Lime Green and Grey Bedding Sets

The Sublime Meets Lime: Grey and Lime Green Comforters & Bedding Sets

Grey and Lime Green Comforter & Complete Bedroom Set
These affordable, yet fabulous Lime, Green  and Grey bedding sets have the ability to soothe while sprucing up any bedroom space they occupy. 

Unlike most rooms in your home, your bedroom requires the ultimate bed dressing. It's here I hope to help you find the perfect green and grey bedding where you can unwind and truly relax among splendor--without draining your pocketbook dry.

So, let's get started!

Grey and Lime Green Comforters & Bedding Sets

Your Bedding Style: Modern, Traditional or Fun?

Teen Friendly Neon Lime and Grey Comforter Set

Sage Green and Grey/Gray Comforter 7-Piece Bedding Set

Grey & Your Bedroom's Natural Light

3-Piece Grey/Gray and Green Bedding Set: Queen & King

Low On Light?

Not all of us have the fabulous windows shown in this model room, although they are gorgeous, aren't they? 

For low, or no natural light, you really should consider a lighter grey and green: maybe a spring green or lime and a cool grey, melded with white. This comforter set is ideal for those rooms of otherwise gloom and doom.

Floor and Table Lamp Set with Nickel Finish

Brushed Nickel Lamps Add Light & Keep to Your Grey Color Palette

Metal finishes reflect light and adding white lamp shades keep your bedroom space on the brighter side. This two-lamp set: one table lamp, one floor lamp is cheap while not 'being' cheap.

Go Ahead & Add More Color to Your Green and Grey Palette

Lime Green and Grey/Gray & Teal Comforter Set: Queen & King

I'm in love with the color betrayed in this comforter set: bright teal is added to the grey and lime green for a virtual garden of grandeur--well, maybe you're not feeling the love, but adding an extra color to a two-hue palette means lots more in the way of decor.

 Note this model bedroom with the fabulous window panels. Consider adding lime green or grey bed sheets for an extra surprise under the covers.

Uber-Cheap Duvets: Smart on Comfort & Savings

Notice how much this grey and lime with teal mirrors the bedding set above. And while both bedding sets will do the trick on decor, duvets like this one are great if you tend to run hot or cold at night.

Duvets are like slip covers where you stuff them with whatever filler suits you best: thin filling (like the one below) for summer; thick filling for cold nights. Don't let the idea of a duvet deter you. You'll wonder why you never knew such luxury!


Duvet Bedding Set Filler


Duvet Fillers: Make Your Sleep Far More Comfortable

Lime Green and Grey/Gray Comforter Bedding Set

Lime Green and Grey Geometric Bedding Set Faves

If you like clean lines but total geometric patterns won't do for you, consider the trellis and lattice patterns like these two bedding sets boast.

With either set, you'll have bold eye-catching detail without the minimalist design that's true ultra-modern style.


Spring/Lime Green and Gray/Grey & White Bedding Set

 The Designer Space for Le$$

If your bed is bare minimal in the headboard department, and maybe the rest for your bedroom is . . . well . . . just not, find some fabulous model rooms and do your best at copying the decor, but at a budget.

A floating shelf like you see at left, with several picture frames repainted along with a few dollar store or yard sale finds done up in the same color will look smashing. Old trunks and a pile of books makes your space alive for far less.


Grey and White Chevron Zig-Zag Comforter Set

                                                                                                                                                                 Getting Just the Right Balance of Green and Grey Bedding

Sometimes just getting the right amount of grey and lime (or green) for your space's lighting, size and bedding needs can be downright tricky.

4-Piece Lime Green Sheet Set
Bedding sets by Mizone are a personal fave, as they're budget-wise, well rated and have a highly-visual appeal like this grey and white chevron comforter below. 

But what about the lime or green? Well, add top-rated sheets sets like the lime green softies, like this 4-piece set that's available in all sizes from Twin to Cal. King. You'll have the color palette you're after without the fuss.

Grey/Gray and White 4-Pce Sheet Set

Don't Settle for Solid Sheets

Just like the gray and white eye-catching chevron comforter set above, you might want to do a flip-flop arrangement and go for a solid lime green comforter paired up with this lattice pattern sheet set.

I love the low price, softness of this 4-piece grey set, and it's available in all bedding sizes for a perfect fit.

Reversible Lime Green 3-Piece Comforter Set

Solid Lime Green Comforters Equal More Decor Options

This lime green comforter set is not only budget-wise, meaning you can stretch your decorating dollars, but you can also have several other pieces of bedding, pillows or window panels in a host of colors and patterns. Who knew?!

Like the Bedding, Find Your Shade of Lime, Green or Grey

I love the fun in these lime green or grey accent pillows, don't you? There's a good selection of colors, and you'll have the real-deal pillows, not just the covers. Both pillows can be had for under $25 with free shipping if you choose it.


Luxury Green and Grey Bedding Sets

Designer Lime Green and Grey/Gray Duvet in Queen & King

Your Space's Artwork: It's Okay to Go Big on Bedding

Lime Green and Grey/Gray Comforter Bedding Set

While these Lime Green and Grey Bedding Sets are pricier versus the cheaper versions above, consider the appeal a comforter or duvet adds to your space.

I like to think of bedding as a large painting or mural with function, and suddenly, the price is quite 'digestible.'

If you still want to go low, consider doing what you can to mirror these sets as best you can. There's no hard-and-fast rule, so go with your taste and enjoy your space.

It's all about you!

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