White & Black L-Shaped Computer Desks with Hutch

Black L-Shape Home Office Desk with Storage Hutch

Going Up for Storage: Modern Black and White L-Shape Home Office Desks with Hutch

Black or white L-shape desks with a hutch like these, really deliver in providing that extra storage in the tightest of home office spaces. And in classic black or white, these attractive desks meet both form and function
Finding a place for all your home office needs: computer, important hard-copy files, references . . . you get the picture, can quickly deplete with a standard desk's design. Going 'up' for storage makes sense when floor space is limited.
Enter the L-shape computer desk with the handiest of hutches, where you'll have a place for everything and everything in its place--and at arm's reach when that oh-so-important phone call comes in. Somehow, balancing a phone while fumbling through that, "I know it's here somewhere" stack, isn't a task that's humanly possible, at least in my experience. Stop all that home-office mayhem and invest in an L-shaped computer desk with a hutch; you'll be glad you did.
I've included several white and more black L-shape hutch desks below along with some helpful tips for incorporating your new addition into your home office. Create a pleasing space you'll love. Just don't put your feet up, lest you get too comfy!


Modern L-Shape Home Office Desk with Storage Hutch

A Desk for All Your Computer Stuff--plus a file drawer

If you need a whole home-office setup you'll appreciate an L-shape computer desk like this hutch unit from Bush. I've a penchant for this company, as you can start with the basic desk with or without the hutch and build 'out' with matching file drawers and shelves for your expanding business.
Bush desks for home offices feature both modern and classic design, making for a desk that easily incorporates into your living space if you have to share the room with a couch or bed arrangement.
This computer desk has a nice file drawer for all those pesky runaway papers.
In all, for the money, style and durability, these Bush desks promise to deliver.
I like having options for a more customized result, don't you?


Budget-Friendly Home Office Desk with Hutch: L-Shaped Workstation and Plenty of Storage

Small Office L-Shaped Computer Desk with Storage Hutch

As you may have noticed, L-shaped desks with the hutch included can cost you more than you anticipated. But be assured; it's not the end-all in your hopes for the well-appointed home office you're deserving of.
I've included a cheaper version, here, to the pricier L-shaped desks above, where you'll have an ample desktop with the L-shapd workstation you're after. 
There's other options for creating a hutch-like appearance while affording ample storage by adding simple, floating shelves or a wall shelf unit. You might even consider buying leftover cabinets from a former kitchen or bath redo.
Thinking outside the box and adding a measure of creativity can save you serious dollars on a desk with extra storage.

Got Room? Consider a Full-Size L-Shaped Modern Computer Workstation with Storage Hutch

Black & Wood Finish Home Office Desk with L-Shape Workstation

Fabulous L-Shape Modern White Computer Desks with Hutch and Drawers

Color Your Blues Away: Decorating Your Home Office

Modern White Computer Desk with Hutch and Drawers
Believe it or not, color plays a big part in how we behave. It's true. Major blue chip corporations pay a small fortune in using color experts to favorably influence company growth and profits through customer behavior, alone.
Ever wonder why yellow and red is a fast food color fave? It's no accident. Both red and yellow are 'hurry hues' (I coined that term but it works), where diners are prompted to eat--and exit-- quickly.
While blues can be very relaxing in our most stressful business situations, you may find yourself lulled into complacency before noon. Not good if you've a whole laundry list of sales calls to make. It may behoove you to study the basic science of color when appointing your home office and designing stationery.
Blue betrays trust on your business cards but you may want a more energizing color for your walls and/or accessories. Red and orange can be refreshing, unexpected hues to decorate with. If you're not a red or orange person, opt for a red office chair or orange paper lantern lighting; it's uber-cheap and looks clean and modern.
These modern l-shaped white computer desks with attractive hutches can support such high-energy hues while affording you tons of space for files and reference materials.
Aren't this white, L-shape desk amaZING?


Home Offices, Video Conferences and Your Space

Modern White L-Shape Computer Hutch Desk with Workstation
White is too often considered the blah of decor options but really, from a decorating perspective, white is a blank slate, a clean canvas waiting for your color and style.
How empowering is that?
This white L-shape desk and matching hutch features a conservative, classic Shaker style with its telltale beadboard wood design. I appreciate its furniture quality construct, ample desktop and extra storage cabinets with the added hutch. Like some of the desks here, you can begin with the basic desk and add the hutch as budget allows and your home office needs grow.
While you may be thinking decor isn't a big issue with home offices, you may want to reconsider. With today's telecommuting quickly gaining ground, I'd venture to say teleconferences will be more than norm than exception and that "Betty White for Prez" poster behind you can be a big-time distraction.
Remember to appoint the space around you as aesthetically pleasing as possible; it's a reflection of your professionalism and weighs heavily on how seriously you're taken.
While I'm fan of Betty White, I'd relegate her--and any political images--to my front lawn and other, personal space.


Small Home Offices Need a Full L-Shape Workstation Desk, Too

Small Home Office L-Shape White Desk with Short Hutch


What are your home office needs?

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