Oversized & Giant Metal Wall Clocks

Keeping Time in a Big Way with Decorative, Oversized & Giant Metal Wall Clocks

These over-sized to giant, metal wall clocks have many faces: from modern with Roman numerals, to decorative and contemporary, and just plain colorful and fun. 

I've included several styles of similar metal wall clocks but each have subtle differences while keeping within a budget-friendly realm. Notice how similar some of these oversized, metal monster clocks are, but the price and size may be your deciding factor.  Let's get started; time is of the essence (pun intended).

Not All Decorative Wall Clocks Share the Same Face

Same Over-Sized Metal Wall Clock Above
I'm starting with metal clocks with Roman numerals, as they'll work in a host of decors: modern, contemporary, and traditional to give you an idea of these metal clocks' versatility as both decorative piece of wall art and time keeper.

This oversized, black metal  wall clock boasts thin Roman numerals and is lightweight considering it's large size. Your wall color will meld with the clock and create its style. This piece is the same wall clock as shown above, and while I'm not a fan of the wall paper, you can easily see how your space's color, ambiance and lighting will work with the overall impression you'll finally realize.

  • 30 x 1.5 x 30 inches ; 6 pounds
  • Budget-friendly
  • Black Powder-coated metal
  • Silver painted center; Roman numeral design

Sizing Up Your Wall Clock . . . er . . . Wall

Oversized Metal Wall Clock: Large Rustic Clock with Roman Numerals

Over-Sized Metal Wall Clock by Howard Miller

Just like artwork, these oversized clocks will take a sizable expanse of wall to keep the piece front-and-center if you want the clock to be the wall's main attraction.

I would keep to walls with at least half the diameter in size on both sides of the clock. This 21-inch in diameter clock will need ten inches on both sides for a total wall size of at least four feet.

Just as you don't want too little wall around your clock, you don't want it to get lost in a sea of wall board or part of a cluttered arrangement of small picture frames, either.

Here's the specs on this over-sized Howard Miller, rustic metal wall clock with quarter-hour Roman numerals:

  • Quality-made by trusted clock company
  • 21.2-inch D x 1.8 and 7.4 lbs.
  • Rustic metal detailing
  • Good ratings
  • Aged iron with decorative accents

Where, Oh Where: Placing Your Decorative Metal Wall Clock

Giant/Oversized Metal Wall Clock: 36" Rustic Round Clock with Roman Numerals

Giant Rustic Metal Wall Clock with Decorative Fleur de Lis Roman Numerals

Giant and over-sized clocks like this three-foot diameter timepiece will need lots of room to stretch out. But clocks with specific decorative style, like the distressed detailing, Fleur de Lis and Roman numerals betray a unique, more-formal style.

There's a host of spaces this wall clock will look most fabulous: dining rooms, entrance ways and foyers, wine rooms, country French kitchens/rooms and spaces with formality and high ceilings. Here's the specs on this giant/oversized, metal wall clock:

  • 36-inches diameter 
  • metal alloy
  • decorative, rustic fleur de lis design
  • Roman numerals

A Mix of Mediums: Giant 45" Black Metal Clock with Decorative Wood Roman Numerals

While not the 'budget-friendly' decorative piece.  I love this over-sized--no, giant-sized-- 45-inch wall clock. The extra large, black metal frame is hand-welded and contrasts with rustic distressed gold metal hands and sweeping second hand. The hands are an artistic feature alone with their variegated tones but the wooden Roman numerals stand out in striking 3D detailing. For the price, this giant wall clock will grace any wall with its decorative, unique craftsmanship. Huge and hugely distinct as wall art.

Giant, Over-Sized Metal Wall Clock is Beautifully Decorative & Budget-Friendly BUT Two Words: Tick-Tock

Huge 50" Modern Iron Metal Wall Clock with Roman Numerals

  • 50-Inch (giant-sized) Modern Wall Clock
  • Black Roman Numerals & Hands
  • Top-Rated
  • Two-Tone Metal in Matte Iron Finish
  • Uber Budget-Friendly
I love this behemoth of a giant modern wall clock!

The downfall (hence the tick-tock reference) to this clock is, it often has to be waited for. I'm not used to having to wait decor but considering the size of this metal clock--it's over four feet in diameter, it's quite the unique modern timepiece.

As of this writing, the clock is shipped free. If it's out of stock and you don't mind waiting for a new stock, this clock is fabulous.

Delvan Hand-Finished Metal Over-sized Wall Clock

This hand-forged metal finish over-sized wall clock by Delvan is popular for its rustic detail and extra-large numbers on the quarter hour and regular-sized numerals on the other hours. 

These basic numbers have a contemporary and even playful style, one that would work in a family room, country or contemporary kitchen--anywhere the relaxed number font and wood are appreciated. 

While this clock is metal, it will work where wood is plentiful. Over-sized and imposing but relaxed and jus' plain nice.

32.3" L x 32.3" W x 1.5" D

Giant & Over-Sized Wall Clocks with Metal Gears

Giant Metal Wall Clocks: Industrial Rustic Clock with Gears

  • Measures 3 by 40-1/2 by 33-1/4' & 11 lb.
I'm lovin' these over-sized and giant metal clocks with gears for wall decor. The clock above a fabulous industrial, warehouse contribution  for your modern and urban loft space. While the clock isn't round, it's ideal for hanging above a long table, desk or quirky wall space: anywhere you need a horizontal, decorative piece of wall art. The gears aren't working gears, but the metal hardware element is surely there.

