Affordable Chandeliers for Girls to Teens' Rooms

Cheap Purple Crystal Chandelier for Girls & Teens Room

Fun, Funky, Cool & Cheap Chandeliers for Girls' and Teens' Bedrooms

Decorating with these budget-wise chandeliers for your girls' to teens' room is an easy way to add opulence and drama without investing in time, energy and money

Getting Started: Budget-Wise Lighting with Opulence

Hot Pink Purple Gypsy Crystal Chandelier for Girls & Teens

Chandeliers are the crowning jewel to any room and can instantly turn your girl's ho~hum bedroom to OH~WOW! With a few of my tips, you'll be well on your way to a lovely boudoir featuring a chandelier your girl will love. Scroll down for a glimpse at several popular styles of affordable (dare I say, 'cheap') chandeliers for girls' bedrooms. These chandeliers are among the most popular of girls' colors, namely: pink, purple, white and black, crafted in glass and crystal.


Pink Crystal Chandelier for Baby, Girls' & Teens' Rooms

Chandeliers Transform Drab Corners Into a Girl's Dynamic Reading Nook

Affordable Clear Crystal Chandelier for Girls & Teens Room
                                                                                                                                                 Chandeliers look great in a corner with a cozy chair. I recommend creating a nice reading nook or, for a teen’s room. A comfy bean bag chair will do nicely as a “cool” place to hang out and chat with friends on the phone
I was impressed (and happy) to see these girl~friendly chandeliers for under $120. You’ll realize a warm ambiance and love all the drama that the faceted crystal-like 'gems’ will bring to your girl’s bedroom. A bit like the crowning jewel in reverse. 
The 60~watt, 4~arm bulb fixture will cast a showcasing glow throughout your girl’s bedroom. Just the ambiance you’re after for pure drama.


Girls' Crystal Pink Chandelier with Pink Fabric Shades

Baby & Girls' Crystal Chandelier with Pink Shades

Adding Shades to Your Chandelier

Soften Your Lighting While Adding to Your Girls' Decor

Shades are a great way to soften the light that other uncovered chandeliers project. I'd suggest a shaded chandelier like this pink crystal piece, if you plan to hang the fixture above a bed or a crib, especially, as a harsh glare might be upsetting to kids' sleep schedules.
If your girl's bedroom is low or devoid of natural light, you'll need to add ambient light at every level to banish creepy dark corners and looming shadows and the ensuing bad dreams/monsters under the bed thing [enter your own scary visual, here].
I love the girly-girl design of this frilly chandelier and, its pink hue solidifies its genre.
Pair this fru-fru chandelier with a fluffy, white rug for an 'all-girl' look you'll love.

A Purple Chandelier is a Lasting--and Smart-- Option for Girls' Rooms

Girls' & Teens' Room Cheap er Purple Chandelier

Decorating for Girls Rooms: an Exercise for the Long Haul

Hues Like Purple & Hot Pink Make Great Color Options for Chandeliers

It's always best to think ahead when decorating for younger girls. It's not too be a stretch to hang any of these 'big girl' chandeliers in a little girl's room or baby nursery. Simply change out large pieces and accessories that betray the younger, bygone years and you're good to go.
While hot pink and purple chandeliers may seem to be exclusive to the tween and teen girl, I suggest using any of these options for a long term investment in decor. The hot pink chandeliers I'll talk about can be layered with pastel and lighter pink hues.


Color & Sparkle: The Hot Pink Chandelier

Lighting That Lasts

Crystal Hot Pink Girls & Teens Chandelier


Cool/Funky Chandelier for Girls & Teens' Rooms

Hot Pink for Drama: Girls' & Teens' Glass and Crystal Chandelier

This too~sweet Gypsy hot pink Chandelier by Silly Gifts will make a dramatic statement in your girl's bedroom with its 6 arms of acrylic and glass opulence.
If you're like me and favor the easy, instant gratification you'll realize with a plug-in chandelier you'll love a fixture like this one Its plug~in operation promises 'easy' versus any hard wiring; too, you'll save on the expense, if you're not the handy type with wiring.
Create a dramatic crowning-jewel statement with the flip of a switch. This chandelier's bright hot pink hue will have your girl's bedroom looking quite elegant in an instant. Be sure you supplement your chandelier's glow with task and corner lights to banish any looming, monster-in-my-closet shadows.


Light Purple (Lavender) Mini Chandelier for Girls' Room

Mini Chandeliers are Often Cheap in Comparison

Mini Chandeliers for Girls: Small in Size Yet a Room's Crowning Jewel

Baby Girls' & Teens Mini Purple Crystal Chandelier

Mini chandeliers are a great way to render a drab corner into a fab one with the flip of a switch. Create a cozy reading nook with the simple addition of an accent chair and a small table. Add depth with a fluffy flokati rug with its plush pile and fru-fru spirit.
Four simple additions for instant drama.


Smaller Mini Chandeliers for Baby Girls to Teens - Essential Overhead Lighting

Mini Clear Crystal Chandelier for Baby Girl Nursery & Rooms

Little Girls' & Baby Mini Crystal Chandeliers

Here's a hand-crafted chandelier available in several, fun color options for creating a cohesive look with your girl's bedroom decor. I like this style for its versatility and easy plug-in or hard-wire setup. Light up dark recesses and corners or spotlight a crib or fabulous bed.
These mini chandeliers are the same design of the one I featured above but with more color options, you can incorporate the right hue into your girl's space.


