Rolling Personal Cart with Built-In Seat

Tan Canvas Personal Cart with Wheels & Molded Built-In Seat

Trolley Cart with Wheels, Built-In Seat and Hot/Cold Food  Pouch                                                                               

This  personal, pull-behind, rolling trolley cart has the built-in pull down seat that's heavy duty. And come lunch time, you have room enough for a picnic with its large hot/cold food compartment.

This personal cart here is a nice tan color, and you can see it supporting a man on its fold-down chair seat.

As you can see, the fold-out/flip-down seat is pretty reliable with the metal chair legs, and the seat bottom is molded plastic. You'll literally have somewhere to sit down and food to lunch on wherever you go!

Uber-Affordable (free shipping)

Here's the Rest-n-roll Grocery Cart Folding on Wheels with Built-in Seat in Grey and Black

Black Grocery Cart/Trolley with Built-In Seat 2 Wheels

Black Personal Cart with the Same Two Wheels

Here's a look at the black cart: same design as the personal trolleys above, but here it is standing while folded up.

You can see its super-large food compartment and the hot/cold pouch for your groceries needing better temperature control.

The cart is easy to pull behind with it two rubber wheels for smooth rolling. When you need a rest, either fold down the stand or sit. How neat is that?


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