Metal & Wood Loft Beds with Sofa Underneath

Under $200 White/Black Metal Loft Bed with Sofa Underneath
Loft and Bunk Beds with Couch Seating Underneath

These bunk and metal loft beds with a futon or couch seating underneath are a great way to save money and space while adding great appeal to kids' and teens' rooms.

Be it metal or wood, bunk and loft beds can support your decor genre making that, 'Oh, WOW!' first impression. in your kid's or teen's bedroom. Too, you'll have the option for an extra bed underneath when the futon sofa is 
folded down--how's that for intelligent decorating!

Metal Loft Beds with Couch Underneath 


Loft Beds with Couches: Getting Started with a Focal Point that Wows

Under $250 Metal Loft Bed with Fold Down Futon Sofa Underneath
I'm all for smart interior design, not to mention money and space-saving pieces. And these loft beds with a cool futon sofa below are as attractive as they are smart.
Cool bunk and/or loft beds often the one furniture piece that parents and kids can agree on--imagine that!
Scroll down for decorating ideas beginning with your loft bed with seating underneath that'll make your new space that cool bedroom all kids-to-teens have been pining for . . . and you might even get a hug.
Often, beds are your room's largest feature, so it makes sense to really play it up using your best efforts.
These loft beds have plenty of visual appeal with their modern, black metal frame that both kids and teens appreciate.
The black metal frame is an ideal introduction to your modern genre, as just the sight of the bed reflects a cool urban vibe most kids and teens find cool.

Rounded Metal Bunk Bed Frames are Ideal for Younger Kids

Black/Silver/White Metal Loft bunk with Futon Sofa Under $250


Getting a Designer Look for Less

Metal Loft Bunk with Fold Up Futon Sofa Underneath
Model rooms are a great way to get fabulous ideas for way less. Indeed, these well-appointed spaces have all you need to fashion your kid's bedroom from. The model rooms I've included here, in this article aren't expensive to replicate, so have at it and go for it.
I love the model room above, with its play on black and steely grey accented with red; it's perfectly balanced and the play on color seems to beckon guests inside for more.
Notice how the red is introduced via the window panels and balanced by small splashes in the pillow and in a few, smaller budget-friendly accessories.

Twin over Full Size Loft Bed Fold Down Futon Sleeper Sofa

Ideally, decor should be easy on the eyes as they move from focal point--the loft bed--to the window followed by the supporting pieces. If you're not decorating savvy, model rooms are a great way to get the designer look without having to take 'Decor 101.'
These twin over double beds with seating underneath, afford extra seating during the day, as the bottom bunk becomes a fun futon sofa for gaming. I love the low price of metal frame loft beds and the futon underneath make them a great value.


Eclipse Twin Over Full Metal Loft Bed with Sofa Futon Under


Silver Loft Beds with Couch Bunk Underneath

Silver Metal Loft Bed with Sofa Sleeper Futon Underneath

While silver may seem to be a boring 'blank slate,' ironically, it allows your complete freedom in style, color and design. That's quite nice where you'll have the world of decor at your beck and call.How cool is that?

These silver metal loft beds with seating, sport the same qualities as their colorful contenders but you'll be assured the bed will be in support of your girl or boy's latest decor craze.

Indeed, these silver bunk beds can go through the 'Bambi to Bieber' phase quite unscathed.

So, you can be assured your loft bed will be around for awhile and if you're a parent like me, you like the notion of 'a while.'


The Answer for Super-Small Bedroom Spaces: 4-In-1 Loft Bed Unit

Black Metal Loft Bed with Desk and Futon Sleeper Underneath

This loft bed with both a futon couch-type seating and workstation desk underneath is a spin on the standard full futon bunks.
While you won't have the option of a sleeper sofa type arrangement, if you've only one child this bed is fabulous--especially for smaller spaces. I would have loved this do-it-all loft bed.
It's all a matter of need, space and personality when deciding on furniture but I'd say this bed is well designed and very practical in small bedroom spaces.


Solid Wood Traditional Mission Style Loft bed with Full Size Couch & Drawers Underneath

Twin over Full Futon Stairway Bunk Bed with Drawers Sofa Underneath

Finding Room for Bedroom Storage

It can sometimes be tricky to find extra storage space in tight areas but if classic decor is what you're after, this wood loft bunk bed with seating underneath has plenty of drawers at the futon's bottom--even under the loft's stairs.
With all smart design, going 'up' for solutions makes great sense. Floating shelves are great for a clean result where you can contain all those smaller 'gotta-haves' in shoe boxes wrapped in gift paper or even newspaper for a modern look. I like those cheap photo boxes available at big box craft stores. They come in a plethora of designs and colors.
Wood Loft Bunk Bed with Fold Up Sofa Underneath

I've even hung a wooden floor shelf unit on the wall for cookbooks. The shelf had a decorative top, so it looked fabulous. Sometimes thinking outside the box yields amazing results.
Begin looking for storage with smart furniture design like this well-appointed loft bunk bed. It's complete with twin and full bed that folds up for your sofa futon. With five drawers to boot, you've several furniture pieces in one tidy unit.


Preserving a Traditional Look with a Modern Twist

wood loft beds with seating underneath bunk

Wood & Metal Loft Bunk Twin Over Full Sofa Bed
Loft style wood bunk beds with seating, like the set here at right that includes a futon mattress underneath that folds up for a couch can save you in money, space and time.
Wood loft bed frames are ideal for playing up classic decor and preserving a warm ambiance like only wood furniture can.
While you have that warm and fuzzy vibe with wood, your kid can still enjoy a fun decor palette of primary hues with colorful posters so popular with kids of all ages. Too, you'll have the option of incorporating a brightly-colored futon below and fun bedding at top.
In all, you'll have the best of both 'worlds' with wood loft beds: a classic bed frame and popular options for kids' decor.
A definite Win-Win.


Which Loft Bed is Your Fave?


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