Camo Nursery Crib Bedding Sets for Baby Boys & Girls

Camo Crib Comforter Sheet & Bumper Bedding Set

Camo Crib & Bedding Sets for Nursery Rooms

These affordable camo (aka camouflage), 
crib and bedding sets for baby boys and 
girls will make your little one's first room 
ever a woodsy, yet wonderful retreat 
you'll both love.

If you're among us adventurers, you'll love these camo nursery crib sets for baby boys and trendy, pink bedding for girls (really, either camo hue can be used in a gender-neutral nursery) along with fun decorating tips to make your little one's room a woodsy, yet wonderful retreat.

Baby camo has come a long way and is the newest decorating trend for nurseries. The earthy design lends to a warm, peaceful retreat-like setting babies can settle down with. What's cozier than nature?
Be inspired by my fun-to-fab camo bedding and nursery decor ideas for your baby's room. Don't be afraid to mix and match camo patterns; it's your call. Start your hunt for the ideal nursery setting done up in theme right here.


Camouflage Nursery Ideas: Building your Theme 10-Piece Army-Style Baby Bedding Sets

10-Pce Camo Nursery Bedding: Crib Comforter, Camo Sheets & More

Getting Started in Your Camouflage Nursery:
Your Space's Focal Point
Beginning your camouflage nursery is best started with a crib set like this one, where your theme is introduced and the space is warm and welcoming.

10-Pce Camo Nursery Bedding: Crib Comforter, Camo Sheets & More

This military style selection of camo crib bedding includes everything you need to put together a successful camo nursery theme. The best part about the military style is that it grows with your little one. You can go from infant to tot to teen; with just a few tweaks you'll get the desired effect for each age.

Custom Made Camo Crib Bedding Nursery Set

Advantage Pattern Camo Baby Bedding Crib Sets
Go Custom Made for a Luxurious, Sentimental Nursery Gift
Custom made camo bedding sets show their splendor in attention to detail if you want to go with a posher look in baby's nursery. 

Orange Camo Baby Crib Nursery Bedding: Custom Made

The crib comforter looks quite substantial and will most likely last through your little one's toddler years. Too, the skirting will look great on a toddler bed and its longevity is one feature something we moms can appreciate.

These 5 piece sets come in the colors shown and include:

Custom Made Hot Pink Baby Gurls' Camo Crib Bedding Set

Crib Bumper w/ camo on one side and coordinating mink on the other.
Reversible: can be turned around for camo on the inside

Ties at each end

Bottom zipper bumper for washing

Matching pillow
Boutique quality matching sheet

***Traditional Camo Nurseries

Realtree Baby Bedding - Classic Design Crib Set for Boys (and Adventurous Baby Girls)

Carstens Realtree AP 3 Piece Crib Set

While perusing your options for camouflage baby bedding you may want to broach the idea that traditional camo sets can be a long-time denizen of your nursery-to-toddler bedroom.

Camo is such a popular decor with kids there's no shortage of more age appropriate pieces you can add later as your baby matures to preschool. 

The crib set comforters can move to toddler bed without fuss and you can easily hang wall art that appeals to your child's new big boy/girl tastes.

Baby Oak Camo Nursery Bedding Set
with Orange Accents

Camouflage Nursery Crib Bedding Set with Orange Accents

Carstens Real Tree AP Camo 3-Piece Crib Sheet Set, Purple

Decorating for the Long Haul

Blue Camouflage: the Lasting Choice in Decor Themes

Baby Blue Camo Crib/Nursery Bedding 10-pce.Set 

Whether you're decorating for a baby boy or girl's nursery, this SoHo blue camo crib set by JoJo Designs is a great option.
For a look that's lasting, bathe the walls in your favorite shade of blue or brown. Both colors are age~friendly and can easily grow up with your little boy.
The accessories I've included here can convert from baby to little boy (as I mentioned earlier) without changing them out, also. It's a cinch to change a few wall art pieces versus the whole remodel idea.
Opt for a lamp base that you'll feel comfortable using with the cute shade, one in white will do nicely. When considering how long you'll be using these pieces, they're quite the investment!.

Repurposing Baby Bedding: Easy~Peasy

If you can sew a hem, or even add no-stitch fabric glue, pieces from baby's crib set can easily be repurposed for their toddler bedroom. The bed skirt can be transformed into a window valance or trim out panels or pillow shams.
There's also no-sew hem tape that works well. Really, anything you can make from fabric can be repurposed from your baby's old bedding.


The Pink Camo Theme Palette: About Those Nursery Walls

Pink Camo Nursery Theme Crib Bedding Set for Baby Girls

Long-Term Camouflage Nursery Decor & Your Walls

-Pce. Pink Camo Theme Crib Bedding Set for Baby Girls' Nursery

Just like the blue camo version, these pink camo nursery theme coordinates for baby girls, promise years of usefulness as your little princess grows. 
With the fun Realtree pattern it's easy to create a successful decor palette. Pink is such an easy color to decorate with.
Paint the walls any shade of pink or even earthy shades from tan to browns, as the paint job will last for years. 
Reuse the curtains and bedding as I've mentioned before and you'll only have a few things to take down and add.

Look Out Above and Below and . . . 

Often we get swept up in the whole shebang and carried away with theme-related pieces. Before we realize it, the whole scheme is drowning in dots or spots . . . I mean stars.

Allow key pieces to shine as great contributors in your nursery. If baby's room is smaller, appoint look-alikes to opposing walls, lest your efforts look swallowed up and appear as one big 'blob.'
I suggest sweeping the window panels to the outer edge of the windows with sheer panels covering the windows. The accessory pieces are best placed as far away as possible. Really, it's the panels that are all-consuming in this arrangement.


Please Leave a Comment: What's your fave among these cute camo theme crib and nursery bedding sets?


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