Purple and Pink Butterfly Comforters and Bedding Sets

Pink/Purple Butterfly Bedding: Comforter & Sheet Set

Pink & Purple Butterflies Galore

With these budget-wise and oh, so majestic pink and purple butterfly comforters and bedding sets, you can create your own magical butterfly garden in your girl's bedroom.

A butterfly themed bedroom evokes a feeling of serenity, a calm after a stormy day or a promise of reward for all your girl's efforts at day's end. By arranging your space thoughtfully and artfully with just the right amount of butterflies in pink and purple, you'll have created a retreat your girl will appreciate for many years ~ her very own butterfly boudoir.
Under $50 Pink and Purple Butterfly Bed-in-a-Bag Comforter and Sheet Set

Pink Butterfly Themed Comforter Bedding Set

Keeping Your Butterfly Bedroom on Budget

Oh, boy -- that pesky budget.
I'm always preaching the same ol' mantra: "keep to your budget, keep to your . . . "
Well, you get the point. I've made the mistake of paying too much for decor, regretting my purchase and never enjoy the piece knowing I paid too much. Trust me, there's always a cheaper look-alike to be had at a fraction of the cost that 'gotta-have' piece is.
Determine what it is that you love about said costly treasure: color? size? texture or design? Figure that out and you'll get that look-alike for less.
Here's an idea of a super-cheap alternative to pricey pink and purple butterfly bedding sets. For under $75 and free shipping, this comforter set has all the elements you need for a great focal piece without going overboard and waving the white flag before your room is finished.

Purple Butterfly Comforter & Sheet Bedding Set

Under $50 Purple and Pink Butterfly Garden-Theme Comforter & Sheet Set

Surrounding your girl, tween or teen in butterfly things she'll love can get tricky. And if you don't balance your decor you may result in butterfly bedlam instead of butterfly bliss.
I know, I've been there with my first efforts, too. I'll show you how to corral your senses and harness that butterfly garden theme ~ all while keeping things practical with my decorating tips along the way.
Together we can build that enchanting bedroom your girl dreamed of.
Scroll down for a look at pink and purple butterfly bedding sets and decor ideas you're gonna love.
Expect to be enchanted.

Pink and Purple Butterfly Comforter & Sheet Bedding Set

Your Butterfly Focal Point

Starting a butterfly themed bedroom can be exciting. You'll do best if you begin with a focal point and build your palette around it.
Most times, beds are the room's largest element, so it makes sense to dress your bed in theme-based bedding. I always stress going as 'large' with your bed as budget allows.
Your bed should hog all the attention at first glance followed by a pleasing 'tour' as the eye moves about the room from piece to piece.
Here's several good ideas for pink and purple butterfly bedding where you'll achieve the 'look-at-me' focal piece you're after.
Start with the bed and you'll be well on your way.

Sweet JoJo Purple/pink Butterfly Bedding Set for girls


Purple & Turquoise Comforter & Sheet Set for Girls

Decorating for the Long Haul: Purple & Turquoise Butterfly Bedding for Girls & Teens

Girls seem to mature faster than their boy peers and decorating for that tween-turning-teen can be a conundrum when it comes to your investment of time, money and energy. I hope I got you thinking on that note. No, the bedding set here doesn't have a single butterfly--and for good reason: tweens and teens are apt to change face on a dime and having nondescript bedding will support any number of decor genres.
This purple and turquoise butterfly bedding set's design will work well with butterfly wings, while adding a cool bed canopy and other themed pieces will build one very nice focal image but can be changed out in a flash come your girl's next craze.
You won't have to toss everything in the room with this versatile bedding set.


Cool Tween Girl Butterfly Comforter/Sheet Bedding

The Picky Tween Girl

Sometimes it's a matter of strong tastes when decorating--especially for tween and teen girls who've made their minds up and it's cool or nothing. These bedding sets have unique qualities.The set on the left has plenty of tween-friendly design: peace signs, butterflies and hearts with cool colors, while the other bedding boasts the cooler, more sublime teen hues and a more serious note. You'll have the option to switch out the butterfly theme with this set, too.
Go with what your girl loves for that perfect retreat.

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