon, I noticed. I also bought a small, two-drawer red file cabinet for each boy. The deep drawers will hold gobs of school supplies or even clothing!
Use an uber-cheap small waste basket; I wouldn't spend over $8 for it (and I'd venture to say those dollar stores might have what you're looking for).
A bulletin board (or pin board) can be had for under $10; I consider them must-haves for important due date reminders.
Invest in a desk tidy or three. Desk tidies are small, fun containers for pens, scissors, paper clips, etc. I found funny 'recycle bin/trash can' styles kids love on Amazon. They're way-cool and worth every dime; that's for sure!
Go for a small--and cheap (I've a penchant for 'cheap', don't you?)--goose neck, study lamp and you've a highly-functional study zone you'll both love!

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