Mid-Century Modern Bedding

The Ultimate in Bedroom Design: Mid-Century Modern Bedding

Mid-Century Modern Bedding: Duvet in King/Full/Queen 

These mid-century modern style comforter sets, bedspreads and other related bedding, are a great way to introduce your mid-century modern bedroom theme without breaking your budget. 

Modern, mid-century style is simply described as a genre betraying the dramatic shift in architectural and interior design. Its distinctive style changed the face of architecture and interior design to reflect a fresh, casual face, one of clean lines and easy-to-maintain finishes--vastly different than the 'dignified' Victorian style that seemingly overstayed its welcome in homes the world over. 

Fast forward and the mid-century modern design of 1933 to 1965 still reigns among urban sophisticates (that would be us) still appreciating its spirited energy-- complements of dramatic hues and patterns all its own.
Scroll down to peruse mid-century modern design comforters and bedding sets you'll love along with a few decorating ideas that render your bedroom the amazing retreat you've been pining for, for far too long.

  • INCLUDES - 1 QUEEN Duvet Cover 88" X 88" + 2 Pillow Shams 30" X 20"  .
  • MADE FROM - 100% Brushed microfiber fabric. Super soft for ultimate comfort. Vivid colors and image.
  • MACHINE WASHABLE - Cold cycle, Dryer safe. Iron easy. Excellent stitching and workmanship. NO FADING

Mid-Century Modern Eames Atomic Style Bedding

Beginning Your Focal Point: Mid-Century Modern Atomic Eames Style Bedding Set
You can save big time on your bedding by using a solid-colored comforter, bedspread or duvet by using a fabulous mid-century style bed sheet set like this one. Be sure to fold or roll down your comforter, duvet or bedspread to expose the flat sheet. You'll have succeeded in creating that must-have layered look, while exposing the 'surprise inside.'
The true style really shows with the atomic pattern paired with mustard yellow, turquoise blue and brown. 
Isn't this sheet set and its matching duvet fabulous?

Beginning with Your Focal Point: Loud Bedding Sets That Shout, 'Look at Me!'

Mid-Century Modern Eames Style Bedding

Mid-Century Modern Orange & Grey Block Bedding Set
This mid-century modern comforter set is one of my absolute faves with its bright and sophisticated blocking, the comforter is a true hallmark of the era's design.  Certain to garner the eye's attention, if you feel as mutually impressed as me with this bedding set, it's as affordable as it is impressive.

The grey lends plenty of go-ahead to metal finishes, if that's where you're headed: metal headboards, polished chrome lighting, and trim (on knobs, for instance) will work fabulously in even the smallest of bedrooms or loft spaces.

Love it!



Mid-Century Modern Eames Style Bedding

Starting your mid-century theme is best begun with an amazing focal point, one that can stand on its own, command the eye's attention, support your theme and welcome guests. One could liken a focal piece as a space's 'host' or 'stage director.' That's one busy focal piece, indeed!
Mid-century modern has an energy all its own in bright, bold patterns like these comforters I've featured, here with their fabulous wallflower pattern. The striking design is unmistakably mid-century modern and the light background only emboldens the contrast you need for a successful start.
Mid-Century Modern Eames Style Bedding

4-pc. Mid-Century Modern Style Bedding Set w/accent pillow

More Mid-Century Modern Bedding Sets But First, a Note About Duvets:

Duvets like this fabulous 4-piece orange, taupe and brown set, may seem like the expensive way to dress your bed, but duvets really make sense! We Americans, while searching for our bedding, 

Mid-Century Modern Eames Style Bedding

Bedding/Duvet Filler Under $40 in Thicker or Thinner

We usually hone in on comforters; however we should consider comfort, too. The duvets above have the WOW! you need to get started in the right direction, and adding just the right filler can keep you comfortable: not hot; not cold, but just right (that's sounding very famil!). If you tend to run hot or cold, a duvet filler that's either thicker/thinner will solve your nighttime woes. Here's one of my faves that has both a great low price (yes, I cheap) and equally great reviews:

Mid-Century Modern Aomic Style Bedding
Mid-Century Modern Eames Style Bedding

Mid-Century Modern Design Bedding: 4-pc. Comforter Set Mustard Color

Your Bedroom's Wall Color: Exercise Due Diligence for Success

This model room above with its orange paint epitomizes just how fabulous color can work to support your bedding--and the space as a whole. While the wall color isn't nabbed from the bedding per se, it is quite a complement to the room's furnishings and decor pieces.
Test several paint colors with custom paint samples available at most paint stores. A little extra work prevents a bad result in your new space. White wall paint is a great option for a Mid-Century Modern palette, as the genre is all about simple, uncomplicated lines, that are barrier-free.


Mid-Century Modern with a Warm Palette--and a low price tag

Orange and Grey Mid-Century Modern Comforter

If you prefer a subdued, tranquil ambiance in your bedroom, opt for greys, oranges and reds done up in block or circle patterns. Avocado, another trendy Mid-Century Modern color, promises a more restful air in your bedroom. Just pair up your bedding with more subdued hues for accessories and window treatments to keep things on the lowdown energy-wise.

Consider your bedding’s contribution to your space’s need–or not– for light and your preference for bright and airy hues or restful and quiet color and you’ll better create your ideal Mid-Century Modern scheme.

Blue Block Pattern Bedding
Red Block Comforter Set

Pair up these mid-century modern comforter sets with metal-frame floor lamps for a more minimalist result. Anything with clean lines, like the night stand at left or a cube night stand below. White walls were a big part of mid-century modern design, but don't be afraid to bathe your walls in vibrant orange or avocado for a striking bedroom space.

Blue & Taupe Mid-Century Bedding

This grey and orange bedding set is much like the set above and proffers the same result in creating an ambiance that is warm and welcoming.
I'd take my cues on wall color and window dressing from the model room, above to achieve a balance of light and dark.
Isn't this model room amazing?

Mid-Century Modern White Eames Style Rocking Chair

Uber-Budget-Friendly Eames Style White Rocking Chair

The Majestic Sunburst

Mid-Century modern design is high-energy, for sure and often we think sunbursts in bright orange and yellow hues like those shown with this 3-piece bed set. The predominantly white comforter promises to lighten and brighten your bedroom's ambiance; it's ideal for spaces challenged by inadequate natural light.
Having a darker room is best appointed by white and bright bedding, as you'll realize an instant transformation (and I love instant gratification!) and banish the gloom, resulting in a 'happier' space.

Uber Cheap Find: Under $35 White Plastic Side Chair

Under $30 Mid-Century Modern Sunburst Mirror

Famous designers like Charles Eames (my fave), Miller, Ludwig and Ray Ludwig, and  come to mind who I see fabulous sunbursts like this budget-friendly pieces Under $30 and 17" in  diameter--a fabulous piece for so little investment.

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