Luxury & Designer Dog Beds for Small and Large Dogs

Luxury Bed for Dogs: Designer Crown Bed for Small & Medium Dogs

Fancy Dog Beds, Sofas and Chaises for Small, Medium & Large Dogs

These budget-friendly designer-look beds for dogs of all sizes will add to your room's posh decor while including your furry family member in on all the activity.

With luxury dog beds that look more like your space's furniture, you won't need to find a dark corner for a gnarly less-than-attractive bed. And for us large dog lovers, such an eye sore is magnified.

  • Majestic Bejeweled Crown Post Bed with Plush Bed Padding
  • Hand Forged Iron and Tole
  • Size: 24.5" W X 19.5" D x 28.5" H

Dog Beds for Bedrooms

Luxury Dog Beds: Gold Designer Chaise Bed for Small/Toy Dogs

Chaise loungers like these in gold and burgundy, are fabulous beds for your small dog, while adding to your designer decor palette.

I can see either of these dog beds filling a prominent corner in your bedroom with a nice rug underneath the bed, placed at an angle.

To go ultra-luxury, a cute chandelier overhead (I'm being serious) is a nice finish.

  • This little chaise bed is for small dogs to 15 lbs.

  • 22 x 17 x 12 inches

Luxury Dog Bed: Designer Chaise Bed for Small/Medium Dogs

Larger Luxury Chaise Lounge for Small & Medium Dogs

Much like its twin above, this chaise lounge has the look of luxury, doesn't it?

Both upholstery fabrics are flame retardant and the sturdy bed frames are hand crafted. This bed is for small to medium dogs up to 25 lbs.

  • This Larger chaise bed is available in gold, too.
  • 28 x 17 x 16 inches

The Elusive Luxury Dog Bed for Large Dogs

Luxury Dog Bed for Large Dogs: Large Sofa Style Bed

Luxury dog beds for large dogs are a hard find, but this bed here has designer touches--much like the small bolster beds. 

The bed's bolsters are great for our large dogs who like to hang their head over the side of the sofa or chair while they sleep.

  • Super-Soft Over-Stuffed Cushion Sofa
  • 20" x 30" x 8"
  • Removable Bolsters
  • Machine Washable 
  • Large enough for dogs 

Large & Giant Breed Dogs Need Serious Beds:                                       Luxury = Support

Luxury Dog Beds with Bolster for Large Dogs: Extra Large Orthopedic Dog Bed

Large dogs need more in a bed than simply more room; I know, I had a Great Dane--and I once had a nice mattress . . . for myself. I'll write about that at the bottom of this page. Seriously, large and giant breed dogs like this Newfoundland require beds with extra support like what's in this orthopedic bed with a comfy bolster to hang over.  This 'luxury' large bed with bolster for large dogs has quality foam support filling with comfy microsuede covering. Handmade in USA. Machine washable. Retains 90% of its shape for 10 years; now, that's about as luxury as large dog beds get! Three sizes promise to fit your large to giant pooch:

  • Large (48 X 30 X 7)
  • Extra Large (52 X 36 X 7)
  • Giant (60 X 48 X 7)

Round Beds for Dogs Who Like to Curl Up

Luxury Sofa Bed for Large & Medium Dogs: Round Leather Designer Dog Couch
Here's a look at lots of fabulous, luxury dog beds (like the round leather dog sofa here) that you might find more comfy than your own sofa. It sure is tempting, isn't it?

This round bed is perfect for small dog who love to circle 'round and 'round before finally plopping down, like mine.

  • 24" x 24" Dog Sofa
  • Designer-Look Tufted Cushion
  • Luxury Leather Upholstery
  • Great Piece of Furniture for One Medium or Two Small Dogs
  • Several Sofa Styles

No, the Designer Dog Isn't Included!

Luxury Dog Bed for Small Dogs: Dog Designer Sofa Bed

Luxury-Plush Dog Sofa Bed for Small Dogs to 12 lbs.

Our dogs are part of our family; they're our pampered pooches, little muffins, doggies or whatever moniker fits at the moment. And they're like us at night time; they need a cozy place to sleep and nap.

I love this high quality, luxury dog bed. The sofa reminds me of couches from the Victorian era with its velvety upholstery and curved arms--definitely a piece of furniture befitting our small dogs!

If a Pink Dog Bed is a Must . . .

