Glass Top Display Case Coffee Tables

Display Case Coffee Table with Glass Top & Display Drawers: White

Coffee Table with Glass Top Display Case Coffee Tables

These coffee table display cases are a smart and affordable way to corral your collection of whatever you're passionate about.

And there's no shortage of fabulous styles, so I've included coffee tables from traditional wood to contemporary with drawers and modern industrial.

This antique white coffee table with glass top display drawers is ideal for a number of decor genres, and its creamy color will fit in nicely with rich, earthy hues like you see in this model room, or bold colors from your decor palette. 

For Uninterrupted Display: Full Glass Top Coffee Tables

Coffee/Cocktail Table with Glass Top Display Case: All Wood

Rich Wood Coffee Table with Full Glass Top Display Case Style

I love these full glass top coffee tables; they're like having two pieces of furniture: the coffee table, and a display case--plus extra storage below with their full-width shelf underneath (well, that's three pieces including the extra storage, but I'm not complaining!).

  • Dimensions: 42"W x 24"D x 19" H

Dark Wood Coffee Table with Full-Width Glass-Top Display Case

Cocktail/Coffee Table with Display Case Glass Top: Solid Wood

I'm a fan of dark furniture, and this solid wood glass top coffee table is the mirror image of the piece above, but the wood grain is less obvious, here.

These tables are great for your collections where different sizes necessitate different display cases and/or shelving.

 Small pieces will need a case like this one where the large glass top can keep your valuables under cover, clean and safe from damage, while large collectibles will fit nicely on the shelf underneath.

  • Dimensions: 42"W x 24"D x 19" H

Going for Luxury Pieces: Saying Yes or no to posh furniture

Large Glass Top Curio Display Case Coffee/Cocktail Table

Large Iron Metal Glass Top Coffee Table with Drawers: a Display Case Worth Noting 

Glass Top Display Case Coffee Table (as I've shown above)

The modern glass top coffee table above is shown here in an overhead image. You can see how well the table serves as a glass display case, and its four drawers makes collectibles easily reachable, and your treasures easy to stage.

The iron and glass, four drawers, and black finish makes this coffee table a true masterpiece. Can you tell I love it?

With all its greatness, this glass-top coffee table is no bargain-bin variety, so you might have to think twice. But when I weigh 'luxury' pieces to see if they're worth the purchase, I allow myself one big-purchase piece per room--kind of like one jewel, and the rest supporting links in a chain.

It's not a bad thing to have one big-ticket item per space; this way, you'll enjoy the piece, not regret it for years . . .and years.

  • 16 inches high x 54 inches wide x 30 inches deep

All Glass & Metal Display Case Coffee Table: how large is your display?

Modern Metal & Glass Display Case Coffee/Cocktail Table

Budget-Friendly Glass Top Coffee Table and Display Case or Terrarium

I know I've been professing my love of all these coffee tables but with my penchant for modern design, metal accents and the infinite look of glass, this table will fit the bill for those of us with tall collectibles to display.

Too, you can plant your own lifescape, as there are two holes in the coffee table--just enough for air. I'd love to see a cityscape in this table or the matching side table below. You'll have lots of 'table' here but the glass

Dimensions: 42" w x 20.25" D

Modern Industrial Glass Top Display Case Side Table Black

Glass & Metal Side Table Display Case

For small spaces, this end table may serve you better than a full-size coffee table, like those above. Another option for regular or large rooms, you might want to pair up two of these small tables for an extra-large coffee table. Simply place them side by side and you've fabulous, glass display cases and great tables for entertaining.

Dimensions: 30"H x 42.75"W x 15.25"D

Glass Top Display Case End Tables for Smaller Spaces with Traditional Decor

Glass Top Display/Curio Case Side Table: Queen Anne Legs
These end tables are fabulous for the display case, curio cabinet-style pieces you need for your collectibles.

Not all living spaces need, or can accommodate a full-on coffee table, and if your room is limited, consider one of these Queen Anne style display case end tables. Place one table between two sitting chairs with an area rug underneath and topped with either a floor lamp or chandelier.

And Viola!

A nice space to chat-- using only four pieces.

Black Glass & Wood Curio Display Case Table with Glass Top

Which of these tables: the coffee tables or the more smaller curio tables, is your fave?

Thanks for looking and sharing!


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