World & Map Themed Comforter and Bedding Sets

Map Themed Bedding: a world of decorating options.

These budget-wise, map theme comforter, duvet and bedspread sets are a sophisticated first step to creating a fabulous bedroom.

Whether or not you're a world traveler or want to educate your kids to teens, I've perused the options among map bedding sets, including old world, traditional and modern decor styles, so I'm betting you'll get a sense of  'where you want to go' with decorating your bedroom.



World Map Themed Duvet by DENY in twin, queen & king size

Map Bedding & The Modern Decor Palette

When we think about decorating in the map theme, it's common to envision the Old World style of plaid or blue palette. 

But this map-themed duvet cover by DENY is proof positive that the modern decor fan--like  me--can use a plethora of color and/or finishes from wood to metal.

Who knew?


Black & White Old World Bedding: Duvet Cover

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Black & White Old World Map Bedding: decor options

Black & white may seem so blahzay but really, with this 'non-color' combination, you have the sky-is-the-limit color palette at your fingertips.

I can see walls from blue to red, complemented by pillows and side chairs of the same tying the pieces together. 

If you're not sure of the accessory colors, grab something in the hue you are thinking of--even a t-shirt will do. Place the item on the bed or wherever you're thinking, and see how it goes for your eye and the space. No need to buy pillows only to return them because you don't like the way it looks. I included a few pillows further down to give you an idea of maps and their many styles.

Going Somewhere? Map of U.S.A. Bedding Teaches 

I have to say this USA map duvet bedding is the one time where sleeping in class is a good thing. that said, this map-themed duvet cover is kid-colorful.

Incorporating other decor and accessories is made a whole lot easier, as there's no restriction on color. Even if kids don't particularly want to learn, the 'in-your-face' map, makes easy work of recognizing each state. 

Easy decor, easy learning-- a plus-plus!

Color It Is! Old World Map Themed Bedding

I chose one of several styles in kid-friendly old world map bedding themes, but you can see them all at the link underneath the image, here.

With the old world theme, we're inclined to think brown or parchment tan, but when decorating for kids it's hard to go with seriously-studious.

It's a great thing to go off the grid (pun intended) and have fun. Getting kids involved helps them keep things picked up and  a bit tidier (I said, 'a bit'). No promises on the neat and tidy but at least they'll learn!

Old World Map Bedding: Quilt Set by Tommy Bahama

Getting Back to the Old World Map Bedding Set

I just love this quilt set by Tommy Bahama. The bedding has the classic old world map theme and the color to boot (boy, that's an old way to say things, but it works)!

Pair this bedding set with natural pieces to accessorize and white sheer panels and you've a great bedroom space with lots of light.

Map Theme Pillow Covers 

Old World Map/Compass Pillow Cover

When looking for bedding pieces, like this pillow cover, be extra sure you know what's included.

These fabulous old world map pillow covers are just that: covers--not the whole pillow. While you might think it's too expensive this way, with having to buy an insert, think how cheap these covers are (fr under $6 ea.). 

You'll only need the insert once, the just change out pillow covers as the need arises.

Old World Map Themed Bedding: Pillow Cover

Classic Old World Map Pillow Cover


What's your favorite style of map-themed bedding? Leave a comment; I need your inspiration!

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