One Style Chandeliers in Lots of Fun Girl to Teen-Friendly Colors

For Baby to Teen Girls' Blue Chandelier

Decorating with Chandeliers: Creating a Reading Nook

For an nice layering effect, I suggest you hang your chandelier in a prominent corner (visible from the room's entrance), then place a simple chair underneath, and invest in a few cheap standard~sized framed posters (24 X 36) on each corner wall.
Poster frames can be bought cheaply at big box craft stores~ often with a generous phone app coupon for a steep discount. ost posters are available in this standard size, meaning you can easily change out the wall art when your decor changes.
Or, if space doesn't allow, I'd recommend you hang the chandelier in the room's center if you're working in a small bedroom. I'd say they're elegant, yet simple.


Clear Crystal Style Chandelier for Girls' Bedrooms

Clear Crystal Chandelier for Girls' & Teens' Bedrooms


Majestic Pink: The Forgiving Color Choice

Real Crystals
Real Crystals & Pink Hearts for Baby Girl to Teen Chandelier
The pink (real) crystal chandelier below is among the most exquisite for girls' rooms that look great and have a price tag to match. Lots of visual appeal can be had with plenty of sparkle, as the crystals twinkle below the candle~like lights adding a magical effect.
The same rules apply here that I talked about in the purple chandelier paragraphs-- although pink is a more forgiving color choice.
Decorating with Pink: Pinks can be layer upon layer of different shades without being overwhelming. Dark pinks can be paired with the more delicate pink tones (a process called layering). Pink makes for a perfect color choice for beginner designers. Pile it on!

Full-Size Chandelier with Swarovski Crystals & Pink Hearts


Dramatic Black Chandeliers: I'm Thinking Pink Walls!

Drama for Baby Girls to Teens' Bedrooms
These unique black chandeliers for girls’ rooms are both cheaper and dramatic. What a great combination to bring light into your teen or tween’s bedroom painlessly and trendy .

Black Chandelier for Nursery Girls' & Teens' Rooms

A note about working with black: Black is a decorating favorite with teen girls’ bedrooms and you can’t go wrong pleasing her with this color scheme.
 I suggest you consider pinks, purples, yellows and whites with black for an amazing contrast. Black is also ideal where you’re decorating a rental space and white walls are a mainstay. All Black Crystal Chandelier for Girls' Rooms
Fabulous with Pink & White Walls

Small Yet Mighty: The Black Mini ChandelierLet the Drama Begin

Cheaper Black Mini Chandelier for Girls' Room

Black Chandeliers: the Perfect Choice for White Walls

If You're Stick with White Walls . . .
Drama resulting from black chandeliers is quite opulent. Pair these exquisite pieces with white walls and you've one striking contrast.
As I mentioned, pink walls make for an awesome chic look but girls' tastes may grow from cute to cool seemingly overnight. It's here where you'll realize your biggest return on your decorating investment, as black chandeliers convert instantly to their new surrounds.
Indeed, these black chandeliers have quite the lifespan, so you can keep them as plug-ins and just take the piece from room to room.


Wrought Iron White Crystal Chandelier
in Black, Too

White/Black Wrought Iron Crystal Chandelier for Girls' Rooms

White Wrought Iron Crystal Chandelier - Ideal for Nursery to Teen Girls' Bedrooms

This exquisite wrought iron chandelier is substantial enough to be the crowning jewel in your girl's bedroom.
The lovely crystals have reflective qualities adding additional light and elegance to your room. Its generous size makes for an ideal centerpiece in your room. I recommend incorporating this chandelier for girls' bedrooms, as it will withstand the inevitable change outs as girls mature. You'll realize an extra WoW factor with the twinkling of crystals as they glisten gracefully under candle~like lights.

A Carnival in Hues: Multi-Color Crystal Chandelier with Definite Cool Factor Built Right In

Rainbow of Crystal Color: Chandelier for Tween & Teen Bedrooms

Is It Mardi Gras, Yet? A Chandelier for Girls' Rooms

Multi-Color All Age Crystal Chandelier in a Carnival of Colors

Pure fun, these colorful and funky crystal chandeliers have the New Orleans Mardi Gras, carnival look that's total energy. Their array of multi-color, bright hues afford any number of possibilities for color choice in your girl's room.
I can see these multi-color chandeliers in fun baby nurseries, little girls just learning colors, tween girls who need a cool factor and teens who want drama with funky decor.
Choose a color from the beads and bathe your walls in a coordinating or contrasting tint. Easy plug~in operation with the cord on/off switch.

Cheap under $80 5-Arm Multi-Color Girls' & Teens' Chandelier

Mini Chandelier in Pink & Clear Crystal

Cheap in a Good Way

Under $50 Pink Chandelier for Nursery/Girls'/Teens' Rooms

Uber-Cheap Mini Crystal Chandelier for Girls' Rooms

Sweet Yet Sophisticated Lighting Option in Hot Pink and Clear

Sometimes cheap can be a win-win, and it's here where this under $50 crystal chandelier fits the bill! I love this sweet, yet sophisticated crystal chandelier, and can see it in baby's nursery to tween and teen girls' rooms. Not to mention (but I'm mentioning it, anyway), it's the cheapest chandelier I've seen in awhile. 
I show the pink chandelier but there's also a clear, crystal chandelier as well. Either hue will work as nice, nursery lighting, over a crib or in a corner with a rocker and this chandelier overhead.
Later on, your girl's bedroom will look great as you create a reading nook as I mentioned. There's a host of decorating options with this chandelier as the shining star. 

What are your chandelier faves?


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