Oversized/Extra Large Decorative Metal Wall Clock with Gears

Extra-Large Metal Wall Clock with Gears Inside

This round wall clock has a bit of both decorative elements I've mentioned: Roman numerals and the two hues of forged metal in grey iron and rustic brass for a truly modern, yet rustic contrast that's ideal for modern industrial warehouse decor.

Pair this over-sized wall clock with other decorative, industrial accessories with gears but be careful not to go too much into high gear (pun intended) with the same decor, lest your wall clock get lost in the madness.

Too much of any similar decor will dilute your main piece--that being your giant-size wall clock.

Remember: Less is more.

  • Product Dimensions: 2.2 x 30 x 30 inches ; 16.4 lbs.

Modern Over-sized Wall Clock with Working Gears Inside

Over-sized Black Metal Wall Clock: Modern Clock with Working Gears

Best Gift for Engineers?

I'm a big gift-giver along with decorator, so I love decorative gifts like this black, over-sized clock with working gears inside that actually function as a calender!

Who knew?

While checking out all the comments about this modern, metal clock, I wondered why it only weighed in at six pounds and was much cheaper than all the large wall clocks of its ilk (i.e. working gear mechanism) and found that while the outside (frame) is black metal, the working gears inside are plastic. That's the price difference but having an over-sized piece of wall art is a huge plus and a clock for your wall with a calender and gears inside is a plus-plus (or is that a plus-plus-plus?)
One more bonus to this modern clock is, you won't need re-reinforcements when hanging the clock on a wall or having to sacrifice the ideal wall without studs.

  • 22-inch diameter & 6 lbs.
  • Budget-friendly 

Adding a Giant Punch Color To Your Wall: Your Clock as Fun, Decorative Piece

Oversized Metal Wall Clocks: Rustic Decorative Large Clock

This over-sized wall clock has so many faces with its rustic, yet colorful detailing. Each number is made to look distressed (worn through).

I can see this metal 'button key' clock in any modern to primitive/rustic space, like office walls and fun, game or family rooms, country kitchens--anywhere color is lacking.

I have a family room with an odd layout, where there's a recessed wall. It's spaces like that one where this oval clock will do its best as a fabulous decorative piece. Lots of color makes this clock a great addition while serving as wall art and functional timepiece.

Doesn't this clock have a 'county fair' persona?

  • Dimension: 27"H x 21"W

My Pick for 'Budget-Friendliness:' Color and Over-Sized Metal Wall Clock 

This over-sized clock has the playful, rustic numbers like the one above, and the metal number panels are distressed as well. Like the other clock, this one will fit fabulously into a rec or game room, as it has the look of a dart board. And the mix of color is a healthy bounty of red, blue, green and more popular hues, that you can easily hang the clock on any wall. Note how the white background in the image allows the clock to pop. If you have boring walls you can't change (or don't want to), adding color via your wall art is the answer to leading the eye away and onto your most decorative pieces.
  • 24" Round; 3 lbs.

How Decorative Do You Want Your Metal Wall Clock To Be?

Oversized Modern Metal Wall Clocks: Decorative Metal & Crystal Clock

There's no shortage of metal wall clocks, but add in the other requirement: giant or over-sized, and your chances slim just a bit.

All-metal wall clocks are even harder to find if you want highly-decorative pieces. This over-sized, metal clock has lots of crystal accents. The crystals promise to add an air of light in darker spaces, while keeping time. place a lamp in the vicinity as shown in the image, here. I like the idea of how, depending upon where you're looking from, the clock takes on several hues, like a prism's.

Another positive of mixed medium clocks is the price tend to be lower for the giant and large sized clocks, like this striking, unique timepiece.

Dimensions: 23 x 23 x 1 inches ; 6 pounds

Adding Light To Dark Spaces With Your Metal Wall Clock

Oversized/Large Metal Wall Clocks: Decorative Round Wall Art Clock

Like I touched on above, these over-sized wall clocks have the glimmer to add light to your darker areas. Obviously, there's no light bulbs in these clocks, but investing in wall clocks with silver metal finishes and/or crystals and glass will produce extra an air of light.

This metal clock has the silver metal decorative detailing in the floral stems. The tiny flowers are sweetly silver, not at all modern. I can see this floral clock in spaces like contemporary bedrooms and sun rooms, and paired with nice, floral accent pillows and rugs.

There's so much you can do with these highly-decorative metal wall clocks: they're like a giant piece of art, be it a wall sculpture or in place of wall art panels or prints. I only included a scant few of what's available among decorative wall clocks. You can see more at any of the links. Beware though, looking for these clocks is addictive!

  • 25.5 inches in diameter

TIP: Since these clocks are battery-operated, their mechanism creates a great 3D effect with the clock hanging out and away from the wall, meaning you can wrap a thin strip of light around the battery compartment for a glowing effect. Truly striking!

Leave me a note about what your fave is among these timepieces.

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