Charcoal Grey Comforter & Bedding Sets

7-Pce. Charcoal Grey/Gray Comforter Bedding Set

The Versatile Hue: Charcoal Gray Bedding

Charcoal grey comforter and bedding sets like these make for an ideal 'playing field' where you can transform your space into any style from monochromatic to complex and colorful.

Indeed, charcoal grey is gender-neutral and its promise to deliver the ambiance of your literal dreams is limited only by your imagination and need for color--or not.

Pinch Pleat Comforter Bedding Set, Charcoal Grey

Getting your bedroom space off to a perfect start is key, so you'll want an amazing focal point, one that stands out, garnering plenty of attention. 

It's this first step that just the right charcoal grey comforter set or duvet is oh-so-important and you'll need to add other tones to support your theme and things can get tricky. Not to worry; with a few decorating suggestions, I hope to help you get from Blah to bold. Scroll down to peruse several charcoal grey bedding pieces: comforters, duvets, pillows and sheet sets along with several ideas on how each contributes to an ambiance you can live with and appreciate.

                What's Your Style Decor?   

7-Piece Charcoal and Grey/Gray Comforter Bedding Set

Charcoal Grey Done Up In Many Palates 

As I mentioned earlier, charcoal grey is one hue that can take on the persona of casual and simple or conversely, steely and sophisticated.

Here's a look at how one color can be played out in several different genres: traditional style in the pin tuck of the comforter (above left), modern and contemporary like the remaining bedding sets and with a splash of orange, you'll have mid-century modern.

Indeed, there's a host of personalities to choose from; you'll only need to settle on one, though and by adding accessories you'll define your space's 'voice.'

Get the Look You Wanted: Accessorizing Your Charcoal Grey Comforter 

7-Piece Comforter Set Slate Blue Charcoal Grey/Gray Bedding
With the simple addition of a throw pillow, you can change face of the bedroom's entire focal point. It's the neutrality of gray that lends to your creativity and personality.

When working with charcoal bedding, your accessories will work well to define your bedroom's vibe: Neon wall art creates a casual, playful ambiance, while sunny hues enliven your space and creates the illusion of natural light where there may not be much--or any at all.

Once you arrive at your must-have faves for bedding, the rest of your decor is free for the taking.

Now, that's fun!

The Many Shades of Charcoal Grey

Budget-Friendly 7-Piece Bedding: Charcoal Gray/Grey Stripe Comforter Set


Simple to Complex: Solid Charcoal Grey Bedding for Any Style 

3-Piece Down Mini Charcoal Grey/Gray Comforter Set
Grey is a hue that's both simple and complex. But that ambiguity is a good thing for your new decorating venture.
I included the casual throw pillow below to illustrate how well the lighter grey hue balances the depth of the charcoal grey in the bedding.
The pillow banishes any foreboding impressions we might get from such an 'overcast' of grey the dark bedding might produce-- much like a threatening, cloudy sky overhead looks.


Charcoal Grey/Gray Reversible 4-Piece Comforter Bedding Set

It's very important to manage such colors like charcoal, lest you wind up with a depressing result. You want to keep your grey focal point a crisp, welcoming nest of bedding and not a bat cave.
Can you envision the grey and white pillow elevating an otherwise dark, foreboding space into new heights of warmth? I can see the charcoal bedding in a new 'light' now.

Charcoal Grey & TextureBasic Pleating Can Add to Your Bedroom's Dimension

Pinch Pleat 4-Piece Charcoal Gray/Grey Comforter Bedding Set

Texture Comforter Sets Pinch Pleats: A Traditional Bedding Pattern with Versatility

For more classic decor, traditional pinch pleats, like with this charcoal grey comforter above is all that's needed to introduce your intentions. Add a mix of pinch pleat white pillows if more light is needed in your bedroom's overall space.
There's no better charcoal comforter set for added texture than the bedding below where the pleats are hand-folded then sewn. Each pleat is a play on light and dark charcoal: the folds capture light as it shifts, so you'll have a different hue literally all day long.
Continue the traditional genre bedside with the addition of lamps and warm rugs that suit your bedding and style.

5-Piece Charcoal Grey Bedding: Hand-Pleated Charcoal Color

Metallic Finishes for that Big City VibeCharcoal Gray City Skyline Bedding & Decorative Throw Pillow

City Scape Skyline Charcoal & Greys Comforter Cover Bedding Linen Set

When I see a spectacular pieces like this charcoal grey and metallic trim throw pillow and a very complementary bedding set, I want to tear my bedroom's decor scheme to the bare bones and start anew with it!
I'm serious.
I've a penchant for city skylines and metallic finishes; they're so New York City. It's as though I'm transported to Big Apple . . . curbside . . .and hailing a cab.
Throw Grey Suede Pillow
That's what great decor does; it transports us to new realms, takes us away from our ho-hum rituals and allows us to take respite from the day's crazies. I know, I'm being a bit (just a bit) dramatic but it's decor like the above duvet set--and then the pillow--that starts my wheels thinking in new directions and dimensions.
For great modern decor with a SoHo spirit, metallics are a must-have and mind you, said metal finishes needn't be hardened steel. There are plenty of fabulous textiles like the pillow and duvet above that betray the hard-as-steel look we modern decor fans love.
Budget-Wise Charcoal Grey/Gray & Black Flocking Comforter Set

What is Flocking?

Flocking is a texture added to fabric resulting in a raised, fuzzy texture, often to create a pattern or design like the floral work you see in black on the comforter and pillow shams as well as the striping on the accent pillows. Flocking is ideal for bedding--especially in smaller bedroom spaces where added texture adds warmth and dimension. I love how well the black pops against the charcoal grey, don't you? Use light grey sheets for that all-important layering. Viola! A designer look for less!


12 Pc Black and Charcoal Grey Stripe Comforter Bedding Set

Got White? Charcoal Grey Bedding Loves It!

Charcoal grey is one hue where white walls are a great option. I've never been in favor of the blank canvas appearance of white walls but with some bedding colors like charcoal and yellow, if you're stuck with a 'no-painting' policy, these colors are your friend.
I love the idea of pairing up charcoal--any greys, really--with white window panels. Between the walls and windows, you'll have a nice continuum of space that appears bigger and brighter.
If you're insisting on painting, a light grey focal wall (behind your bed) will look fabulous; just leave the remaining walls white or consider an even lighter shade of grey.
This bedding (above) will look great with a similar shade of green as the bedding's accent color.
Keep from using similar shades of grey on walls, though; you want that amazing bed set to stand out from the rest.

Uber-Cheap . . . er . . . Budget Friendly Grey Sheet Sets: soft and well-rated, they make great mates to charcoal grey bedding

I saved the best (or at least my fave) charcoal grey & black bedding set for last. Scroll past the sheets to see it and leave me a comment with your best pick!

Striped in Grey Hues Sheet Set
Uber-Cheap Grey Sheet Set

Grey Trellis Sheet Set

7 Piece Black Charcoal Grey/Gray Micro Suede Comforter Set with accent pillows




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