Luxury Beds for Dogs: Designer Pink Bed for Small Dogs

Both Dogs beds, (here and above) have the same dimensions and great ratings from happy dog moms and dads.

  • 26.5 x 16 x 16-Inches
  • Washable Cushions
  • Designer Style
  • Small Pocket in Back of Beds

Luxury Couches for Tiny-Small to Large Dogs with Memory Foam

Luxury Dog Sofa Beds: Designer Couch for Small & Large Dogs
I just love these designer-look sofas for small, medium and large dogs. Aren't those bone pillows and posh cushions too cute?

But seriously, the sofa bed portion of these dogs beds is quality-made of orthopedic memory foam. Large dogs often have painful hips and other joints during their senior years.

Designer Leopard Print Sofa with Memory Foam for Small to Large Dogs
I've only included two versions of the sofa bed here but there's several animal print sets. Impressive, wood frame furniture pieces with cushiony-soft memory foam orthopedic beds.

Included in these designer look dog beds:

  • Faux Fur Cushions are Easy To Clean (machine washable)
  •  Faux Fur Zippered Orthopedic Cushion
  •  Matching Sofa Pillows, Toy & Mat 
  • Sizes for Small, Medium and Large Dogs (to 40 Lbs)

A Goes-with-Everything Luxury Sofa Bed for Large Dogs

Luxury Bed for Dogs: Upholstered Designer Sofa for Small/Large Dogs

I love the classic lines of this tufted sofa bed for medium and large dogs, with its arch back and round frame. It's a luxury piece that looks like furniture and promises to serve your small, medium or large dog up to 60 lbs. as well as your decor. Traditional, modern--even rustic, this designer-look sofa bed will fit right in.
40" x 25" x 15"

Luxury Dog Sofa Beds for Large Dogs--That Look Like Furniture Pieces

Designer is the word for this sofa bed for large dogs. I can see this bed in spaces from home offices and libraries to cozy dens, where your dog can relax while you do too, with wine in hand, a good book and your own sofa, [well, enter your own relaxing visual, here].

Some things just have to be delivered, and this large sofa is one of them, but be sure to opt for free shipping (as of this writing).

  • Large size luxury sofa for large dogs to 75 lbs
  • Designer touches include brass color nail head accents
  • Faux Leather Upholstery & Furniture-Grade Frame
  • Perfect for large dogs who like to hang their head on sofa's arm
  • 40.5 x 30 x 18 inches

Dog Bed for Old Dogs, Large Dogs--or Two or More Small Dogs

Luxury Dog Beds for Large Dogs: Large Orthopedic Dog Bed
While not as fancy as those dog beds that look like furniture, if you have more than a few pooches, a dog bed like this one might suit you, your space and your dogs better.

Most notably, this bed with its support foam pad, is ideal for old dogs that can't step or jump up and onto a furniture-style bed. The support padding will help with aching joints and sore hips. 

This bed comes in several colors and sizes and I love the images dog owners have posted of their dogs napping on these beds. It's worth the few minutes of smiles!

  • Neat clean lines
  • Cover is removable
  • Highly rated
  • Colors suitable for all decor

What Was I Thinking: My Large, Large Dog Story

I imagine my little nightmare is my own fault. It's part of the old story line you see in the commercials: "Mom, can I keep him?" Only my story line should be, "Mom, can I keep HER?"
"Her" was part Great Dane, but I beg to differ on the "part Great Dane" part, as she was huge! I swear, I've never seen anything (other than a watermelon plant) grow that fast in my life. This pooch--we came to name her Bella--would appear two sizes larger overnight. Really.
My son's plea and Bella's rough start tugged on my heart strings. Bella and her siblings--all eight of them--were abandoned, left in a box at the fire station. All had been adopted but poor little Bella, who readily wagged her tail and even had grin.
So, I said yes.
Oh, boy. My bed became Bella's bed and she flourished, growing and growing until she was bigger than me. Everything was a toy and fair game for her jaws. So, it's no surprise that my mattress became fodder for teething, hence I have a basketball~sized crater in the middle of it. That was the last night Bella and I shared sleeping accommodations. and she now has her OWN mattress.
That's my story. My best advice is to buy your poochie~pooh his or her own bed from the get~go. Make sure it's big enough for your furry angel when full grown so you're not out shopping again.

Bet wishes!


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