Capiz Shell Light Fixture Chandeliers

Capiz White Shell Chandelier Light Fixture

Capiz Shell Chandeliers: a light fixture worth wowing over

These budget-wise capiz shell chandeliers are nature brought to life again with lighting. 
Prepared to be "wowed" by the beauty of these natural Capiz Shell Chandeliers that promise to bring an element of nature and its bounty to your favorite space.
While some may think the vision of Capiz Chandeliers say 'bathrooms,' shell chandeliers can hang quite elegantly in any room of your home, as they're available in a plethora of surprising shapes (square, circle and rectangle) and sizes from mini to large.
Capiz chandeliers are a fave of mine, as I can almost see the glimmer of a sunset across miles of ocean and feel the gentle, relentless breeze of salty air.
Indeed, you can bring the beauty of nature into your home with elegance and functionality ~ as only these truly one-of-a-kind Capiz Shells can proffer ~ in a hanging light fixture.
Scroll down to tour one of nature's most beautiful shells, fashioned into elegant, ambient lighting ~ the Capiz Chandelier and I'll bet you'll agree.

Your Space & Its Lighting Fixture Needs

When deciding what lighting you'll need and want, consider where you'll be hanging your capiz shell chandelier.
Placement is important, as it will determine what size and shape lighting fixture you'll need.
Mini/Small White Capiz Shell Chandelier Light Fixture
These chandeliers have an orb~like luminescence much like a globe light. It's aura is more compact but its ambiance is ideal for focal points or accent areas (like cozy corners) with its soft glow.
For work areas, where you'll need task lighting, I recommend the tubular pendant style chandelier like the one below.
With this type chandelier fixtures, you'll realize the downplay of lighting right where you need it while adding an amazingly beautiful element to your space.
Do think about the length of the chandelier and how you want to use your capiz shell fixture. This mini, or small, white chandelier is a great fixture for corners.
A little planning goes a long way.


Budget-wise Small Chandelier Fixtures: capiz lighting big on light; small on price

White 14" x 14' Capiz Shell Chandelier Lighting Fixture
I often tell people, "Less is more." Small, intimate spaces don't need much to make an area spectacular and this mini capiz chandelier betrays that ideal with its compact size, minimal chrome frame and single hanging rod. There's just enough here for the look you're after without any extra.
Appointing your smaller space in total trinkets and gadgets galore is rather maniacal, resulting in a disorganized, cluttered area you're best to avoid rather than approach.
It's okay to be very conservative with a small area, as you'll appreciate what is there, taking in each piece fully.
Yes, less is more.


Capiz Shell Chandelier Lighting Fixtures: a fabulous show of nature in color in light

Turquoise/Teal Capiz Shell Chandelier Light Fixture

Boy, this turquoise capiz chandelier is fabulous for any space, even nursery to teen girls' bedrooms needing the lighting from an overhead fixture with loads of visual appeal--in their favorite color, no doubt.

This chandelier has it all, doesn't it?


The Large White Capiz Chandelier: your space's crowning jewel

Large White Capiz Shell Chandelier Light Fixture

Chandeliers, I've often said, are your room's crowning jewel.
This lovely piece is quite the candidate for the title with the cascade of real capiz shells, sparkling and twinkling under the light with graceful movement, and gracing the strands of ceiling support.
I know I sound a bit . . . er . . . sappy, but isn't this chandelier amazing times two?
I almost don't want to leave this one on the page [sniff].

Diameter 26 Inch x 41 Inch high (90" including hanging chain)


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