Fabric Shower Curtains with French Script & Other Words of Inspiration

Fabric Shower Bathroom Curtain with French Script/Writing

Shower Curtains with French Writing for a Designer-Inspired Bathroom

These fabric shower curtains with French script, bring an air of sophistication and inspiration to your bathroom. 

I arranged these bathroom curtains by theme and color: vintage to fun, then back to black and white fabric for a glimpse of early-morning cheer or late-night luxury.

You decide!

This vintage Paris Eiffel Tower and butterfly design shower curtain is 72x72-inches of polyester fabric that's washable.


Vintage French-Script Shower Curtain with a Breath of Color!


Fabric Shower Curtain with French Script on Paris Cafe

Not all vintage inspiration need be from a serious selection of hues--and from a limited palette.

This fabric shower curtain has a bit of everything: fun, sophisticated history, and the black and white typeface and French script to boot.

I see this curtain as the perfect guest bath element for relatives and friends at every level of admiration. 

Use bathroom accessories in any of the hues pulled from the shower curtain. Use red towels, or green, or keep to black and white; there's no limit to the festive or totally French space you love most.

Fabric French Script/Writing Shower Curtain with Seashells

White French Script Fabric Shower Curtain with Seashells & Vintage Stamps

I absolutely love the color scheme in this bathroom! I often talk about getting ideas from model spaces like this one. 

Find natural elements to keep your bathroom spa-like and fresh. This sea shall and French Script fabric shower basks on its own and looks quite majestic. Pull a basket from another room, and incorporate a mirror to add space and shine--especially to smaller bathrooms with shower stalls.

Simply stunning!

Whimsical or Wondrous: the freedom of black and white 


White/Black French Script/Writing Shower Curtain

French Script black on white shower curtain. 

Can you see the freedom you'll have with this fun or funky, fresh or just all-out French shower curtain?

What a fabulous addition to a common bathroom begging for a French flavor! While this model room is minimal: no color, you can really use its plain-ness to your advantage and envision the colors you want in your space.


Vintage French/Eiffel Tower Shower Curtain with French Writing

French Travel Gone Demure in Vintage Detail & Script

Travelers should love the vintage-montage design of this fabric, French script shower curtain.  

For unique wall art, consider investing in old post cards or even letter correspondences in script from years gone by, then frame them for easy, one-of-a-kind art. 

Oh, the mystery pulled from French writing and the majesty of the Eiffel tower featured in this shower curtain. Who knew?


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