Cool & Funny Cycling Jerseys for Men

Men's Cool & Funny Bike Jersey: Novelty Beer Cycling Jersey

Men's Novelty Cycle Jersey: a Cool Way to Show Your 'Funny Side'

Cool cycling jerseys like these budget-wise, novelty styles are a must-have for keeping nature's elements from interrupting your ride, while adding a funny twist to some serious riding apparel.
We might not be quite ready for the Tour de France but we can look the part while we ready for the spotlight. Having the right gear is half the battle and sweat is cycling's brutal alter ego. Congratulations on making the stride, pumping power behind the pedal toward making the grade ~ one mile at a time.
Cycling jerseys fit just right. They don't rub, bind, bunch up, flap in the wind, and spare you the appalling 'plumbers' crack' that might become fodder for Youtube (I shudder to think). If that's not a scary enough visual to prompt you to make the cycling jersey plunge, consider the handy pockets for all your stuff and/or zippers to stabilize your metabolic temp while grinding away over hill and dale: up when you're chilled, down when you're heated.
But not every jersey is alike; some are way cooler than others, but that's subjective to your taste. There's quite an assortment for your riding styles ~ both athletic and design-wise.
Scroll down to peruse what's so funny with cycling jerseys.

Funny 'Old Fart' & Fat Bastard Cycling Jerseys for Men - Be Unique & Express Your Wild Side

Novelty Cycle Jersey: Men's Funny Beer Cycling Jersey

Another Reason to Drink Beer . . . er . . . Cycle

Did you know if you actively cycle five days a week for only four miles per session, you can reduce your chances of heart disease by half! That's incentive enough for me to get fired up on the two~wheeler.

  • Chest Sizes (Small 36-38")(MED 38-40")(Large 40-42")(XL 42-44")(XXL 44-46")
  • 3 Rear Pockets for storage
  • 15" Hidden Front Zipper
  • High-tech Heat Sublimation Printing
  • Elastic Waist & Cuffs

Men's Cycling Jersey: Funny/Cool XXXXXL

Extra Large Cycling Jerseys Like 'Arrogant Bastard Ale' . . .

come in uber-large sizes: to XL. This too funny, novelty cycling jersey has the humor for light-hearted cyclists but the features needed to enjoy a good ride.

  • 100% Polyester DryCore
  • Made in U.S.
  • Dripro fabric
  •  Fitted t-shirt design
  • Flat seam stitch design 
  • Raglan sleeves
  • Triple pocket in back
  • Dry core fabric for ultimate breathability and moisture control
  • Full length railroad zipper

Oh, Yeah . . . Cool and Funny Works for Serious Cycling

Cranky Old Bastard Funny Cycling Jersey 

There's nothing wrong with having fun while doing some serious cycling. This Old Fart cycling jersey has the bold orange hue to keep you--or your favorite cycling bud--visible to all those cranky motorists on a foggy day.


Cool/Novelty Men's Cycling Jersey

Funny Cycling Jersey with Vintage Design: Popeye

To keep my post here from becoming the 'War & Peace' of posts, I'll list a few . . . er . . . several either novelty, cool, funny, etc. designs available with the same features this Popeye jersey has:

Star Trek, Ghost Busters, Felix the Cat, Hunger Games, Gas Sucks, and lots more. The back of the Gumby jersey below is the same on all jerseys as well.

Funky/Cool/Funny Cycling Jersey for Men

Funny & Funky: Men's Vintage Cartoon & Movie Theme Jerseys to Size 5XL

The back of these novelty cycling jerseys are fitted, yet comfortable. I love the highly-visual, all-around graphics (sublimation).

The style jersey above, those I listed and the one, here don't discriminate with size; they all come in size X-Small to 5XL and the price of these jerseys are more budget-friendly--a plus-plus. 

  • Breathable quick-drying fabric, wicking, to make products more soft and fit skin

Funny/Cool Men's Cycling Jersey: Gumby & Pokey

Men's Funny Cycling Jersey: Fun Black Tuxedo Jersey to XXXL

Dressing Up To Head Out: Tuxedo Cycling Jerseys

Cool Cycling Jersey for Men: Funny Tuxedo Jersey S-XXXXXL


Men's Cool Primal Wear Cycling Jersey

Fun Novelty X~Ray Bones Cycling Jersey - Totally Funky

I'm rating these cycling jersey number one for funky. The very popular X~ray graphics on front and back are realistic in design. I've noticed this style is the most often sought after style of novelty jerseys and I can see why. They've all the features you'd expect of a cycling jersey with a extra touch of coolness.

The Rock and Roll Band Cycling Jersey

Rock and Roll Cycling Jersey: Pink Floyd Band Jersey

Any self-respecting rock 'n roll fan should pay tribute to one of the greatest bands of the 70s.
With a penchant for the Stairway to Heaven jersey, Though, I'll give them all an equal measure of coolness in both form and function.
These bike jerseys are form-fitting and promise to keep your epidermis breathing and not begging to come up for air.

Rock and Roll Cycling Jersey: Grateful Dead Men's Jersey
If you're begging for visibility, I'd opt for the cautionary orange-hued jerseys; you never know how ill-sighted folks behind the wheel can be when it comes to having to share the road.
With its great fit and longer-in-the-backage-to-hide-your-package (I couldn't resist), the style and fit is just right.
Imagine that.


Funky Cycling Jersey: The Racing . . . er, Turtle

Funny/Novelty Bike Jersey: Cool Turtle Cycling Men's Jersey

Unique Cycling Jerseys Can Be Fun, Too

Well, you can always say you've a reason to lag behind: a funny, turtle cycling jersey!

Did You Know?

Did you know that cycling everyday will render you physically ten years your junior? Yup, it's true. Just one more reason we need to suit up and set out on a cycling mission. I'm thinking there's nothing wrong with starting a jersey collection. 


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