Desks with Drawers and Shelves

Sauder Harbor View Computer Desk With Hutch, Antiqued White finish

The All-in-One Home Office: A Desk with Shelves and Drawers

These budget-wise desks with drawers and shelves transform any blank space or corner into a modern or traditional home office in an instant.

While desks may seem pretty much cut-and-dry, you'll need to consider your needs, your available space and the rooms' size--even yours--as well as the desks functionality and storage.

I'll mention each desk's features outside of your main pursuit, that being a desk with drawers and shelves, as you go along. And I'm sure you'll find the best desk with optimal storage for all budgets.

Distressed Hutch Computer Desk with Shelves and Drawer

Computer Desks with File Drawers: an unexpected perk

This computer desk and the above, white desk is available in a host of finishes and look very much like traditional furniture. I included this desk for its ample storage. 

Aside from the typical desk drawers and the hutch's shelves, there's an out-of-the-way shelf for software underneath the desk top, and desk's bottom drawer is a must-have file drawer for hanging files. How convenient is that for easy access while on the phone? 

For desk top computer work, there's a nice CPU cabinet and a pull-out keyboard tray. 

Free Shipping (as of this writing)

Here's a list of the desk's features for easy reference:

  • Three Drawers
  • Hanging File Drawer for Regular or Legal Files
  • CPU cabinet
  • Slide-Out Keyboard Tray
  • Storage Hutch with Plenty of Adjustable Shelves
  • Under-Desktop Shelf
  • Large Work Surface/Desktop
  • Top-Rated Furniture Styling
  • Overall Dimensions: 57.37" H x 62.21" W x 23.51" D

Deciding Where Your Desk Will Be Going

Modern Desk with Hutch, Drawers (1 File Drawer) and Shelves

I'm sure you've decided where you'll be setting up shop but a desk with lots of shelves and drawer space to boot, like this corner desk, you might change your mind. 

Small spaces need small desks but you can never go wrong with a room of either size when you relegate your home office to a corner, keeping the clutter from 'growing legs' and sauntering off into never-never land (especially if you have kids, like me).


This modern corner desk has open shelves you can access from either side, and three drawers--one of them a hanging file drawer. I truly believe this desk deserves an award for its smart, ergonomic design: there's not an inch of wasted space!

Here's the rundown on the desk's specs:
    • DIMENSIONS (L x W x H): 63 x 59 x 45 inches
    • Set Up in Left or Right Corners
    • Large Desktop
    • Three Storage Drawers: 2 Supply & 1 File Cabinet Drawer (reg. or legal)
    • Best Desk for Small Spaces
    • Modern Finishes 
    • Free Shipping (at time of this writing)

    Adding Light to Your Work Space on the Cheap

    Antique White Desk with Drawer and Shelves by Bush

    If you work from home, or you spend lots of time seated in front of your computer, you need a comfortable work space, cozy desk chair--and adequate lighting.

    You can add task lighting in the way of a desk lamp, as the images here suggest or you can opt for an under-counter bar light with adjustable lights. I prefer the adjustable lighting to keep eyestrain to a minimum. I'll talk about that later. 

    For now, these heavyweight desks with shelves and storage drawers by Bush are totally adequate for your home office needs. 

    Budget-Friendly Mission Style Computer Desks with Supply Drawer & Shelves

    Like the images show, this style computer desk is attractive as a piece of furniture, and is well-rated for its size, functionality and comfortable design.

    The prices are slightly different but both computer desks are super-cheap without being 'cheap.' I'm familiar with Bush Furniture, and know how sturdy and heavy these desks are, especially with the shelves.

    Here's the specs for both the white, black and grey desks:
    • Storage Shelf w/ Division Panels
    • Supply Drawer
    • Attractive Mission Style/Hardware
    • CPU Cabinet
    • Integrated Keyboard Shelf
    • Large Desk Top/Work Surface
    • Free Shipping (as of this writing)

    Sauder Computer Desk with Shelves and File Drawers

    Economy Computer Desk with Shelves and Drawers

    This desk with two drawers and shelves, has it all for storage capacity, style and price. It's a serious piece of furniture for us work-at-homers, glued to our PCs as there's accommodations for the CPU and printer along with a slide-out keyboard tray. 

    Too, the back is simply a panel, so if you need more than the one hole for your electronics' cords, it's an easy fix; simply punch or cut out another.

    Sauder Computer Desk with Shelves and File Drawers

    This desk is one of the larger pieces I've seen without being imposing in smaller spaces. 

    NOTE: I'm familiar with Sauder and their furniture is laminated wood product, which is very heavy and durable. 
    • Dimensions: 23.5" L x 58.75" W x 57.25" H 
    • CPU Cabinet
    • Two File Drawers
    • Slide-Out Keyboard Tray
    • Hutch with Adjustable Shelves

    My Fave: Modern Contemporary Computer Desk with Plenty of Storage Shelves Without Drawers

    Desk with Storage Shelves: Modern Contemporary Computer Desk

    While I intended to write about desks with shelves and drawers, I saw this computer desk by South Shore, with all its storage space and flipped over it!

    The only 'problem' was, this desk doesn't have any drawers, BUT the desk's features far outweigh the drawer issue. AND, the price is amazingly low.

    I suggest if you need contained area for your supplies, photo boxes do the trick fabulously. I buy mine at craft stores using their weekly phone app coupon  for a 40% off. These nifty boxes have tons of cool designs of all genres. You can line them up on any of the desk's shelves: VIOLA!

              Here's the desk's specs:
    Another View of the Computer Desk Above

    •  Plenty of Shelves above and below the    desk top
    •  Slide-out Keyboard Tray
    •  CPU Cabinet Below 
    •  One Supply Cabinet Above
    •  Cherry Finish
    •  CD/Software Rack
    • Free Shipping (as of this writing)

    Dimensions: 48" W x 23" D x 59" H


    Well, which desk did you find most attractive? I'm half utility/ half appearance, so I'll forgo the drawers, opt for the photo boxes as storage 'drawers' and enjoy the desk's shelves, shelves and did I say, 'shelves?'


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