Round Crib Bedding Sets

Cheap 12-Piece Blue Round Crib Bedding Set with Canopy

Round Crib Bedding Sets: Affordable Nursery Decor From Simple to Luxurious 

Round crib bedding sets like these are fabulous for baby's nursery; they are quite the versatile addition to your decor and color palette--especially bedding sets with luxurious canopies.

But finding round bedding sets that are reasonable i.e.  affordable (dare I say, 'Cheap,?')

So, I was happy to find quite a few crib sets to include in this post. This blue crib bedding set has twelve pieces for an all 'a-round' appeal. 
  • Four Valances
  • Four Drape Panels
  • Four Bows

Round Cribs, Bedding and Placement In Baby's Nursery

White Round Crib Bedding Set with Canopy and Sheet

Round cribs are great for small nursery rooms,, as you can place anywhere. 

With this luxurious white round crib bedding, it's easy to see the crib in your nursery's focal corner or in the center of baby's room. The round crib canopy makes any space luxurious.

For many newer homes, high ceilings afford more options for nursery rooms: I'm thinking chandelier over the crib. Below the crib, you might want a large round rug under foot. There's lots of decor options for round cribs and placement, making your efforts a success. 
  • White Round Crib Comforter
  • White Eyelet Design
  • Round Fitted Sheet (White)
  • Four Drape Panels with Bows
  • Canopy with Ruffle Trim
  • Matching Bumper
  • Round Crib Skirt

What's  Your Style: Color in Baby's Nursery

Round Crib Bedding Set with Canopy: Turquoise & Zebra Print

Your baby's nursery doesn't have to be a sea of pastels. Adding color and fun designs are a great way to make your baby's round crib burst with life.

This affordable and fun zebra stripe round crib bedding with canopy is a fabulous start to your nursery's decor. Don't you think so?

  • Turquoise Blue Zebra Round Crib Comforter
  • Round Crib Zebra Canopy
  • Matching Bumper Pad
  • Round Crib Dust Ruffle
  • Fitted Sheet
  • Budget-Friendly

Not Feeling Those Round Crib Canopies?

Red/Navy Blue Round/Circular Crib Bedding without Canopy

If you love round cribs, but don't particularly care for a canopy, reversible crib bedding like this red and blue set is a great option.

Be sure you hang some eye-catching wall art 'between' the crib's posts. I love the clean lines of the bedding set!

  • Round Crib Comforter
  • Crib Bumper
  • Round Crib Skirt
  • Fitted Sheet
  • Budget-Friendly (cheap but luxurious) 

Saving On Your Round Crib Bedding

Here's a few more options for reversible round crib bedding but there's quite a few color combinations for your nursery's palette. While you can go it alone with the minimum bedding sets like these, the option is open for matching crib canopy. Opt for wall art--wall decals are my fave. To save even more and still have the luxurious canopy for your round crib, fashion a regular bed canopy or go uber-cheap and hang tulle above your round crib. Lots of options for fab-u-lous--ness in baby's nursery.

Lavender & Pink Round Crib Bedding Set without Canopy

Pink and Grey Round Crib Set

Canopies Can Work Over Your Round Crib, Too!

Chiffon Bed/Crib Canopy: Budget-Wise Option for Round Cribs

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