Minnie Mouse Chairs Fold Out Couches & Flip Sofas

Pink Minnie Mouse Foam Chair with Heart-Shaped Back 

Decorating in Cute:

Minnie Mouse Sofas, Chairs & Flip Down Couches

These adorable Minnie Mouse fold-out sofas and other fun, budget-friendly seating are an ideal start to your toddler to little girl's themed bedroom.

Low profile, yes, but a perfect height for little bodies. You can say these chairs and sofas are 'just right;' so you don't have to play the musical chairs or Goldilocks game while looking for child-sized seating.

And true to form, I've picked the best among cheaper versions of what's available, while considering usefulness (utility), affordability (aka, cheaper) and best for decorating your baby girl's to toddler and little girl's Minnie Mouse seating.

Just click on the text under each image to see the chair or sofa.

Minnie Mouse Fold Out Sofas: an overnight bed at the ready

Having an extra bed for those impromptu sleepovers can be tricky, especially when space is at a premium in smaller bedrooms and living areas. I love this too-cute fold out, aka flip down foam sofa bed from the Minnie Mouse Bow-tique collection. The foam cushioning makes this sofa bed a great idea and a lightweight option in lieu of an extra full-blown bed. It's so lightweight, that even kids (with an adult in attendance for safety) can lug the sofa bed from room to room. Just fold it out and add a pillow--VIOLA!

Kid-friendly, fun and practical, this colorful, pink and polka dot Minnie Mouse sofa bed starts at under $25 (as of this writing).  

Minnie Mouse Fold Out Sofa
Minnie Mouse Sofa Bed Shown Above


Not Feeling the 'Love' with the Minnie Mouse-Themed Foam Sleeper Sofa Beds?

Minnie Mouse Kids' Purple/Pink Upholstered Sofa

Minnie Mouse Sofa with Storage Underneath

If you want more of a serious sofa to keep in one place, this purple and pink Minnie Mouse Couch has an amazing perk: extra storage under the seat cushion. How neat is that?

You have two pieces of furniture in the space of one. So, is this a Minnie Mouse toy chest with a sofa, or a Minnie Mouse sofa with a toy box?

You can be the judge, here. But either way, I love the unimposing colors and soft edges of this sweet, themed sofa.

Large Minnie Mouse Light-Up Pillow Pet

Minnie Mouse Pillows are Ideal for Your Girl's Themed Sofa or Chair

Minnie Mouse Themed Toddler-Size Saucer Chair

Minnie Mouse Themed Saucer Chair for Toddlers

Portable chairs like this folding, Minnie Mouse saucer chair are fabulous for watching TV or tossing in the car for setting up a cozy spot for your toddler girl.

Portable, economical, and fun, you have the option of decorating your girl's bedroom or using the chair when going to Grandma's. Just fold-out and sit. 


Minnie Mouse Pink Bean Bag Chair for Toddler Girls

Minnie Mouse Bean Bag Chair: lightweight, portable, easy-to-clean & budget-friendly

This cute bean bag chair has a lot of visual interest while being the small, space-saved, comfy-cozy Minnie Mouse themed piece you want (whew! that's some sentence!).

I like the high back--perfect for babies and toddlers to get quiet and sit. Yes, it's possible!

Uber-cheap, you can wipe up the messes from the chair's vinyl surface.

Which is you fave?

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