Round Cribs for Babies

Round Cribs for Babies: Sophia Baby Crib with Canopy Espresso 

Affordable & Opulent: Round & Oval Baby Cribs

Round and oval cribs along with inexpensive, circular baby bassinets like these, have a distinctive quality, decorating baby's nursery while having true all-around function and purpose behind them.

There's something very "celebrity" about a luxurious round baby crib with a majestic canopy and plush bedding to match.
While affordable, round baby cribs may seem elusive, there are a few cribs that promise to contribute the splendor to baby's nursery, as all babies are indeed the star of the house and their trip home from the hospital a grand affair.
Appointing baby's nursery with wonderful and opulent things is a right of passage for us moms and dads; we want everything 'just so' and decorating for our little ones is among the many treasured memories we want to photograph and keep forever.
It's these ideals that makes these unique circular bassinets and lovely round baby cribs with a canopy a must-have for all the cherished videos--and they'll serve you well for those first pictures of your baby.
I've included a fabulous collection of round, convertible cribs and oval baby beds and cribs for newborns.
Scroll down to peruse this entire collection of  round canopy cribs, oval bassinets and circular baby beds and coordinating bedding.

Circular Baby Cribs: White Sophia Round Crib with Canopy

Uber-Affordable: Sophia Dream On Me White Round Baby Crib with Canopy

I've included the same design in the Sophia line of round cribs (with canopy) in all the finishes to illustrate the many choices for decorating your nursery space.
The white finish on this all wood, round crib by Sophia, can easily support a classic or modern decor, while the darker finishes are ideal for contemporary, country genres and traditional palettes.
Choose wall art with a wood frame in your crib's finish for a finished, pulled-together look. 
There's a lot to get excited about when decorating with circular cribs. Adding your baby to his or her new palace is the perfect ever-lasting touch.
All Sophia Dream On Me Round Cribs have these features:

  • Circular design baby crib made of solid wood
  • Includes canopy frame
  • Adjustable, 4-position mattress level
  • Non-drop side rail
  • Top-Rated 4.5 Star Reviews
  • CPSC Certified
NOTE: I've included the budget-friendly round crib mattress by Sophia for the baby cribs I've reviewed in this post

Posh or Precious Circular Crib: Wall Paint & Your Nursery Room's Style

Round Crib for Babies: Affordable Circle Crib with Canopy

Cherry Finish Solid-Wood Round Crib with Canopy by Sophia

I like the versatility this dark-finish solid wood round crib affords in decorating for either gender and infinite themes. You'll have the option of reusing your baby's crib if another little one joins your ranks later. 
But for now, paint your baby's nursery walls in minty green or buttercup yellow for a serene abode or go with strong hues like jungle greens or earthy ocher.
I suggest narrowing down the host of possibilities by selecting several paint cards from hardware stores. Hold the samples up on all your walls to examine how the light affects the color. Then, have several paint choices mixed in sample~sized quantity to take home and test before you make your final decision.
Your paint color and crib bedding will set the stage for your space, so take your time. But not too much; you want to be finished before your baby comes!

Dream On Me 5" Affordable Round Crib Mattress, White

Round Baby Crib Mattress for Dream on Me Cribs

  • 42" Round
  • 5" Thick
  • Affordable
  • Free Shipping (be sure to choose the option)
My best-kept secret: I love having large items delivered--NO truck required.

Fixed Sided Round Crib: Decorating Small Nursery Spaces

Circular Crib for Babies by Angel Line in Cherry

Round cribs are ideal for small nursery spaces; they don't have to be relegated to a corner, either. Their circular construct allows for choice real estate in your nursery: the center. Yes, a corner is quite nice ~ even expected ~ but you can showcase this crib in your room's center with a lovely chandelier above or an opulent look that's quite the focal point.
Leave the corner for a comfy chair or rocker or another piece of nursery-related furniture. If you've hardwood floors, a nice rug would ground your decor and warm up your baby's space.
This round crib by Angel Line is available in 3 wood finishes: White, cherry & Java (Espresso). This Angel Line fixed-side inexpensive round baby crib seems to have it all and includes a quality, 5" firm adjustable height (to 4 positions) and foam mattress.
Beautiful solid wood construction & non-toxic finish. Wheels have locking casters.

  • Crib Dimensions: 72"H x 45"D
  • Adjustable 4  Mattress Height Positions
  • Locking Wheels (casters)
  • Fixed Circle: No Drop Side

Round/Oval Convertible Crib for Babies to Kids 10-Years

Sensible Round & Oval Cribs for Babies: Stokke Convertible  White Crib Set

If you've any experience with babies, you know having furniture enough for you baby's first year through toddlerhood and even beyond could easily fill a small cottage.
It's true!
And looking for inexpensive, sensible beds can seem elusive when one starts adding up each piece. So, happening upon this great option for baby's first round crib was a pleasant surprise. With this set, you'll have everything you need to set up shop for your new baby, as the set includes: mattress, hardware, and canopy.
In my opinion, this inexpensive round convertible crib for babies to kids is your best value.

Black Convertible Oval Crib: Luxury Wrought Iron Black Oval Crib

Luxury Black Oval Convertible Crib Set Includes Mattress

  • Black powder-coated wrought iron
  • Convertible: converts to daybed (optional hardware)
  • Luxury oval crib mattress included
  • Includes soft Cradle pad 

Round or Oval Crib: What's your favorite? 

Leave me your baby story!

My Personal Story

When my twins were newborns, we received two oval bassinets as a baby shower gift. We didn't realize just how much of a boon these amazing bassinets would be in caring for our newborn babies! Fast forward to today's unique, fancy bassinets with canopies, skirted trim and lovely fabric and you have a one-of-a-kind baby bassinet worthy of bringing home to your new bundle of happiness!
I absolutely LOVE the round and oval baby cribs! Don't they just scream l-u-x-u-r-y? There's just something "celebrity" about round baby bassinets with a fancy canopy! Is it the circle "your my forever baby' shape that makes these round cribs unique?
The conventional rectangular design of most baby cribs seems dangerous to me and by today's standards for crib safety, the old crib with corners scares me. I think a baby's little head might get wedged in the hard angle of the crib. Perhaps it's the right angles I'm afraid of, but I might be over reacting. HMMmmm . . ..
If you found your ideal round (or oval) baby crib or bassinet here, please share what you decided on. If not, please write about what you finally decided on and where you bought it--it might still be for sale!
Thanks for looking and sharing!


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